Monday, January 21, 2013

Haste Makes Waste

Tense face-off between campaign manager and candidate
Julianne Moore won the Emmy for Best Actress in a Miniseries "Game Change", by portraying Sarah Palin in the HBO movie. It is hard not to miss the message that Woody Harrelson, as campaign strategist Steve Schmidt, laid much blame about the disastrous CBS Katie Couric interview on the lack of vetting and preparation of the candidate.

When Palin progressed to blatant lies about Troopergate, it was the absolute pits. The electorate may never get to know the whole truth. Just recall how long it took to unveil the shenanigans of AIMgate.

Prime Minister Lee said the colorectal surgeon will be more than a member of parliament (MP), just like Lee Kuan Yew said of Wong Kan Seng at the 1984 General Election. Wong was swiftly made minister of state immediately after that election, and then full minister. We don't know how long Wong was vetted, but 3 weeks before official announcement of the Punggol East by-election in the case of the rectum specialist gives you an idea how haste is likely to make waste. The nation had to be embarrassed by the Mas Selamat debacle of 2008 before the guy could be told, "You have been weighed, measured and found wanting".

The other medical professional in the cabinet started his long march in politics by riding roughshod over university dons who wrote that more new jobs went to foreigners than to Singaporeans. The truth was confirmed years later when our own fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters lost their jobs to the alien faces. That fellow also had a private practice in Mt Elizabeth Hospital as surgical oncologist, has been in office since 2001, made full minister in August 2004, and collected millions along the way. Can you recall one contribution that has made the lives of Singaporeans better?

And then there was Michael Palmer, brought in as part of the group born after 1965, a.k.a. P65. His political epiphany was discovering that there are poor people in developed countries. Was he properly vetted too?

Speaking in Mandarin at last Saturday rally, Workers' Party's Low Thia Khiang reminded us that the incumbents need to have spurs stuck into them if our lives are to be improved. The English version of his speech missed out on the powerful message:
(Google Translate: You want the PAP government to do more, to do better? You should use the vote in your hand, so that they really work harder.)


  1. It applies the other way also, a vote for RP would make the WP work harder for you too...

    Ask him to wake up lah..

    1. WP is the government of Singapore?
      Tis is a typical PAP logic. LOL!

    2. How to work harder when WP is not the government?

      No wonder PAPigs have to use colo-rectal surgeons to operate on their brains.

  2. Like Ah Heng said, is not about sending more opposition into the parliament, but is more of stopping more MIW into the parliament. Use in MOM's layman terms, we just can't find any local MIW politicians who wants to do the jobs of looking after Singaporeans anymore.

  3. So we got son of Punggol, daughter of Singapore, son of JBJ, and what's the last one? Suddenly sg doesn't look like it has fertility problem leh..

  4. Its a desperate move by PAP. Knowing he will lose, quickly tell voters that he is meant for better paid job, maybe in the tune of a million a year. Unfortunately, things are different now. Voters do not just be fooled by such ploy. Why would you vote someone to serve you and then he disappears because he got better things to do?

  5. Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, who is also the People's Action Party's (PAP) treasurer, said that strong opposition is good for both PAP and Singapore during a multi-party forum televised on Channel News Asia.

    quoted from

    So please vote WP

  6. When Low was side by side Chiam in parliament, I recall seeing him on TV and read his speeches on ST more often than now when he has 7 other soldiers by his side. Is the PAP working harder after last GE? The fact that you are reading so many interesting articles here on this blog since GE 2011 tells you a whole lot about the impact of the 7 WP MPs. PAP is working harder than ever, to further their own causes - more salary increments for civil servants, more "goal-seek" statistics, more FT, more SMRT/SBS screw ups, higher CPF minimum sum, record high house prices, higher medishield premia, ... need more examples of "Yes we can" type of changes after GE 2011?

    1. You are right. But there are still people who do not realise the positive effect of the loss of just one GRC on the PAP.

      After the wake-up call of GE 2011, the PAP did so many things that we never imagine they would do. Had WP not been elected in Aljunied GRC and had Hougang been taken back from them, I think the PAP would come back shouting that Singaporeans agree fully with their policies. That would have amounted to more pain, more screwing and bigger ropes around our necks.

      So, is one more opposition MP in Parliament going to make a difference? Sure it does and high time we have more.

      We are depending on you Punggol East voters to do the necessary on 26th January. Give Singaporeans a reason to celebrate.

  7. During the last GE when Georgie suddenly realised he was losing the battle @ Aljunied tried to fool voters into believing him that he is going to change PAP for the better. Before he could change PAP for better or worse, he himself was changed.

    Since then have PAP changed for the better especially when we see them committing blunder after blunder ? After his infamous apology, we have witnessed for ourselves AIMgate being masterminded to fix the opposition.

    We are now told we will be heading for a 7m population target. So how many times are we going to allow PAP to continue to fool us when on the other hand they are assuring us that they are now tightening the inflow of new immigrants ?

    WTF PAP, another 2 MILLION in the pipeline ????

  8. Without the alternative parties, would he uttered "I'm sorry' in the last GE? Without the alternative parties, would he announce more flats, more mrt lines, better baby bonus? He would just take us for granted, make us serfs, squeeze us dry. Vote WP.

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