Friday, January 25, 2013

The Good Old Days

Low Thia Khiang's mention of old versus new PAP rekindled thoughts of nostalgia about the good old days.

Drool. The Certificate of Entitlement was not invented yet.

Hon Sui Sen would develop Jurong Industrial Estate for 300 factories to employ 21,000 people, all Singaporeans.

In the company of real NSmen, not foreign imports who profess to serve "by saving babies' lives".

Giving the kids a leg up in politics, tips from Prince Norodom Sihanouk on living like royalty.

Attending election rally at Potong Pasir to get a feel of the ground. Note absence of the ubiquitous security officers (SOs).

With handpicked elites to run the country. One let someone run away to Malaysia, the other ran away to Hongkong after losing a election.

Grooming friendships across the Causeway. The Tunku was the one who turfed us out of Malaysia.

Eager to learn from Deng Xiaoping, the guy who gave us TianAnMen.

President Suharto was special pal of several decades. What's a couple of billions between friends?


  1. Extracted from

    He said: "I feel sad to see a very old friend with whom I had worked closely over the last 30 years, not really getting the honours that he deserves. He deserves recognition for what he did."

    Mr Lee said: "Yes, there was corruption. Yes, he gave favours to his family and his friends. But there was real growth and real progress. I think the people of Indonesia are lucky. They had a general in charge, had a team of competent administrators – including a very good team of economists to build up the country."

    1. Is he referring to himself?

    2. //"Yes, there was corruption. Yes, he gave favours to his family and his friends. But there was real growth and real progress."//
      The people of Singapore are so lucky.

  2. Bo Xilai could be the baby god's very good friend if not for Gu Kailai.

  3. Birds of the same feather flock together.
    And men of similar character admire each other.
    Me am not surprised that Lee Kuan Yew admires Suharto. The Latter could be the Former's hero, who knows.


    1. Not to mention Marcos and those South Vietnamese generals who were given asylum in the US with millions of dollars from their dirty dealings.

  4. In the good old days, if some PAP Minister suggested to the old Guards that it would be a raid on our reserves if HDB did not charge for the cost of land according to prevailing market values then, just wonder whether the old guards would have him shot for profiteering out of the common folks?

  5. That is the old PAP. The only thing that remains the same between the old PAP and the adulterated PAP is the white uniform.

  6. Lol, I was seeing some trend of satire in all these pictures, considering that there is one common figure who appears throughout, and yet who is often associated with authoritarianism in Singapore. If he is around in all these pictures, then by inference, the good old days were never really good old days, but the days when it was good for those in power.

  7. Yep,

    there are still many Sinkies stoically stuck with their idea that there was a good Old PAP and another that has gone bad

    Me really dont understand how that is so; such folks are claiming there are 2 PAPs, one old and onee new.



    1. Patriot,
      Just look at those pictures published here. It was the PAP which really served and cared for the people then. They were eager, hungry, selfless and imbued with a sense of mission. After 50 yrs in power, they are drunk with success and glory until they have forgotten about its roots and the people's initial unflinching support. Fact is they have changed tremendously. They have gone bad. Just look at their rally - yesteryear a ago in the 60s and today. No one respects them now. They are greedy and self serving. Fifty years in power has proven this time honored proverb "Absolute Power corrupts absolutely!" That is why in some countries esp in American a citizen (must be born locally NOT new imported citizen) can only serve 2 times as President in his lifetime no wonder how "brilliant", "genius", "extraordinary" that person is! The Americans are not "daft"! Surely, they understand and realize this cardinal concept and principle. Even in communist China with no free elections and mandate from the rayaat, Chinese President and Prime Miinisters served only 2 or 3 terms the most. Others will take over after that. I speak the facts. Just look around outside SinCity and it's happening. Sadly, we need 50 years to realize and understand the truth of the English saying "Absolute power corrupts absolutely!" It's may too late cuz all our life savings, assets etc are locked up! Sigh !

    2. Lol.
      Looks like there are many sinkies thinking there was a old Lky and a new Lky. They must be stuck with the idea that the old Lky was kind, caring and full of love for the people.
      Care to tell us how You will describe the Lky now? Or are You saying old Lky good, now You cannot tell.....
      Sinkies are real jokers.

  8. Be reminded of another Chinese Saying

    The Man calling the shots since independence is still calling the shots.

    What Old or New PAP?

    patriot is an oldie and is still with the same
    feeling and impression about PAP, the one and only PAP. No Old or New PAP.


  9. Walau, Anon.

    Where got people in the pictures here? All the bif shots only.
    Wow got Pak Suharto some more.
    Adek beradek leh.