Friday, January 11, 2013

Stretching The Truth

The first thing of note about the colorectal surgeon as candidate is that he collected his membership card only three weeks before the by-election was called on 9 Jan 2013. Which means that when Michael Palmer was doomed by incriminating evidence on 8 Dec 2012, he may not have been an official member of the political party he's supposed to represent at Punggol.

No one has to apologize for one's humble origins. Many who started off financially challenged have learned to be prudent with spending, especially when spending other people's money. On the other hand, some have been driven to other extremes, making up for lost time in profligate expenditures. It has been written that Imelda Marcos' obscene obsession with her shoe collection is traceable to her being dirt poor at childhood.

Maybe there was a mistake in the decimal point, but it is hard to believe that two young medical graduates starting up home with their first housing board flat had only $11.50 in their joint account. While they were scratching their heads worrying about scrounging for their first meal, it makes you wonder how they managed the deposit for the utilities. No money means no water or electricity. You can't hold your bowels just because you can't flush - that should contribute to colorectal problems later on down the road. There must be a shaggy dog story in there somewhere, but the telling leaves much to be desired.

There was a true story once about a man with only $10 in his pocket. He gave it to his son before jumping into the MRT tracks. He did not benefit from the meritocracy which is supposed to be the salve for the real impoverished.


  1. Maybe he bought a penthouse EC.. Therefore no money..
    Khaw would have given him the advice to downgrade to encash the asset if he had joined PAP earlier.

  2. That is why he joined PAP as to earn more money.Most Papians are living well.

  3. The colorectal doctor doesn't need to worry anymore. His future is well taken care from now on if he wins this by-election.

  4. I am scratching my head as to why didn't they just walk over to the hawker centers and get some disposable chopsticks?!

    1. it is the lack of the straight thinking that you advocate which is the reason why so many spore policies are so convoluted.
      btw, they could have also eaten with their hands... also, sandwiches dun need cutlery.

    2. They must be scratching their heads about how to afford the $10 XO sauce chye tow kuay at Peach Garden. If they really understood how ordinary Singaporeans are coping, they would have known about the $2.50 chicken rice at hawker centers, cutlery provided.

  5. This shows his lack of financial planning. He could have bought a cheaper flat and spend less on his wedding. Why he never thought about these? I feel sad for him.

  6. It is not important how much you have at that moment. It can be $1 or $11. What matters is what you expect at the next pay day. Are you expecting $100,000, $10,000 or $0.

    I don't know what KPK expected.

    Also, Singaporeans do not face similar struggles of having a new house with no chopsticks. The struggle is no house but with enough chopsticks.

    1. He is focus on ensuring that resident of PE will not have to live without chopsticks but who is going to provide the food is not his problem.

      When you are stuck in a deserted island with no water, do you think it is a big help if a ginie suddenly appear but offer you an empty container for you to keep your water. LOL!

  7. There are probably hundred of thousands of Singaporeans struggling to make ends meet. Have we not witnessed for ourselves there are more & more people turning to selling tissue packets or singing karaoke at our hawker centres to "beg" for our compassion ? Our PAP Govt seems only to remember their existence to give them Angpows when their votes are needed during each election ?

    Why pick a now particularly rich candidate but then broadcast to everyone that he is from a very poor background ? Then after when he is elected, everything is forgotten and then as usual it becomes "Get out of my elite uncaring face".

    It is as if the whole cabinet is make of the same kind of poor background make good ? Why be such hypocrites to capitalise on one's poor background just to win votes ?

  8. That MP will be Dr Koh PK whom joined the MIWs elites barely 3 weeks ago! He revealed that in 1998 when he bought his 5 room flat at Telok Blangah had to borrow from his uncle for renovation cuz he and his wife only left with ten over dollars in their joint bank account. If a highly educated doctor was in such a pitiful state, can you imagine lesser mortals like us? That was about 15 yrs ago when his 5 room flat was less than $300,000 I believe. His statement contradicts all those jokers' insistence that HDB flats are affordable within the reach of average Sinkies. That is evidence of the big lie we are hearing day in and day out. If it is not, then our new MP elect was not telling the truth when he revealed that personal experience of his. Now I'm confused. Who to believe? Could we believe what he said when he gave that press conference relating his personal pitiful "broke" situation when he got his first flat? What do you think? Langgar?

    1. At least he has a rich uncle. Many people do not have this opportunity to borrow from rich uncles and the banks won't lend them. So end up borrowing from Ah Long to pay down payment for their flat and unable to get out of the debt problem.

      If you were in the same situation, may be both your doctors' pay still not enough to pay back Ah Long even up to today.

      So how are you going to help such people?

  9. Which bank allows customers to have just $11.50 in bank account without levying a monthly account fee??? Even POSB has a minimum depoit amoun rule

  10. joint account only 11.50 but their individual personal account probably got 200 k each

    1. Bingo, a winner! I award you the same $8 cow-heart bypass :) Joke aside, they are quite well prepared in case they end up divorcing, they might not be PAP members early, but sure learnt from the PAP lawyers by making good pre-nup agreements, these elites. Else may end up like Dr Lim, have to sell the jointly-owned house in Sentosa to pay the Sultan of Brunei back!

  11. When you are rich or elite, you benefit more from meritocracy. In fact you can be so meritocratic that nobody can remove you from losing hundreds of millions of nobody's money. That is how meritocracy can benefit you with ever increasing minimum sum and schemes that delay and trickle the payback and it also ensure that you have enough medisave to bequeath to your inheritors.

    As this PAP candidate only joined the party 3 weeks ago, he has not really tasted what meritocracy truly can do. Meritocracy will really benefit the good doctor when he gets elected. For example, he can look forward to some directorships which basically pay him for doing hardly anything.

    1. Correction -
      losing hundreds of billions of nobody's money.

    2. Meritocracy my ass!

      Anyone from PAP who harps about meritocracy is just a plain hypocrite. You want to TRULY show me, the voters, about TRUE meritocracy? Why don't you go join an Opposition Party, or even better yet, set up your own, and then tell me, despite your stellar credentials and background, you will walk into the constitution/town council, get plenty of resources and support and get your campaign running, and win an election with flying colors of faecal!! Only when you have done that, I will give you the honor badge of Meritocratic Superstar! What a load of BS he's already dishing out ....

  12. The irony of this selection must be they must have been searching high & low for a PAP member with preference for someone with a father who is a taxi driver, hence such a candidate who "happens" to have recently joined PAP as a new member?

    Recently Crimewatch enacted how a poor & vulnerable taxi driver was cruelly murdered by a PRC foreign worker desperate for money. I suppose the family of the deceased taxi driver should also be thankful to our PAP Govt for its much relaxed foreign worker policy?

    Some more which responsible Government would have allowed its population to increased in such a manner as if we are so desperate for immigrants to fill our job vacancies, buy our vacant homes, compete for cars to occupy our empty streets, be sick to come stay in our hospitals, etc? We all must indeed be thankful to our PAP Govt for achieving this on top of allowing 2 big gambling dens for us to gamble?

    1. True to PAP's FT policy, someone outside the party is always preferred to someone who is already inside. Resign from party membership now and you stand a better chance of being selected to be a candidate for GE2016.

  13. First he said he borrowed money from his uncle to buy a HDB flat, then he says he borrowed money from his uncle to renovate the HDB flat. What next? He will need to borrow money from his uncle for the electoral deposit?

    1. I'm sure Uncle Lee can lend the money.
      Uncle Lee was quite generous with his support of Olam recently ... no?

    2. More than meets the eyes1/12/2013 11:09 AM

      Will somebody find out who this 'uncle' is, in relation to MIW?

  14. I saw his 20+ directorships and positions in various organisations. Do you think he has the time to serve you or will he be too busy helping himself?

    1. Pray tell..what are they?

    2. With so many concurrent appointment, how does the good Dr Koh takes care of residents in Punggol east?
      1) Director & Consultant Surgeon, Capstone Colorectal Surgery Centre
      2) Adjunct Assistant Professor, DUKE-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore
      3) Consultant Surgeon, Department of Colorectal Surgery, Singapore General Hospital (SGH)
      4) Visiting Consultant, Department of General Surgery, Changi General Hospital
      5) Acting Director, Colorectal Cancer Molecular Genetics Research Laboratory, SGH
      6) Acting Director, Colorectal Cancer Genomic Health Service, SGH
      7) Clinical Lecturer, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore (NUS)
      8) Co-Supervisor (PhD Program), Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Science, NUS
      9) Adjunct Clinician Scientist, Institute of Bioengineering & Nanotechnology (IBN), A*Star
      10) Active in clinical and molecular research and has published widely in both clinical and basic science peer-reviewed journals.
      12) Reviewer for the Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics as well as Diseases of the Colon and Rectum.
      13) Reviewer for the SGH Research Grant
      14) Ad-hoc grant reviewer for the NMRC (National Medical Research Council) Grant.
      15) Committee Member of the Gastroenterological Society of Singapore (GESS).
      16) Council Member of the International Council of Coloproctology
      17) Member of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ASCRS)
      18) Commanding Officer (CO) of a Combat Service Support Battalion (CSSB).
      19) Committee Member in the SingHealth Sub-committee on Leadership and Succession Planning
      20) Executive Committee Member at the Telok Blangah Dover Crescent Resident’s Committee since 2002
      21) Member of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).
      22) Assistant Liaison Officer (Singapore Police Force) for Telok Blangah Dover Crescent Neighborhood Watch Zone since 2002.
      23) Parent of 2 kids aged below 10.

    3. @ "23) Parent of 2 kids aged below 10."

      This is a definite killer. Wait till they hit PSLE.

    4. How come he never voluteered to serve for any charity organisation ? So can we deduce that he was serving his own priorities more than that of others ?

      And now PAP want us to believe he really wants to serve the residents whole heartedly ?

  15. HE is bluffing us wwhen he said he went to TOA PAYOH to buy chopsticks Pungol east dont be fooled

  16. The same poor-boy-made-good story and how he's 'giving' back yada yada.
    Not in the least bit interested in where he lives now.
    More interested in where he will live 10 years from now.
    How he started is he ended is very relevant.
    How many of our MPs or Ministers are subjected to declare their assets before and after they run office, like any open democracy and politicians around the world do? Even HKG can declare it, why wouldn't SG do likewise?

  17. Oh!
    Please be merciful and not so cynical.

    Me am touched that he wants to help when called upon. He can decline right, or You think he was too paiseh? But at least he agreed to serve.

    The Doubt that me has is, how long will he have to take to learn to serve when he becomes one of the Rulers. All his Seniors in the Cabinet have been lording over the people all these decades, which one of them is able to teach him to serve? What do You think?

    And to tell us that he will serve us when he is a ruler just dont make sense.

    With his expertise, there would have been many needy patients that he could have helped. He did not even have to serve, did he do that?

    Anyway, it is up to the Punggol Voters to believe in his integrity. It may sound hollow to us, it may not be so to everyone.


    1. I very scared when pap say want to help leh.
      GST to help the poor.
      Millions of foreigners to help create jobs for Singaporeans.

  18. This guy is just not honest with us. Say no money and yet buy a 5-room apt??? He already projected within 5~10 years, his $11.50 will become $11,500,000.00! And Telok Blangah hdb prices will rise very fast and high because of its proximity to city. Definitely he will make a big profit when he sell it.

    1. Ya lor, newly married in their twenties, already greedy,no money also want 5 room flat. Buy 3 room sure got money to go honymoon also. BTW interested to know where they went for their honeymoon.

  19. no offense to the doctor we dont need another yes man period

  20. Look, Doc, we're simply not interested in your cinderella weepy beginnings. Just tell us how you are going to contribute to the well being of Punggol east residents in particular, and Singaporeans in general.

    Can you start by asking those unanswered questions about AIM again, loudly and publicly? Hope to hear you loud and clear during the hustings.

  21. Two specialist doctor staying in a highly subsidized HDB flat and has only about $11 in their combined accounts? If he could not managed his personal finance well, how would he hope to look after our money when he become our leaders?

  22. My fellow countrymen,

    Those PRC bus drivers are here working like slaves. Due to their miserable pay, they work round the clock to hit more OTs and money to pay off labour agency and bring back home. Are they licensed to drive or "kill" on our public roads? Wonder no more why there were so many accident cases involving them.

    With new social media all the evil wrong deeds and abuses can no longer be covered up! Look at Arab Spring where despotic regimes fell like dominos.

    Maybe P is correct after all when he said yesterday morning during our coffee session that the end is near for papies after AIMGate? It kind of accelerated their decline and downfall! Mandate for them is ending sooner than I thought! Really langgar!

    Read their story below .... Sad and pitiful happening on our shores. Modern slavery and sins of labour exploitation in a metropolitan first world country? What a shame!

  23. A typical multi millionaire PAP pig talking shit and laughing at the poor. Think Ah Khaw and his $8 bypass tale. If he carries on this way all those colorectal diseases that he has been treating will pay him a visit soon. It's called karma, doc.

  24. Once elected. Account balance can add a dozen zero

  25. /// Explaining why he decided to enter politics, Dr Koh said when
    he was called to serve, he felt "duty-bound to stand and be counted". ///

    Doctor, doctor.
    In the first few days;
    When you were walking around with Teo Ser Luck holding your hands;
    You refused to confirm whether you were going to stand for office.
    So obviously you are not your own man.

    You must wait for Uncle Lee to say, ok, before you dare to serve your fellow Singaporeans.
    So without Uncle Lee's permission;
    you will not serve Singaporeans ... correct?

    Only when Uncle Lee says ok, then you dare to allow yourself to feel "duty bound to stand and be counted."
    In other words, you will do as you are told.
    If like this, then will you also just be very quiet when Singapore assets in your SMC is being sold off to $2 companies?

    If yes, then why should I vote for you?
    There are so many clones-in-white;
    all sitting quietly & obediently in the parliament already.
    Pay you money just to do the same thing is it?

    My dog is also very quiet & obedient.
    And he is a lot cheaper to maintain than you will be in parliament.

    So Sinkies.
    Please vote for my dog hor.
    Same quite obedience as a PAP MP.
    But a lot cheaper to maintain.

  26. Those poor bus drivers already so miserable and yet our PAP leaders so damn cruel to make sure they pay for it either by sending them home or to jail.

    So completely devoid of basic human decency & compassion, our leaders. And yet they want us to continue voting them in power while they become like traitors to our own countrymen by letting in so many FT to compete with us for jobs, promotions, housing, COEs, hospital beds, etc.

    We must be daft enough to still want to vote for PAP !

  27. "....starting up home with their first housing board flat had only $11.50 in their joint account...."

    Another familiar scene is, being able to go to heart by-pass surgery, and all it require is $8.

  28. The 2013 Budget will be announced on 25 Feb, one day before polling day. Coincidence? Bet you $11.50 it ain't. Goodies galore?

    1. Good observation.
      I'll happily take the money.
      Give PAP a finger salute.
      And vote Opposition.

    2. The money belongs to us anyway.
      So it's really a joke.
      Giving me my own money.
      To CONvince me to vote against my best self interest.

    3. Does this violate the Parliamentary Elections Act, that there is no campaigning on the cooling-off day? Or they can suka suka do as they like, ala the Tin Pei Ling posting in her Facebook, ascribing it to Ms Denise He?

      " 'OooOoooOooh! so that's what REALLY happened? Wow. I think tears in Parliament is worse than ANYTHING ELSE!'"

  29. Arse surgeon talking through his arse. How come almost every PAP candidate has sob stories to tell each time they are introduced? He does not want sympathy votes, but why is he telling us that he had only $11.50 left before moving into his house?

  30. Telling the whole world how poor your family background is, that has nothing to do with humility. Surely that is not something for you to brag about when you are contesting a by-election. It is certainly for other people to say, not your ownself.

    What really matters is the good & humble deeds that you have been doing all these while, not what you are going to pretend to do now or in the near future. Agree, arsehole expert?