Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dog Bites Deejay

If you were tuned in to Class 95FM at around 8 am today, you would have heard a cringe worthy plea for mercy from the deejay who landed MediaCorp a $6,500 fine. As Joe Augustin tells it, based on the unfavorable print media coverage, he admits as much, "I hate myself". That plus the various online calls to have him sacked.

The redemption comes from the context, so he said. Blind girl (a.k.a. "visually-impaired woman") walks into fastfood joint with a dog. Outlet staff busy with kiasu crowd fighting for free burgers. Girl complains on Facebook page about shoddy treatment. Class 95FM’s Morning Express radio deejays Joe Augustin and Glenn Ong discuss the espisode of miscommunication and drops the “derogatory term (a**hole)” on air. The Media Development Authority (MDA) said the remarks contravened the Free-to-air Radio Programme Code and swiftly imposed the fine for this breach.

This has to qualify as the proverbial storm in a teacup. One rants about ill treatment, another rants about over reaction. Anybody notice the dog? Just as there are those conservatives sensitive about any topic touching on LGBT issues, we do have people around who are not enamored of the company of canines. Some actually base their view on religious grounds. But the elephant in the room is the use of asterisks in the offending word. In print, we can't tell the deplorable pejorative is about the rear orifice of a donkey or a human. In print, we now know f**k the P*P is not allowed to see the light of day; that's why we have to refer to online media to check out why the message on a public housing block is objectionable. MDA explains why radio has stricter standards,
"In Singapore, as a media platform for entertainment, information and education, radio broadcast reaches almost all homes and is easily accessible to all people, including the young. Because of its impact, programmes over radio must at all times maintain a standard that is acceptable to the community and does not offend good taste or decency".

We get it, the bar has just been raised. Don't just read the right stuff, hear also the right stuff.


  1. A poster in Hong Lim Park with the words "FUCK PAP" can or not?
    If cannot, then how about a poster with the words "F**K PAP"
    "F**K P*P"

    Can any lawyer clarify?

    1. Why cannot?

      Do they own the acronym for PAP? Is it patented?
      You could easily Fuck ...

      Password Authentication Protocol
      Prostatic Acid Phosphatase
      Port- Au Prince
      Pulmonary Arterial Pressure
      Pay and Pay

      What's stopping you?

    2. This is a sad day when people have to ask and seek a lawyers' counsel on whether they can speak their mind/words publicly. Great job LHL !

    3. To anon 10:17am

      Well, here's what you definitely dont want to say , especially being vulgar on PM's facebook post and stupidly declaring you worked for security company. Guaranteed you will be sacked!

      "I pity your mother for having shitting out your #cocksucking #parasite like you"//

      Is clear the trick is to suck up to them with nice compliments-only so they can read the nice stuff . Who knows, you may get promotion instead. Remember, they want to read only the right stuff, hear the right stuff...including commenting on FB lah...

  2. This is like MDA's rich CEO telling us that the viral video by YPAP is not a political film. If sprouting one's party political manifesto and ideology is not a pre-election sell or political film, then I guess *Fark PAP* is also not an illegal attack to their manifesto or ideology lah...

    1. Its OK. The more they play double standards, the less respect from the public. We were told and assured by its previous Chairman that PAP is of highest integrity and honesty. It was in the early years by and large. But now, not many could believe so. The quality is definately on the decline and other qualities questionable. We are not sure if PAP is deliberately allowing these to happen or just that they are unable to control. Your guess is as good as mine.

  3. Sickening if you think the orgy going on between the papigs and the civil service - they might as well rename the civil service the pap admin service. The way the MDA CEO had to come out and defend a clearly political posting online "permitted under the Act". Not that I agree with the Act, but its like the front page of Business Times today announcing that DBS and the other local banks are all well prepared for the China economic problems - if they are so well prepared, why need to announce it in state propaganda?

  4. I think this girl with the dog likes to complain.

    1. Are we allowed to use the word "bitch" ?

    2. Definitely a female dog.

  5. Well, in PAP's lingo

    "Your words maybe edgy, but so is your passion".

    People should just have more laxatives so their a-hole is not so tight lah.

  6. Just like women who hide behind behaviour codes such as "sexual harassment ", unable to challenge on their own. The public needs to have a 'code' to punish ? I think all DJs should just resign and walk out. Let the authorities use machines to play music.

    Its ridiculous. Fuck, asshole, et al is the vernacular of our past, present and future.

    1. The authorities should replace all DJs with the "talent" from the recent YPAP video. Hear, see and read only the right things.

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