Monday, May 5, 2014

Of This Place

The reporter had asked how many months did it take for her citizenship application to be processed and approved, and she had answered, "In weeks, in days, actually...  very fast!"

That has to be a new speed record. In Switzerland, we are told, "foreigners with no direct blood ties to Switzerland through either birth or marriage must live in the country for at least 12 years before they can apply for citizenship". The criteria go on to state that the "person must be well integrated, familiar with customs and traditions, law and abiding and pose no threat to internal or external security." In other words, being born here is only one factor, sticking around for at least 12 meaningful years should be another. We have a friend who said he lost his Australian permanent residency status because he was not in-country for the 5 (?) year mandatory requirement.

The writer ("'Are you 'of this place'?", TODAY, 5 May 2014) was making the point that "we do not need indiscriminate immigration and immigrants who treat Singapore like a hotel and fellow Singaporeans as hotel staff." He gathered the impression from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website stipulations, which seem to be weighted heavily on economic contributions and feather light on the qualitative aspects of citizenship e.g. the United States' prerequisite assessment of English proficiency and knowledge of US history and government.

Few can dispute these sentiments:
"We need immigrants who are "of this place" and our selection processes should be long and tough enough to find such people... If we spend twice as much, take thrice as long and finally get half the final numbers because we cannot find enough, so be it."

In other words, don't make up the 6.9 million just because of some policy maker who didn't bother to put his signature on the Population White Paper.


  1. Next to some banana republics in Africa and the Caribbean, we must be one of the easiest place to get PR and citizenship.

    Makes you wonder how really valuable that red passport is.

    In a time not so long ago, it was a passport you want to treasure and give your life to protect.

    Now, it's only a travel document that lets you get on the bus to the next hotel stop.

    1. Also one of the easiest places to use fake degrees, fake resume to secure PMET jobs over true blue citizens.

  2. No respectable countries would give PR or citizenship away so easily. Very strict criteria have to be fulfilled, such as local language ability, financial status, family links, job experience, educational qualifications etc before you are able to get a PR, let alone citizenship.

  3. When a land is like a prostitute or more precisely whence the Rulers of the Land behave like prostitutes, then they will care not whether their customers are lepers, Tuberculosis sufferers, stinkos that did not clean for weeks etc.
    Me, a native Sinkies, am very very ashame of my Rulers. Many have lost their integrities because of money. Theu have lost all their respectabilities.


  4. So singaporeans can also vote in opposition candidates within weeks or days even..very fast - just to make up the number in parliament lah... The way they treat the citizenship so lightly, why should voters treat politics any differently? Just vote them in like they put in the lots of citizens, and let them go deal with them on "quality' issue. My job is more than just putting chilli on their tails. My job is to put more opposition candidates to make up to 2/3 of majority.

  5. Foo Me Hard, instant citizen like instant noodle.
    They even manage to force the bank to waive off her husband's bankruptcy so that she can get a clean slate.

    1. Well, it seems the PAP selection committee appreciate her talent in fostering excellent working relationship with her corporate bosses which led to many a happy ending. What do u think?

    2. Heard it was "intimate working relationship" plus climax. LOL

  6. We gave permission to have ourselves prostituted.

    Not once but more than 5 x.

    and we will continue to grant permission... while the pimp reconstruct plastic surgery on our assholes to be virginal, moist and sweet smelling.

  7. Well, did you go to Hong Lim tell the PAP government...

  8. Only the dafts will ever believe that Sg is theirs.
    The famiLee has appropriated it while the Sinkies were sleeping and is now accelerating the transformation into the Kingdom of Lanfang by bringing in new subjects. The original citizens are becoming serfs to be milked dry and worked to the bone just to survive.

  9. well, you know a shitty bank from the way it bends over to let politicians sotongmee them, anyway its not the bank managers' money they are writing off, its other people's money, why antagonize the self-declared gods? much as you dislike the goldman squids, they showed the middle finger to your paper general and some say next pm, so I buy goldman shares and dumped stanchart the moment foo nominated, and pleased to inform you I made some crumbs betting against the papigs :)

    Anyway, stanchart attitude mirrors that of your civil masters and rulers - as long as they get to dip into the honey pot and their sons get a white horse chop in their NS personal file, why bother if barbarians become citizens leh? Dynasties and countries rise and fall by the integrity and incentives of their bureaucracy. Red dot's fate (and stanchart's too) has already been determined long ago. Just not sure which will go kaput first. What do you think?

  10. S'pore Inc is a budget hotel. Guests go for a quickie, locals staff cleans up after them and security guards watches then having fun while posting sentry. Nice. OKT collects money and looks at income statements every month.

    1. Budget hotel? Surely not.
      We just made it to No 1 on the most expensive list...

    2. Budget hotel masquerading as 5* status and more significantly, exceeding 5* costs in many aspects.

  11. In the 1950s, we replaced the colonial masters.
    In the 1960s, we wanted to be masters of the peninsula
    In the 1970s, we wanted our own people to be masters
    In the 1980s, the transformation was complete
    In the 1990s, we bowed and accepted our masters
    In the 2000s, we kissed their asses

    Since then, we continue to kiss their toes, asses, pick up litter, plant flowers and dance lion dances for them whenever they appear.

    We will always be a subjugated people... proven over 50 years.
    and again for the next 50 and beyond..

  12. Singapore is worse than a prostitute - at least a prostitute gets paid for her work, Singapore pays the customer instead after being screwed.

    1. We can thank the PAP government for the bargain they have negotiated for us and our children.

  13. Let's recap what Ah Kong has said in the book Grandmaster's Insights lah..

    "Lee’s emphasis on openness to global talent and ideas is most evident in the chapter on the future of
    national economic growth. Asked what lessons should be drawn from Singapore’s rapid development, Lee
    states that Singapore adopted the ‘American concept’ that “whoever joins us is part of us”: “You can keep
    your name, Brzezinski, Berlusconi, whatever it is, you have come, join me, you are American”. Lee warns that
    as technology expands the tradeable sector, this need f or openness increases: “As the Internet makes
    more markets contestable, businesses in Asia must compete on this platf orm or be swept aside. The
    national counterpart to businesses that source globally is a society that welcomes foreign talent”

    So from Muthusami to Nguyen to Hiroshima to Berlusconi, as STB would say "Your Singapore" lah. Why so surprised?
    Of this place or not is not relevant anymore, tio bo.

    Just because you/yr son serve NS 2 yr + 10+ yrs of reservist made you think you "own" singapore, then imagine those family dynasty who has run it for 50 FREAKING years, what do you think they feel ? Of course, not only they OWN but they also can SELL /DIS-OWN any part of the unproductive assets or liabilities..tio bo?!

    Welcome to a fully woken up universe.

    1. If like that;
      Then abolish National Service.

  14. if like tat...and anyone invades or attack singapore...

    I just stand aside and let the PAP do the defending and dying themselves...

    1. Like that you will surely survive, but I rather emulate LKY or Nathan and thrive by working for the invaders instead. No lofty ambition to become PM or President, just appointment as mayor of any disrict or warden of Changi resort housing ex PAP members. :)

  15. Wither then, Singapore. Down down the rabbit hole. Lees in the wonderland.

    //The resultant malleable, fearful and supine population served the needs of the People’s Action Party (PAP), and while this was useful for economic development, it was less than efficient in creating sentiments of loyalty or patriotism. With the lower levels of society serving the interests
    of the elite, there was little intrinsic group loyalty, and money had to serve as a poor substitute.
    Indeed, the degree to which the political arrangements and structures instituted by Lee Kuan Yew have warped Singapore society remain largely unexplored in mainstream media.
    Singapore Inc.’s spin-doctors’ tales solely of positive manifestations of economic development
    continue to hide the damaging social effects which his autocracy has had on every aspect of society.