Monday, May 19, 2014

Follies Of Youth

The more the establishment tries to come out in support of the atrocious Young PAP (YP) video, the worse it gets.

The first lame line of defence deployed was that it was meant for "internal consumption". Then writer Tham ("Young PAP video: Good message, bad delivery", ST May 17) let the cat out of the bag, leaking that it was first broadcast at the party's convention in December, before being uploaded to YouTube 3 weeks ago. Meaning, for the excruciating period of about 4 months, not a soul within the ranks of the elitist youth wing realised it was a lemon, or bothered to inform the young people behind the ersatz production it was "raw and unpolished". Including the minister who used those descriptives. With friends like those, who needs enemies.

We now know the Media Development Authority (MDA) actually cleared the YP video earlier this year, giving it a “PG” rating. Meaning, MDA sat through the horrific 4 minutes 43 seconds, and deigned to provide constructive feedback to the youngsters. Quite obviously, MDA was more focused on the potential infringement of Section 33 of the Films Act. They must have desperately wanted to save the youngsters from conviction to a fine not exceeding $100,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years, without having to call in the minister for a hall pass.

Many will concur with MDA it was definitely a film without animation and dramatic elements. Put kindly, the cast of inanimates lacked any contribution of dramatic talent. They were more like marionettes manipulated by puppet strings. Pinocchio would have done a better job, his nose would have grown dramatically in length with each utterance of an untruthful message.

Another set of youths is having everything but the kitchen sink thrown at them, for delivery of a message of a different kind. Maybe the kitchen sink has been included, if you count the charge for "removing a reflective vest worth $5".


  1. On a more serious note, the politicisation of the civil service and the other organs of state is increasing with each passing day and must be stopped before the country is destroyed.

  2. How much did the video cost?
    Who paid for it; PAP or Singapore taxpayers?

    1. After watching ChanChunSing and LimSweeSay, those buggers in the YPAP video in comparison are actually passable and quite likely the video was approved by both ministers. what do u think ?

  3. There is a new meaning to that "PG" Rating . I believe it can mean "Pure Garbage " !

  4. With people like this entering PAP ranks...

    No wonder PAP dying...question is how fast...preferably before they killed off Singapore the golden goose...


  5. 4 months and nobody in PAP told the truth that the video was shit.

    Just like Singaporeans;
    - 10 years and we still don't say that LHL is shit useless as Prime Minister
    - 10 years and we still vote PAP.

    1. The Emperor's New Clothes! LOL

    2. if this is how you and all around you think, how you and all around you say things, and how you and your gang have been doing it all along, and no one has told you it sucks, why would you see what you're doing as lousy?

      someone who puts hi flautin' thoughts in simple direct English would be seen as not serious. someone who makes visuals palatable and entertaining would be regarded as frivolous.

      so not sure if its an emperor's new clothes thing. there, some kid had the innocence and guts to express what all others saw and felt. its not the case here. here, no one saw. or did someone see and not have the guts to say so? or perhaps hoped that those in charge would get jeered at?

      its worrying that those involved didn't see anything wrong with the video, that they cant admit they erred majorly on something so simple. what then would be the attitude and reaction to criticism on something like a national policy?

  6. Amazing - in recent years, we see creative and talented Singaporeans emerging everywhere, making headway globally without the PAP support. And what's the PAP response? "Talent no enough, we need more FT!". Actually I agree, in one place, Singapore really lack creativity and talent - that's the civil service and the PAP. So how did such a bunch of charlatans manage to stay so long in power? Old fart's manipulations to ensure no one challenges his descendants by filling up the whole party with yes men and dim-wits (maybe, after 2 terms of Mr and Mrs peanuts how can one not agree)? The sotong 60%? No press freedom? ISA? Lousy alternatives? Whatever it is, I don't buy it that its all because of the sheeple's fault, but I do know finally its the our next generations who will suffer and they will ultimately have to pay the price for changes, like everywhere.

    1. PAP is smart enough to allow talented (ex-)Singaporeans to move out of the country. Otherwise, they won't be in power for so long.

  7. Our papigs called for constructive criticism aka Conversation but when faced with the real heart truths (not those hard ones), they even take revenge to discontinue with our own true-blue-recently-promoted-Singaporean lecturer's contract.

    So much for not leaving any Singaporean behind, they keep lying to us. Even for one local U teaching job, they can't accommodate in their tiny narrow hearts what else can they really accomodate ? Makes one wonder all those monies paid for all kinds of mentoring in SM, MM, etc are all for bluff?

  8. Politicization in Sin starts as young as when the kids are sent into kindergartens and all the way into tertiary institutions. It is further extended into all the Civil Service as well as other sectors.
    What did Singaporean Parents and the Populace as a whole do about it?
    60% and more voted for the System.
    Who should be blamed?


    1. "Who should be blamed ?"
      Collectively the 60% , they failed to apply their brains.

      Having said, I will blame myself IF I was LKY's father or his teacher in school especially his time as a top student in Cambridge University. And being one of his Uni teachers, I would have forseen his potential and drummed into him what it means to have "integrity, compassion, sense of honour, sense of service to fellow countrymen".

      So, looking back, Cambridge Uni can be said to have taught LKY to strive only for good academic results....and sadly I see it is alot worse with his incompetent son.
      What do u think ?

    2. Did the British Union of Fascist play any influencing role?
      Observe the similarity to the flag of the British Union of Fascist:

  9. When you think about it, the Opus of the Toa Payoh 5 also had a raw and unpolished delivery . But it seemed to have a emotional content that resonated. The YPAP could have taken a lesson or two.

  10. Whatever! No matter how raw-nerving and apple-polishing the YPAPs are, they are all flunky of the state.

    It is equally appalling and unbecoming for the leader of a state to sue citizen bloggers for standing up to autocracy. Giving comments/questions/speculations about the state of affairs is all part of an active citizenry, yet again, what we have here is another example of the urgent need for voting them out in order for real reform to take place. This sort of legal engagements and fixing of its people have shamelessly no place in our society going forward.

  11. You have a choice of a robotic YPAP video, an attempt at creativity with the MDA rap video or the Upturn the Downturn music video. Choose one.

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