Friday, July 4, 2014

Definitely Out Of Country

You know you are not in Singapore when the population is 99 percent local born and bred. Even the sweeper at the train station platform is local, so are the workers emptying the trash bins.

The station master must have wished he had stayed in bed instead of having to deal with two alien cultures in one morning. A very dark African in a business suit was obviously having problems communicating with the paleface ang moh. Seeing the chicken-duck conversation was not getting any headway, we barged in with our own request for assistance. He looked at us quixotically and asked if we spoke English. Yes, we do, we announced with pride, and he proceeded to provide us with directions for the platforms. At this, the flustered African turned blacker than his natural complexion and protested, "But I am speaking English too!" The station master suddenly realised his gaffe, and turned to answer the African bro's travel questions, the fog of cultural bias having been lifted. We didn't mind, we have experienced our own headaches with the strange speech of the foreign elements in our midst at home.

The trains here are only 80 percent full at peak - that's seats occupied, nobody has to stand. The cabins have power points to charge your mobile phone during the ride, and a toilet onboard. Don't suggest these nifty features to the SMRT fellows, they'll just use them as excuses to hike the fare, again.


  1. Glad you are back Tattler. So you were out of the country, like our PM. Take care.

    Speaking of PM.....we have a new LTA chief, new Army Chief, new Navy Chief, new Attorney General, new.... but we still have the same bloody old Prime Minister for the last bloody 10 years. Sampai mati. There is a rally at Hong Lim tomorrow in protest against his premiership: “Is our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong the right person to lead Singapore?” Change we need.

  2. Unlike Anon 9.43, I wish you would stay out of the little red dot. You sound like my relative writing home about his wonderful time abroad when I was a kid, cursing my luck having to remain in this wretched place.

  3. PAP Lee Hsien Loong Joke
    Q: How does PM Lee make love doggy style?

    A: He sits up and begs. She rolls over and plays dead.

  4. That african gentleman would be welcome in red dot, so long as he votes papigs. No speak english? tagalog is fine, hindi ok also, anhui or hubei also ok, large hoards of them are working everywhere, sure can find someone speaking your language in red dot within a stone's throw in the mrt.

  5. Like father like son power in hand never ever will let go

    1. Ya lor, same like in Iraq, even when the country is in shit, "Maliki Says He Won't Go".