Monday, July 7, 2014

EZ Cash

Why do EZ-Link cardholders have to pay 20 cents every time they top up their card at all DBS, OCBC ATMs and AXS stations? The easy answer is "... if we can collect more money, why not..."

This new gotcha came into effect at the start of July. Top up is still free if effected at places like Transit Link sales offices, Add Value Machines and General Ticketing Machines (GTM) located at MRT stations and selected bus interchanges - they are not telling us where - as well as EZ-Link Top-up Machines at People's Association (PA) Community Centres.

An EZ-Link card user said: "I didn't even know that this new surcharge update was there. So I think it would have been much better if they put up some kind of notice to inform the general public."

In response, EZ-Link said the top up fee of 20 cents had already been waived for 5 years to allow sufficient time for consumers to try out the service. Apparently now is the time to collect. EZ-Link claims they have been bearing the cost, without explaining how and where the cost is incurred since DBS, OCBC ATMs and AXS stations are the interfaces affected. Maybe some $2 company is acting as middle men between these unmanned terminals and the faceless EZ-Link.

The Consumer Association of Singapore, not exactly one famed for championing the cause of consumers in Singapore - you actually have to pay them a fee to look into a complaint - said EZ-Link should "enhance transparency by communicating better to consumers by putting posters at permanent locations such as at the walls near ATMs." What, and ruin the golden opportunity to rip off customers who don't read the fine print? Posters are fine to boost poor attendance at PA hosted events like live broadcast of football matches, but broadcasting avenues for cutting costs and saving precious money is never top priority.
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  1. Oh yes, ever since we knew for certain that LKY as a PM then had this Deng-like principle of seeing no wrongs in collecting more money, we knew that the whole coverment machinery will march to the same tune, right ?
    The funny thing is that they do away with collecting Estate Duties not too long ago . That of course can be explained . I always refer to the Lee's family life cycle for pointers .

  2. World Cup 2014 ending not with a whimper, but with a BANG - Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands & Germany.

  3. Same for topping up cashcard at any banks' ATM, soon also for topping up Singtel pre-paid cards at same ATMs. Must keep repeating, old fart in laws and first family's core businesses are bankstering and property development.

  4. When caught with their pants down they chant "we could have communicated better." Do they think we are duds? It used to be "perception" - like shortsightedness, easily corrected with a pair of spectacles. They even recruited Devan Nair's son as the Chief Government Communications Officer. With all the boo boos lately you have to wonder is he is value for money. As an aside I wonder why there are so many kids of the victims of LKY's reign of terror who make their parents turn in the graves by serving their torturers.

  5. Maybe the real intent was to funnel the bottom 40% of the population to community centres? The extra money was incidental perhaps, unless the three big local banks raised their fees on 3rd party services.

  6. By making us pay 20c per top up, they indirectly encourage the commuters to think of saving the 20c by topping up bigger amount say $100 or more each time. Liddat, the banks, corporations will enjoy interest-free deposits from the people.
    Next time you will get heart attack if you loose you EZ-Link cards and your cards will become high target of pick-pockets, thieves.
    Still remember the old days when Singtel, PUB etc collected billions of dollars in deposits from us which were interest free. And if you are late with payments, you will get slapped with penalties even though you have deposit monies with them!!!

  7. The Association of Banks can answer the question of who charges the $0.20cts.

    It is probable that the banks charge these transactions to the client, in this case EZ link... and EZ link simply passes on the costs.

    Follow the money trail and the truth reveals... in many instances.

  8. Sad to say the biggest sucker and goondu who happily get ripped off is the Government. Recall the Brompton bike, the F35s purchase, the current SMC $1 million bill from WongPartnership (which fortuitously for SMC is being footed by the defendant Dr Susan Lim), the $400K Interbrand renaming of Marina Bay to Marina Bay, the YOG $387 million bill, the $16 million lost by PAP town councils on Lehman minibonds and other structured notes, etc etc etc.....Whose heads rolled? But then it's other people's money and the G is so rich! So what is wrong "... if we can collect more money, why not..." from the peasants, who will vote them in again and again?

  9. What to expect in Pay and Pay governed Singapore ? If there is any chance of ripping the people, our PAP Govt is bestest, fastest but not necessarily the cheaperest !!!

    Going to Rochor Road from AYE & vice versa was free previously but now they imposed ERP for nothing, even for by-passing the CBD district. Ho Jinx must have lost such a big gamble to make them so greedy for more dollars.

    Even that SMS to join the SPH 50 Anniversary lucky draw costs S$0.21 per SMS on top of whatever is already paid for any Singapore Sale purchases, our leaders are not known as greedy for nothing !

  10. EZ Link is a wholly owned company of LTA.

  11. Our ministers got to have enough dignity, especially the Transport minister.

    1. There are 2 types of citizens;
      PAP citizens and Singaporean citizens.
      And only PAP citizens have enough merit to be dignified with high pay.

      Singaporean citizens will have to compete with workers and foreign talents from 3rd world countries.

  12. PAP: Pay And Pay