Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Mother Of All Distraction

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong called on Singaporeans to keep victims of the ongoing conflict in Gaza in their "thoughts and prayers" and to continue supporting fund-raising initiatives for humanitarian assistance. Before you could shoot up your hand ("keechiu!) to point out that according to Human Rights Watch's World Report 2014, despite controlling an overwhelming majority in Parliament, the Singapore government continues to impose wide-ranging restrictions on core civil and political rights. Singapore is also among the only 10 countries in the United Nations like South Sudan, Tonga, Myanmar and Brunei, which received a “red card” for ratifying 4 or less out of the 18 International Human Rights Treaties. Even countries like Afghanistan, China, Iran, Syria, North Korea and many African countries ratified and signed more International Human Rights Treaties than Singapore did. Still, the sheeple gathered at Hong Lim Green to protest on cue.

For the sake of a unbiased perspective - not easily available from the lowly ranked local paper - this is gleaned from the Economist's summary of the development at the Gaza strip:
The current violence was triggered by the murder of 3 Israeli teenagers, snatched on their way back from study at a yeshiva in an Israeli settlement in the West bank. That led to the the arrest of hundreds of Palestinians, including some prisoners recently released under an American sponsored scheme to boost peace talks with Abbas. In retaliation, and outraged at the murder of a young Palestinian, militants fired rockets into the heart of Israel. The Israel Defence Force responded with lethal force. A military spokeswoman told AFP that since the July 8 start of the military operation, over 2,000 rockets and mortar shells fired from Gaza hit Israel, with another 492 intercepted. A scenario that could have played out at the Little India enclave if the disgruntled foreign workers there had more effective projectiles at hand than trash cans and beer bottles.

In his facebook post, Lee said that while the Middle East is far away, Singaporeans still empathise with the pain and suffering of the Palestinian people, because of our common humanity. As if it's inhuman to empathise with the long suffering of our very own local born and bred.


  1. huat ah ...

    vote papigs ... for more good years

  2. More good years... like GOAL 2010?

  3. Talk is cheap.
    Let's see LHL back up his talk with more jobs and better salaries for Singaporeans.

    For the rest of us here.
    Blogging & posting comments is also cheap.
    How many Opposition votes are each of us going to recruit for GE 2016?

    1. If we each do our part, we may just garner enough converts to push these Growth-is-Everything beings off our political landscape !

  4. Talking about emphathy, when has the enemy of my enemy become my good friend ?

    Since our christian bigot Lawrence Kong is such good friends of the Muslims here, maybe our pinky loon should send him to play a more meaningful role of mediator between the Israelis & Palestinians at the Gaza strip instead of only know how to wear white like those going to a funeral.

    Looks like both share the same hypocritical gene.

  5. Pinky, please stop being what you are not. So now, after all your grandstanding on humanitarianism, what are you gonna do? You are only exposing yourself as a hypocrite and an empty vessel. I will be more impressed if you condemn the aggression of the Israelis, withdraw your lawsuit against a certain blogger, and look first into the plight of your own people, before you poke your nose into other countries' affairs. BTW, please abolish the Internal Security Act, and sign the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), and other core humnan rights agreements.


    1. cannot say it any better, hat tip.

  6. LHL probably thinks it's no fun being a Palestinian.

  7. pinky is saying: "have pity for the victims", he didn't say stop slaughtering them, watch what they do, not what they say. He surely is not telling his paper generals to stop paying billions each year to the aggressors' for their fanciful military toys, which by the way, are pretty darn lousy in quality and reliability, most operators agree, yet they still buy the worthless crap from the jowdies, no need to scratch your heads, its where the money ends up that counts.

  8. He's got empathy for the Palestinians. Unstandably so.
    But what about for some at home?
    Think about the old folks, some with bended bodies, going about collecting cardboards and cans just to make ends meet?
    What about those opposition politicians and likeminded people who were persecuted by his father and fellow party politicians ? Some brankrupted just for speaking up , some exiled and others put behind bars with flimsy reasons that possibly wouldn't stand in the court of law?
    Yes, how about some empathy for them too