Saturday, July 5, 2014

Electrifying Alternatives

Whenever you are out of town, never, never ask about local prices of cars. That's one sure way to shoot up your blood pressure. And you don't want to end up in a hospital, not with the rigged Medishield Life premiums awaiting.

Far from being amongst the lowest tax paying countries, we are ripped off in many ways, key of which is the cost of private vehicle ownership. You don't need a fancy sports job like Anton Casey's to get away from the olfactory infestation of public transport, just any mobile private space should suffice. Unfortunately, even if and when the compact electric cars are available, the taxes will make sure only the elites can afford the latest toy.


  1. Tax you with any or no excuses, to line their own pockets. That's how they socially re-engineer the red dot, passing wealth from poor to rich.

    And of course a week never passes without a headline on their favourite slush fund collecting project: The Pentagon just announced the entire F35 fleet has been grounded due to another engine fire, but I am sure the civil masters will table another cabinet paper to justify buying a second or third F35 squadron soon! grow their bank accounts they must :)

  2. Even when they are old and dying;
    Singaporeans will still have to pay & pay.

  3. Uniquely Singapore, with the lowest tax regime in the world, or so it is claimed, but among the most expensive cities. It behoves you to avoid engaging lawyers with political connections like the plague, because each hour of their court appearance can set you back by $100K, a cost in the range of the extortion for owning a vehicle.

    And you know you are out of Singapore when you don't see a doddering old fart still sitting in Parliament spasmodically and doing bugger-all and being paid by taxpayers. Or a nonagenarian "tree planter" earning tributes, in his birthday bash, from the PM for making "tough decisions" and taking on "many roles", whose toughest decisions probably were to work as a translator for the Japanese Civilian Police in the War, and to take a role that earned a sinecure of $4 million a year for doing nada for 8 years. Uniquely Singapore.

    1. COE = Cost Of Extortion?

    2. Like the Words standing for the Abbreviations. Most apt for Sin.

    3. "What's wrong with collecting more money?" - LKY

    4. LKY's quote deserves to be installed as rule number one for all government administrations from taxes, public housing, utilty bills, hospitalisation charges, land prices, etc, etc.
      If in doubt, always apply rule number one, there's no necessity to check with oldfart or his son.

    5. It is already installed, embeded and injected into the sub conscious.

  4. I like the picture of the electric car being recharged.

    Singapore has the means to do this and I believe the LTA has already experimented with it.

    However, the politics, economics is a big hurdle:

    Everything is based on the business model of

    ".. if we can collect more money, why not..."

    So, there must be a 3rd party to partner with and launch this electric car project... and it must be profitable, taxable and these 2 criteria must be sustainable over centuries.

    Petrol companies have vested interest to kill this
    Car sellers have a vested interest to kill it
    Building owners have a vested interest to charge lots of money to install these charging stations
    SingPower has vested interests to charge higher too

    Even car inspection centres dislike it... no more Co2 to check.

    The only organisation that does not concern itself with making money is the PA... the profit is not money but votes.... but then again......

    1. Do $2 companies have a vested interest to promote this?

    2. Ask yourself: which two companies in the world hire old fart and refuses to let him leave their internal board? Answer: Total and JP Morgan

      To simplify things for those still wondering what makes the world goes round:

      1. The most powderful superpower America is controlled by oil men and defence industries (hello dick cheney helliburton!).
      2. Europe is controlled and screwed up by banksters (draghi and craney are goldman alumni).
      3. Asia is controlled by property tycoons
      4. China is controlled by the party who are also happen to be the property tycoons
      5. Australia is controlled by Chinese iron ore traders
      6.Japan is controlled by yakuza and porn film makers
      7. Sillipore is controlled by the old fart, who in turn works for Total (oil) and JPMorgan (banksters)


  5. ok ok... oredi.
    like a koyok man going on and on and on listing the illnesses.
    we're sold. so when will the koyok be delivered and what kind will it be? patients are no longer patient oredi! wait so long, if dun come, we must make it ourselves oredi.
    @ anon 2:55, dude, This widow's son salute you. goldfish only complain about fishbowl when really an oceanic problem. storm really breaks out here when those airhole butterflies farts.

    1. what if some PR pinoys decide to bring in their electric jeepney? there are now thousands of electric bikes speeding on the roads (maybe not yet highway but definitely main roads, sometimes under the nose of your JB-trained aux traffic police) and become king of the parks replacing the ang moh 3-abreast cyclists. Since electric bikes need no CoE, pays no road tax, also no ERP neede, electric jeepneys shud be ok right?

    2. High time to levy on any form of transports; be it bicycle, skate board, roller blades, non motorised scooter and legs. All uses the road which has to be maintained, enforcement officers have to be engaged to monitor them for safety. Medical facilties have to cater to any injuries in accident etc.
      Be it in the form of road tax, coe, erp or anthing else, bring them in, otherwise sinkies spend much time gallivanting with nothing productive and wasting much precious time.

  6. The biggest joke of our COE system is how our PAP Govt deliberately never stop the car companies from bidding the COEs on behalf of the buyers ?

    Do you need a genious to figure out that is a complete conflict of interest as far as the bidding is concerned ? They are simply bidding for themselves in the hope that they will be able to sell more of their cars ?

    I don't know whether to call our Ministers simply cunning or plain stupid not to be able to see the hanky panky behind all these bidding ?

    1. More likely the stupidity of the consumer, voter, worker, people... all the same name: Singaporean.