Saturday, July 12, 2014

Non Pro-Family Images Under Threat

Male and male together - mana boleh

Two women - also tak boleh


  1. Instead of tackling the urgent problems of the country these obscenely paid public servants have nothing better to do than picking nits out of the others' hair. Really tiresome. Time for change.

  2. Change was due more than a decade ago.
    Sinkies did not want to rock the boat. They prefer it to sink slowly to have a few more days to enjoy.

  3. LKY is dying soon.
    Let's unite and build Singapore 2.0.
    A Singapore 2.0 for Singaporean citizens.

    No more Singapore 1.0
    - the LKY Singapore which is for PAP citizens only.

  4. Don't believe in evolutionary changes, don't believe things would change much with same civil servants helping themselves to "justifiable fare hikes" to fund their bonuses. Need radical surgery. Regardless of whether its WP or SDP, things would go on "business as usual". Worms like the current crop of 500 (and rising) admin oppicers would play tricks and run rings around LTK and SL, even CSJ or KJ. Don;lt believe in easy treatment, take one election to remove the ill. Cancer has metastasized. No easy way out anymore.

  5. Who tak boleh tahan? Probably Pastor Lawrence Khong and Teo Kai Loon if they see these non-family images in the NLB. These are works of art!

    1. Their minds are too screwed up with their prejudices to appreciate works of art.

  6. Florence Uffizi is certainly a marvelous visit... bellasimo!