Friday, August 1, 2014

No Sex Please, We're Singaporeans

Referring specifically to Astonishing X-Men Issue No. 51, the Media Development Authority statutory board spokesman said: “The MDA takes a holistic view in assessing content and considers all factors, including the context, presentation and language.”  The presentation on the cover of the comic is a graphic illustration of two full grown men, not penguins, about to suck face. MDA had had actually assessed the particular X-Men issue way back in 2012, two whole years before raising hell about “And Tango Makes Three”, “The White Swan Express” and “Who is in my Family?”

The Kinokuniya Singapore main store at Ngee Ann City had the presence of mind to have it wrapped in plastic and labelled “Unsuitable for the young”. After all, we hardly want young impressionable minds to be misled into thinking that it is perfectly a-okay to smooch passionately in full view of a conservative public. Even when Jack Neo was carrying on with his couch casting extra curricular activities, he had curtains installed in his vehicle. Whatever happened to "Go get a room"?

What boys and girls, boys and boys, and girls and girls do in private is their personal affair. Even the cops have promised not to barge into bedrooms to enforce section 377A of the law. But you really have to draw a line when amorous couples embrace so openly and explicitly that your kid will start to doubt the stock-brings-babies version of procreation.

The spokesman added that there was no breach of content guidelines, “which allow for the balanced depictions of same-sex relationships if they do not encourage or promote alternative lifestyles”. The new normal seems to be promoting promiscuity, so long as it's pro-family. Tell that to Lawrence Khong, whose daughter was played out by the cad who got her into trouble, who never contemplated to start a family in the first place.


  1. Argh, not to worry, when they err, left a loop hole, plain sloppy, or simply f@#k up, it's always "no breach of OUR guidelines, or we have a holistic approach"!

    No mistakes here, civil masters are gods! No accountability, no downside, only upside, only 18 months GDP bonuses, how hard is it to be government, how hard is it to be in the civil service, Shawne boy?

  2. I hate this holistic approach thingy, it's so damn full of holes!

  3. There are full of hypocrites in the PAP government. They say one thing but do another when it suits their agenda. The PAP has already lost its moral compass when it sets high pay for itself while stagnating the pay of others by bringing in tonnes of cheap foreigners to lower their cost of doing business.

    The only way out is to show them the exit of the Parliament house. These self-serving people are not fit to rule the country.

  4. I say the bra-burning AWARE spinsters are worse than the gay lot. They destroy the families with their Women Charter by making men wary of committing to an unequal marriage.

    1. Fully agree.
      The Statistics on Marriages and Divorces 2013 reported that the decline in marriages registered due to fewer civil marriages (down from 23,134 in 2012 to 21,180 in 2013) despite a rise in Muslim marriages (up from 4,802 in 2012 to 5,074 in 2013). This is the first time the number of marriages fell after rising in the previous two years.

    2. AWARE do not need men in their lives... in fact they dont need men at all.
      And without men, AWARE cannot exist.

    3. Men, not to worry, equality in marriage is on the way. They are thinking of amending the Women's Charter so that women not only pay alimony to "disabled" men, but also to men with lower income, in divorces.

      Hey, wouldn't this fly against LKY's lamentation that graduate women are not getting married, because it would discourage graduate women from marrying men below their station? What will happen to our smart gene pool then? Singapore will get more stupid.

      Talking about genetics and marriage, maybe LKY did not read this exchange between George Bernard Shaw (notoriously ugly but smart) and a beautiful dancer: “Would it not be wonderful if we could have a child who had your brains and my beauty?” His reply was, “Yes, but supposing it had your brains and my beauty!” Haha.

  5. No Sex Please, We're Singaporeans

    More like:
    No Brains Please, We're PAPigs

    1. Singapore is governed by PAPigs.
      PAP wants us to "think correctly" per the gospel of LKY and his bible "Hard Truths"

  6. Not only the right way, but also the Right People. The Western concept of monogamy is stupid. If you are rich and powerful, like the Mandarins in ancient China, you can have as many wives and children as you can afford. And behold, it was very good, as OUR God said.

    1. In other words:
      If you are rich, you have good genes.
      So you should inseminate as many women as you can.

      This my friends is called a plutocracy - the rule by the rich.

      And here is a very good opinion piece by an unusual billionaire who wants to raise minimum wage in America by three times.

    2. /// The thing about us businesspeople is that we love our customers rich and our employees poor.

      So for as long as there has been capitalism, capitalists have said the same thing about any effort to raise wages.
      We’ve had 75 years of complaints from big business—when the minimum wage was instituted, when women had to be paid equitable amounts, when child labor laws were created. Every time the capitalists said exactly the same thing in the same way: We’re all going to go bankrupt. I’ll have to close. I’ll have to lay everyone off.
      It hasn’t happened.
      In fact, the data show that when workers are better treated, business gets better. The naysayers are just wrong. ///

      Read more:

  7. No sex in Uganda? Hope for our LGBT community. Uganda struck down it's very tough anti-gay law because "...the speaker of parliament acted illegally when she allowed a vote on the measure despite at least three objections that not enough MPs were in attendance." Doesn't this remind us of our own "First World" Parliament and the lackadaisical attitude of the MPs and the quorum? Wonder how many laws in Singapore have been passed that were similarly illegal and unconstitutional.

    1. Now we understand why Eugene Tan had to point out to the buat-bodoh Speaker of the House in July this year there was no quorum, or the required number of MPs present in the House, as required by the Constitution to pass bills. Of the 87 "elected" MPs, less than 22 were in the house that day when two Bills were about to be voted on. Instead of summoning the MPs back into the Chamber, the Leader of the House, Ng Eng Hen, asked for an adjournment instead as a face saving measure. Naturally the PAP appointee Speaker complied.

    2. Is it serendipity or coincidence that both Uganda and Singapore parliaments have lady speakers, high truancy rates, with homophorbic laws?

      President Yoweiri Museveni said: "They're disgusting. What sort of people are they? I never knew what they were doing. I've been told recently that what they do is terrible. Disgusting." Do Lawence Khong and PM Lee also subscribe to these words? What is more disgusting and terrible? The GRC, CPF, Ministerial salaries, Gerrymandeering, Defamation Lawsuits, PWP, Gini-coefficient, Cost of Living, etc....? What do you think?

  8. Wonder if the woman Speaker Parliament was aware of the Quorum Requirement at that material time.

    1. Depends on whether PAPigs know how to count.
      - Youth Olympics; cost over run was 300 million


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