Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An Inconvenient Truth

Not the "Gentleman" move
It would appear to all and sundry that heaven and earth are being moved to protect Teo Ho Pin from the malodour of AIMgate. For starters, the official mouth piece, now ranked 149th by Reporters Without Borders in the latest World Press Freedom Index, tried its darndest best to put a shine on the fallacious MND Review of a sordid saga. Teo was not the first to receive a get-out-of-jail-free card.

In June 1992, Tharman Shanmugaratnam, then Administrative Service Officer, was in the center of the storm concerning a leaked flash estimate of economic growth for the second quarter of 1992. The subsequent Official Secrets Act (OSA) investigation finding prepared by the ISD put the blame squarely on Tharman as the originating source, with recommendations that could torpedo his high flying civil service career. Kingmaker Lee Ek Tieng, then Managing Director of MAS, gathered support from other power brokers like Goh Keng Swee, J.Y. Pillay and Lim Kim San to neuter the ISD report. The complete list of those lobbied reads like a name dropper's wet dream, all spelt out in delicious detail in Ross Worthington's "Governance In Singapore," starting from page 155.

Twenty two long months after the publication of the flash estimate in the Business Times, the case was finally prosecuted, with an apriori arrangement that a non-custodial sentence would be considered. Tharman would be fined only $1,500, an amount that would ensure him free from impediment to stand for election.

Teo is not Tharman of course, but the stakes are also high. The last headache they need is another by-election.

Workers’ Party chairman Sylvia Lim is doing her job by filing an adjournment motion on the town councils review for the next Parliamentary sitting on 13 May 2013. The initiative will give her at least 20 minutes to air the public's perspective , “... time to articulate what we think are critical aspects of the review of town councils, and in particular the transactions MND was looking at as well." Let's hope she's a fast speaker, as the spectrum of shenanigans in the AIM transaction can easily fill a whole book. George Bush had a shoe thrown at him, the Gangnam Style dancer deserves to be whacked with a hefty volume.


  1. btw .... were there any prerequisites before any party can tender for any govt linked projects?

  2. This article is blatantly defamatory. Expect repercussions.

    1. Ross Worthington also wrote that Dhana kena slapped.

    2. Oh, u can post a lawyer's letter in the comment box below. Keep it to 1000 words and u will be fine.

    3. The activities of the PAP buggers have been blatantly treacherous .
      Expect quarter given.

    4. Really ?
      Come on. Many of the "slander" are in public records.

  3. Hope that Yawning Bread will continue to shed light on Aimgate. Alex had looked at Aimgate from many perspectives and most were very reasonable and possibly accurate.
    He has been inactive lately and there is no news of what happens to him.

    By the way, Tharman has rose to the position of DPM after he joined PAP.

    Would Teo Ho Pin gets a promotion too?

    1. Big Nose and Tharman can consider having a DPMO somewhat like ah loong's PMO and thereafter rope in Teo HoPin as one of many ministers without portfolio serving at their pleasure.

    2. In the Stock Exchange of Singapore.
      If a listed company no longer has any active business.
      It will have to be de-listed.

      So Minister without Portfolio.
      Means Minister got no business is it?
      GE 2016.
      Will get de-listed or not?

    3. Alex has been inactive for the past few months. Wonder what happened to him? Invited to lim kopi?

  4. The MND report is totally unconvincing. AIM should produce a financial statement. It makes no sense for anyone to do a loss making business. Someone is telling a lie for sure.

  5. I think a new law was passed and Tharman's criminal record was subsequently expunged.

  6. If a software becomes obselete, what use is it to other users ? So why would a PAP controlled S$2 company wants to buy it if not for some sinister reasons like fixing the opposition ? Can anyone think of any other valid reasons ?

    Unless they are also saying we must be daft fools to begin with ? So is that the quality of our PAP MP material ? When has they become so desperate to resort to such manipulation ?

  7. U.S.A. Navy Ship Can’t Meet Mission, Internal U.S. Report Finds

    I hope we are not buying this for our Singapore Navy!

  8. "Teo is not Tharman of course, but the stakes are also high. The last headache they need is another by-election."

    The stakes are indeed very high. So high that an extraordinary feat is being conjured to save the head of not Teo.

    But, that of the rotting head at the very top. Who was fully aware, was behind it, condoned it, and is now trying to justify it and whitewashing it. If he denies not knowing it, this denial would be a far bigger scandal.

    Talk about a rotting head with a bid headache.