Friday, May 24, 2013

Good News About Singapore

Yay, finally, something positive to read about Singapore, after a dismal surfeit of negative court proceedings and workplace bashing. Scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) supposedly helped develop a molecule that will kill cancer cells without destroying healthy ones. Called Hamlet (Human Alpha-lactabumin Made Lethal to Tumour), the protein-lipid complex is based on a protein present in human breast milk. But why did the scientists name it after a Prince of Denmark instead of choosing a Singapore sounding label, say HAMTAM (Human Alpha-lactabumin Mainly Targeted At Tumours)?

Apparently it was a Swedish team who first discovered Hamlet in 1995. A Catharina Svanborg, Swedish microbiologist best known for her work on proteins in breast milk, sought out Professor Gerhard Grueber (Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany, 1995) for his expertise in structural biology. Latter, currently an associate professor, had joined NTU in August 2005. The collaboration with the local university which started 3 years ago in 2010 was led by Prof Svanborg and Dr Manoj Puthia from Lund University of Sweden, and Prof Guber from NTU's School of Biological Sciences. Maybe if Guber had spear headed the team, the name would be more Aryan sounding, say ADOLF (Alpha-lactabumin Destroy Only Lethal Foreign cells).

Of course, if the foreigners take up citizenship in 5 to 10 years' time, the time frame within which the team hopes to develop a commercially available product, Singapore can take more credit for the fight against cancer.

Based on our past experience with ping pong paddlers, future developments can be hard to predict. In one notable instance, a PRC import took the Olympics medal and prize money and headed straight home for the Motherland. Including her kid, before he comes of age to warrant posting a financial bond to ensure he has to return to fulfill his National Service obligation.


  1. This is sad news. Again, Singapore caught red handed taking shortcuts and trying very hard to hao lian on things that never originate from it. A big failure and wastage on taxpayers money.

    1. Hah! Maybe there is not talent TO groom!

  2. NUS and NTU have always taken this strategy - they rather 'buy' talents than groom their own.

    Like the PAP, they also favour quick fix solutions including using FTs if necessary.

  3. When will they ever learn that "there are things that money can't buy".
    Perhaps, they didn't pay attention during their Mandarin lessons. And now it's too late to swing out of their 6.9-Million-Target and there is no recourse to [吃里爬外].

  4. One way to remove the People's (human) Alpha-lactabumin Parasite tumour, before too many foreign cells invade our body politic, is to surgically cut it out in 2016 - it will be too late if we wait till stage 4 or a wonder cure, when it will have metastasized to all the vital organs.

    1. Then... "Singapore can take more credit for the fight against cancer."

    2. Good one.
      I think radical surgery is needed very soon.

    3. so this is how singapore takes credit & blows its own trumpet. On the backs of work already done by foreigners. Real sad, isnt it!?

  5. but the best medication is the newater ....

    studies show is harmless to human beings ...

  6. But daft people continues to vote for a party that created a lot of harmful policies.

  7. Aldous Huxley redux5/25/2013 11:08 AM

    The regime badly wants to be accepted, recognised as a successful example of a place to do business,no crime, no terrorists, and no political issues, no racial issues.

    Their idea of 'nation' or 'country' is not the same as conventional ideas. They dare present a 'place to do business'. Not a nation or country.

    In time to come, the political process of voting will come to pass.The electorate is irrelevant for it will not exist. In its place will be just like contractors, vendors providing contracts for service. No entitlements,benefits or even obligations from the buyer of the service.

    Nation? perhaps only in form... not in substance.
    Country? perhaps for maps
    People? no!.. contractors

    Its a new world

  8. Based on our past experience,there is always a CBF,
    cheaper, better and faster ways to exploit.......

    Dumberer and Dumberest

    If you're not familiar with it, the Prussian system was a teaching methodology
    designed to stamp out good little worker bees assembly-line fashion, trained to
    be complacent with their station in life and compliant with every demand of the
    State. An elite of those better educated but still proven unquestioningly loyal
    to the State were promoted to lead the proletariat, rewarded with elevated
    status and material success commensurate with their skills and the zeal they
    demonstrate in supporting the system. It specifically avoided developing
    creativity and independent thought, reasoning these were skills the worker
    classes didn't need in their roles as mass produced labor. .........

    It's an intricate but fascinating story in a grim Machiavellian way,...............

    We have a country full of people who while reasonably capable of performing their jobs, have never learned the basics of creative or
    independent thought. They can play the most intricate of video games, but lack
    the skills needed to think their way out of a paper bag in far too many instances. Worse, since the State has indoctrinated them so well with its peculiar brand of non-logic, any trouble or obstacles they encounter in life
    caused by the State itself are often simply overlooked by these folks as if they
    didn't exist, blinded as they are by State worship. This hearkens back to
    Dunning and Kruger's observation that people deficient in reasoning skills don't
    learn from their mistakes and will repeat them without ever realizing the fundamental problems at the root of their failures.

    They can't spell, punctuate or compose a paragraph competently, skills that were
    considered essential for children growing up a century ago. As Orwell's Newspeak
    in 1984 removed the ability to commit thoughtcrime by destroying language, so
    too have the public incrementally lost the ability to communicate effectively...without even realizing it. As the situation deteriorates, so-called educators excuse the education system's failure by promoting the idea that the proper use of language constitutes 'elitism,' one of the worst
    pejoratives in their arsenal of epithets flung at enemies to silence them whenever they cross its will.
    Dumberer and Dumberest

    The $158 billion Singapore Budget Accounting Fraud: Part I | Balding's World

    Epic fraud: How to succeed in science (without doing any) | Ars Technica

    How To Deceive, Lie And Spread Disinformation A Guide To The Most Effective Disinformation Tactics

    Foreign talent who used to work in NUS is a fraud

    Joshua Chiang

    1. By the way it's haNtam not haMtam