Monday, May 13, 2013

Lack Of Trust All Around

Morbid anti-suicide pledges are flooding the internet in China according to a BBC report, written in the hope that they will prevent authorities from falsely ruling their death as suicide should they die in suspicious circumstances. "Even if I have no car, no house, no lover, no money for food, and even if I have Aids, I will not commit suicide or fall off a building voluntarily," was one typical post. The trend is interpreted as a serious lack of trust that many place in public institutions, ranging from the police to the courts.

The Financial Times (FT) report on the death of American engineer Shane Todd may suffer a loss of trust too if the Singapore Police Force (SPF)'s challenge stands up to scrutiny. At stake is the London-based newspaper's accounting of the latest version of Todd's last actions alive: "Mr Todd, 6ft tall and nearly 200 pounds in weight, fashioned a noose from a computer bag strap, hung it over his bathroom door, closed and locked the door. He put the noose around his neck, stood on a chair and jumped off."

The version allegedly told earlier by SPF to Todd's parents: "police said their son had drilled holes in the bathroom wall, affixed bolts, wrapped the strap through a pulley and over the door." The key difference between the two stories is that no Rube Goldberg configuration of drilled holes and pulley system was evident at the site of the crime scene when inspected by the parents.

The SPF is miffed because FT made no attempts to confirm with them whether the police gave different versions of the story. But it stopped short of presenting it's version of Todd's demise. An official autopsy report submitted by the SPF had ruled the death to be “asphyxia by hanging”. The fine distinction is that self induced asphyxiation is suicide, asphyxiation by a third party would be tantamount to murder.

The SPF is entrusting the coroner's enquiry starting today to establish the final story.  There are no provisions for an appeal. If the decision is controversial, a serious lack of trust will be imputed on the system.

Meanwhile, there's no rush to post an anti-suicide pledge on your Facebook account. Kishore Mahbubani is saying that any objective investigation will show that the Singapore police is at least as competent, if not more competent, than the FBI. The same fella who said that poverty has been eradicated in Singapore.


  1. I'm very sure our police standards & procedures can stand up to international scrutiny.
    Let's have faith in our police and invite-challenge the international community to find anything wrong.

  2. Why are you so sure ? Did they solve the mas selamat case? Boston took down 2 armed terrorists within 3 days under the world and media scrutiny. What does spf have to show other than contempt of court, additions or defamation threats..? Open up your evidence and let the people judge.

  3. This kishore is a kee chiu kee siao trishaw. Must add a bag of salt to whatever he wrote.

    1. I saw the kishore chap on TV a couple of times on channelnewsasia debate shows. He likes to say "trust me". Strange. We don't know you, why should we trust you?

  4. It will be great to have the police explain clearly why it seems they may have changed their views on the cause of death and also to provide an opinion on who accessed the hard drive after the death. Should be straight forward for them. As for them leaving the hard drive at the scene - does this indicate they weren't thorough? Looking forward to following this story - but probably not through the local media!

  5. "In the opening statement of Senior State Counsel Tai Wei Shyong on the first day of the coroner’s inquiry into the death of American researcher Dr Todd today (13 May), it was revealed that Dr Todd had been accessing suicide-related websites between 10 Mar and 23 Jun last year, 19 times."

    This info is laughable by any standard that i don't know what to say. What is meant by "suicide-related websites", and what kind of site access ? We know the government like to give half-truth and nonsense, and try to play with word. What sites are those ? It is like to access site about haunted house, and saying that he want to die and become ghost. Trying to access information about bungee jump implies one is jumping off building ?

    What exactly are those sites ? How are they even relevant ?

  6. Why do you have so little confidence in our own system ? Are you with them, the foreigners and doubters, or with us together, I wonder ?

    In times of war, would you be with the enemy, or with us, defending the country ? ?

    1. "In times of war, would you be with the enemy, or with us, defending the country ? ?"

      You are asking a very stupid, because if you still do not know by now what is wrong with this pap government, nothing else really matters.

      If you are so confident of PAP, why even bother come here with your nonsense , knowing confidently that no awakened soul will take to your daft question ?

      " Are you with them, the foreigners and doubters, or with us together, I wonder "

      the PAP are with foreigner's for party supporters', and local voice dilution, and yet ironically you asking the local with these stupid question.

      Are you living in ivory tower, and can't see the ground ?

    2. "Why do you have so little confidence in our own system ?"

      This is the PAP system.
      This is not "our" system.

      Typical PAPig.
      When there is shit.
      It's always "we are in this together".

      When there is money to be given out.
      It's always a million dollars to them first.
      And peanuts for the rest of us.

      And I am not going to die, defending the PAP system.

    3. //Why do you have so little confidence in our own system ?//
      Plenty, but for right now three letters suffice:

    4. anon 1.42pm

      your questions are outdated and naive. time to check your templates. The pap systems are corrupted and the people have seen through the lies and betrayals.

      It is time to doubt and not to follow blindly. Of course for those who are paid to come here, it is a different story.

  7. Tell me then , what is the ground?

    Everyday, show houses are packed to the brim. Locals mind you, not foreigners buying. Restaurants, crystal jades, breaktalks, are packed.

    If you cant see it, then you are indeed very stupid. Maybe you should move to our neighbour country.

    1. Yeah right, which country can afford to buy Herman Miller chairs for its civil servants, $2,000 Brompton bikes for its park rangers, and award $22 million software packages to a $2 company?
      Maybe it's time to move to another country.

    2. anon 2.11

      please don't anyhow use the word "local" from now. Can you define what is "local" ? (real singaporeans + Malaysian + etc) OR (local looking PR + foreign looking PR + Malaysian + etc) OR (real singaporeans + all PR + local looking faces + etc)?

      If you cannot answer for sure the definition of "local" , then don't mislead or fingerpoint anything towards the real true blue Singaporeans. Leave us alone.

  8. My country, Singapore5/13/2013 2:14 PM

    "In times of war, would you be with the enemy, or with us, defending the country ? ?"

    The enemy is the one that has implemented policies that make me more expensive to hire,and to find a job.

    The enemy is the one that did nothing to stop employers from paying me peanuts.

    The enemy is the one that prohibits alternative solutions to GDP growth

    The enemy is the one that pretends to listen, witholds information and misleads.

    I will defend my country from this enemy.
    I will try to be civil about it.
    I will also defend my country from people like you.. blind and always: "lets wait & see"

    Wait and die maybe

  9. "Kishore Mahbubani is saying that any objective investigation will show that the Singapore police is at least as competent, if not more competent, than the FBI."

    I'm so happy to hear that Singapore is providing the World with the latest in detectives, with the most up-to-date methods and tools available. Especially for all the "suicides" that seem to take place in Singapore. Especially since all those suicides and deaths are fully reported in the local PAP newsletter. Oops, I mean the "news media."

    1. Just wonder will there be extension of "tenure" if he had written the truth that there are still poor people in Singapore ?

      Probably he doesn't even know the fact that THEN and NOW there are still homeless Singaporeans or that there are still Singaporeans staying in 1-room flats ?

      So what do you think his creditibility level is if he couldn't even get the basic facts right ?

  10. ""Kishore Mahbubani is saying that any objective investigation will show that the Singapore police is at least as competent, if not more competent, than the FBI.""

    What can you expect a lackey to say just to keep his comfy job as dean ?

    1. This lackey is saving his best of the best as a eulogy when LKY bites the bust.

  11. Yes, the same fella also pronounced that the red dot's government is now suddenly "left of centre", when only yesterday they were right across the aisle? Anyone heard of a "left of centre" government anywhere in this universe paying each cabinet member millions and similar sums to keep the civil servants, stat board CEOs, and all cronies get a good class bungalow and a selection of the finest location condos in order to buy their support and to remain docile? Senility aside, I knew there are crocodiles with instant-teardrop, court jesters, tongue twisters, chronic lie-tellers, and now I suspect a new specie called the chameleons has moved in to join your elites.

  12. Singapore Police Force more competent than FBI.
    Don't make my toe hairs laugh.

    If so good.
    Why can't even catch a limping terrorist living in Johor?

    1. cos they spend all their time trying to nab people for sexual favours to exploit further economic value. they are not interested to investigate death of people when that person economic value has ended.