Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Competence Challenged Again

Any resemblance to the hard truth is strictly coincidental
Call it another mee siam mai hum moment. The prime minister gave a big speech about safety at work, and identified the construction, manufacturing and marine sectors as places where most incidents occur. What he missed out was the Jurong East IT workplace where a 29 year old undergraduate was pummeled mercilessly like a human punching bag. Apparently the Manpower Ministry was alerted, but they proved as meek as the recipient of the heavy blows to the head. All MOM did was to remind employers to treat employees "fairly and with respect" and, as for the "unfairly treated", "they should report it to the police immediately." The Acting Manpower Minister's own pretty speech about discriminatory hiring practices was just as lame, premised on his stance that laws were not "a silver bullet that will solve all problems."

We are glad the parents did not take the law into their own hands when they confronted the violent cretin who abused their son. For all we know, one  wrong move, and they could end up as subjects of a police investigation. We are glad that they did convince their mild mannered son - who had earlier denied he was the subject in the video because he did not want to blow up the matter - that might is not right, bullies need to be put in their place. Imagine the horror if the intern had been a female, who could have ended up like the Singapore core, violated multiple times by having foreign elements inserted, until a Good Samaritan like Shane M had the moral courage and guts to intervene.

Meanwhile, at the Shane Todd inquiry, some body's boast that the Singapore police is at least as competent, if not more competent, than the FBI, is starting to blow up in his own face. Ashraf Massoud, computer analyst engaged by Todd's parents, had to teach the cops a thing or two about handling evidence. The Post-it note on Shane's laptop, "Please do not enter. Please call the police" , means just that. Leave it to the professionals.

The sorry mess in our cowboy town makes you wonder who are the guys governing the place. If Singapore Inc was ever asked to fill in a table indicating the identities of their key technical and professional staff, maybe a line will be drawn across the table with only one word typed in: “Outsourced”.


  1. lol, maybe the police IT department is managed by AIM and outsourced as well.

  2. The supervisor's excuse that the intern had "an inferiority complex" and he was trying to "nurture him to get over it" reminds me of Lee Kuan Yew telling the nation Goh Chok Tong needed to see a psychiatrist because was too wooden when speaking in public. That and Singaporeans need to have spurs dug into their behind.

    1. It reminds me of Lee Kuan Yew proclaiming he will meet his political opponents in the alley and also served warning he carries a sharp hatchet and knuckle dusters.
      Reflecting back, I am inclined to believe Goh CT needed to see a psychiatrist, simply because a person with the right frame of mind will not want to work for a psychopath.

  3. Who enjoys better police protection from abusive employers?

    A Singaporean working in Singapore?
    A Filipino maid working in Singapore?

    What do you think?

    1. I think the employee who got slapped is a Singaporean.
      If he was a Foreign Talent like a Filipino maid.
      Confirm he will be arrested and go to jail.

      So in this case.
      I think a simple apology can already.
      Just a Singaporean who got slapped in Singapore only.
      Copy and paste a sincere apology can already lah?

      "Well, we’re sorry we didn’t get it exactly right, but I hope you’ll understand and bear with us, because we’re trying our best to fix the problems"

  4. No intern, in fact, no human being should have to be subjected to this sort of abuse.
    This kind of local manager is what gives local PMET a bad name. Luckily, it's only a small fraction of minority.
    oTOH, if the intern is a local boy who puts up with it, I am truly concerned and worried. If that's the kind of ah boy to ah man your NS has trained you to be, you ought to be ashamed that you didn't man up to this abuser.

  5. Two elements of trust are missing here...MOM and our social media. Sorry for native Singaporeans...

  6. with this exposure .... is the victim's career farked?

    this is not usa or india; he can sell his experiences to hollywood/bollywood producers.. a potential movie rockbuster

    poor victim ... looked what happened to Mohd Ali, Joe Fraser; brain damaged in later life

    1. Yeah, the sound of the fist connecting skull was very loud. The guy should go for an x-ray examination asap.

    2. Maybe the supervisor needs to go for anger management therapy at the Institute of Mental Health?
      Maybe very stressful to manage one subordinate.

    3. If his slap is so powderful?
      Does that mean he has potential to be our future Prime Minister or not?

    4. Aeons ago, there was a so called slapping incident that involved Dhanabalan and our mai hum PM.
      However it turned out to be no big deal because either Dhanabalan had a face with thick hide or mai hum Loong's hand was too feeble, i.e. only for wanking.
      Anyway, they eventually kiss and make up.

  7. The guys governing in our cowboy town are essentially neoliberals, justice and equality does not come easily. The euphemism for "slapping and bullying an intern"
    is "unfairly treated" according to the governing, what does it mean, what does the law say.This is a clear cut assault and battery.

    Justice does not come easily, nor does it come swiftly. Becos we have a conundrum, a dilemma here, is it a Rule of Law or a Rule by Law, the governing is waiting for a public reaction becos justice is lost and doesn't seem to know which direction to proceed. The tyranny of the elites.

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  8. Just curious5/21/2013 7:17 PM

    I still have no idea how a pulley + bolted hole evidence became a strap evidence? When did SPF change its statement?

    Similarly, the people also have no idea how Mas Selamat escaped from an "unknown floating device" machiam like a UFO appears out of no where.

  9. //The sorry mess in our cowboy town makes you wonder who are the guys governing the place. //

    I want to know which guy runs the IME show.
    From reliable sources, that division is filled with china-origins "talents" from PRC/overseas. I mean, come on, if those PLA-backed hackers are blatantly hacking the USA highest and mightiest corporations and institutions for all sorts of corporate espionage and national intell, what can't they do here? All you need is a Bo Xilai on a national scale and echelon, what can't you cover up? Too many hidden dragons and crouching tigers. No wonder Xi Jin Ping says its time to kill the flies and catch the tigers after too many windows and doors are left wide opened. Only SG's leaders want them to come in by the millions.

    1. Hello, you very naive la. You think the Americans are so very innocent ah? Being the only superpower in the world, don't they have the ability to maintain an extensive network of spies and intelligence gathering? Are they now being beaten in their own game that they are crying wolves for sympathies? Think about it with an open mind.

  10. Even Jackass Neo cannot film a more serious assault scene compared to Shane's handphone. Yet the MoM and its genderal is twdiddling thumb and talking down to the masses to "obey the law"? What law? Whose law? The "within 200m does not include inside 200m law"? And our ace law enforcers, despite a police report, is waiting for further "investigation"? Maybe they need Mr Gay to show them what a good penetrative investigation is all about? The way they are changing their statement from the mechanical virtues of pulley to a double-knotted towel, they have only convinced feckless american government-appointed bureaucrats how a man standing upright with both feet resting on the ground can be hung. Those billions doled out for the F35 is well understood now, in full context right people? Money well spent to protect the reputation?

  11. "Money well spent to protect the reputation".......of father and son, including their PAP cronies ?

    I cannot help thinking the Yanks have a dossier on the wealth accumulated by each individual, how much there is and where it is parked.
    In other words, the father and son have been coerced to sleep with the Yanks who incidently are in control of any foreplay.

  12. MOM is not capable and lack resilence to bring employers to task for violating the laws. Thus they feel that law won't work on employer (because MOM is a weak animal), thus MOM prefer to bend backward in the hope that employer will show some leniency thru tripartism (with no substance) or whatsover to make everyone in Singapore believe that everything is in "good hands"?

  13. An island-wide manhunt for Mas Selamat was instituted in 2008 - except to his brother's home in Tampines, where he was hiding after his escape.

    "I would think that's the first place they would check, the family's homes?" said one of those interviewed.

    Competence? Makes my toes laugh when it is claimed "... that the SPF is at least as competent, if not more competent, than the FBI." -Kishore Mahbubani, dean of LKY School of Public Policy, referring to the Shane Todd backlash.

    1. It is easy to sympathise with Mrs Todd's frustration with the incompetent SPF: "In one year, do you think we wouldn't have heard of the last person alive with my son?" How come the state decide to take Montes' statement only on Monday, nearly 1 whole year later? Was SPF sleeping the entire year of investigation? Then there's the court's refusal to adjourn the inquiry because Montes had to fly back - causing the whole Todd family to walk out. Now Montes tells the court he will remain in Singapore until he can testify again. Some thing smells, real bad.

  14. "... that the SPF is at least as competent, if not more competent, than the FBI." -Kishore Mahbubani, dean of LKY School of Public Policy,"

    When I heard this, I know - double confirm - this bunch of cronies have reached the heights of hubris and self delusion.

    Never underestimate American ingenuity & resilience. American leaders are honed & developed by constant challenges to their authority and competence. Not breast fed with the milk of a grandfather.

    Anybody remember the 1980's and 1990s?
    The Japanese companies were going to dominate the world.
    Japanese management style was the fashion.
    And then the Japanese Nikkei crashed.
    And 20 years later, Japan is only now ... maybe .. starting to see daylight.

  15. Fact is a fully matured male of about 200 lbs cannot be hanged without his neck snapping in two - according to the evidence provided in court his neck is not broken and he was asphyxiated to death -which means he was choked in which case he could not have hung himself and kicked the stool off his perch - act of kicking stool would snap his neck.