Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Day In The Life

Vivian Balakrishnan claims that just because some volunteers stick around him at grassroots events, he's no fraud, "If I'm a fraud, or if I'm selfish, or if I'm incompetent, they're are not going to hang around with me." What this emperor with no clothes on fail to fathom is that the folks that do hang around him are those in desperate need for a handout. Like the grassroots volunteer who spent hours accompanying him for block visits, only to tell him afterwards that his wife was in the hospital with advanced leukaemia - you can bet the doc didn't reach into his own wallet to help the man out with the bills.

On incompetence: "I can tell you honestly on the ground, it's not an issue," was his take on the charges of YOG being riddled with incompetence and mismanagement." Sure, people are now concerned largely with rising cost of living and the impact of foreign workers invading our shores, but they sure haven't forgotten about the $300+ million blown away. If he can't handle a one-time sports event, how can he be entrusted with longer term national issues?

On being selfish: How many times did MP Lily Neo had to badger him before he would relent on an extra $40 per month for the destitute? Q.E.D.

On being a fraud: One definition goes this way - A person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities. For simplicity's case, let's focus on we get for the millions invested in a minister (about $5,000 a day), specifically the productivity output in a typical day:
4am: I'm up to feed my 5-year-old.I've done the night feed for all 4 of my children.
7am: Up again, to send third child 18 to school. Read newspapers, clear first round of e-mails.
9am: Meetings at the MCYS office.
12.30pm: Lunch - sometimes with out friends. My friends are used to getting SMSes at the last minute... I make it a point to stay in touch.
1.30pm: Parliament
5pm: Parliament adjourned, rushed home. I try to spend some time, either tea or early dinner with the family.
7pm: Head to constituency for meeting with grassroots leaders, followed by Meet-The-People Session.
12:30am: End of MPS. Head home. My wife staysp up for me. (At night) I surf the Internet, clear a few more e-mails. Sometimes, if I have time, I go running, 5 to 8 km around the neighborhood.
2am: Sleep

The typical taxi driver must feel real guilty about driving only 10 hour shifts to pick up fares. Or the chicken rice seller standing on his feet the whole day, day after day. Even the Ah Soh picking up empty cans and cardboard must surely shed a tear for the hard working minister.


  1. Maybe he should further add that even Taiwan's corrupt ex-president Chen Shui Bian would have fully agreed with him, especially on that fraud thing.

    Can you believe it that the mentality of such a person can be a Minister ?

  2. Is that what he said his typical schedule of a day is? Incredible! I do NOT for once believe he can sleep only for 2 hrs a day..maybe he need to ask why he is having insomnia? HE should be the PM someday since he sleep so little and get so much done!!!! haha

  3. Aiyah he can always sleep in between his "appointments" set up by his secretary...or "sleep" in paliament...or in between journeys...he still can clock in at least 6 hours of zzzz time...

    cab drivers, vege sellers and sales person & many others can't do the above...they will lose their jobs immediately...

    Vivian just full of the usual BS.

  4. Can sleep during parliamentary sessions as well

  5. from vivian bala's so called schedule, i have no doubt those activities are not done on a daily basis, except in his dreams!

    parliament meetings from 1.30pm to 5pm...5x per wk or daily ?
    constituency meetings from 7pm to 12.30am...5x per wk or daily ?
    12.30am to 2am...can find energy and time to run 5 to 8km ?
    sleep from 2am to 4am, i.e 2 hrs of sleep...5x per wk or daily ?
    ps: even sleeping 2 hrs a day thrice a week will affect human performance adversely.

    vivian bala, an eye doctor himself, ought to know that the human brain and eyeball is not designed for 2 hrs sleep...and vivian is way too presumptuous to claim he is not a fraud.
    what is so great about PAP grassroot buggers hanging around vivian? afterall, bullshitters and hypocrites tend to stick around each other. WTF!

  6. Fasten your seatbelts..parliament is dissolved. Here comes the roller coaster, and all the ugly paws will be coming out from PAP soon.

  7. Let the world know if you think Vivian is a fraud!

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