Monday, April 4, 2011

Social Media Smucks

You must have read this:
Was Goh trying to play the sympathy card? Was he standing at a respectable distance to observe the mental health of this nymphet protege who has a thing for older men? (Lui Tuck Yew has already gone poetic, waxing lyrical about her as "a rare flower that will bloom in the winter of adversity") Don't go there, Mr Goh, Clinton has Hillary, you don't.

Meanwhile internet vigilantes have reported that Goh is deleting Facebook postings like @tinrina did. Will he also lock and protect his account? So is the master mentoring the disciple or vice versa? Did we miss more “tongue-in-cheek” posts like:

Apparently Dr Fatimah Lateef, an MP at Marine Parade GRC and current consultant with the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Singapore General Hospital, was asked to attend a lunch which Goh fantasized into a clinical session. Her "patient" seems to be none the worse. "I'm physically fine. I'm OK," said the subject of the pseudo-trauma examination, sounding slightly more crinkly like tin-foil than steel cladding. But even if the Institute of Mental Health were to certify her bonkers, this December child will still get to celebrate her 28th birthday in parliament. That's the beauty of the GRC system.


  1. OMG, this Goh should just go!

    The "jokes" are either distasteful, or deliberate freudian slips.

  2. perhaps woody Goh poked fun at mrs peanuts Goh when the latter felt traumatized by Durai's conviction...

    somehow i get the feeling it is woody Goh's way of showing his displeasure with Ah Loong putting Pei Ling in his ward.

  3. Goh is becoming as sickening as MBT.

  4. Do you have better screenshots of the posts? E.g. shots that include the entire page. These are serious accusations indeed.