Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stupid As Stupid Gets

The segment you may have missed out on national tv
Mr Seah Yin Hwa, NUS engineering student, prepared his ambush well. He started off by restating the injustice we all know too well: opposition-held wards are denied upgrading funds sourced from a common pool of taxpayers' contributions. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, graduated with First Class Honours form Cambridge University etc, etc, bit the bait: "Your question is, why is the opposition ward not treated at least as good, or maybe better than the PAP ward? And the answer is that there has to be a distinction. Because the PAP wards supported the Government and the policies which delivered these good things."

Then Seah delivered the T.K.O.: "So, having said that, can I pay less tax, and maybe take one or two years off my NS?"

Stumped for a couple of seconds, Lee tried to wipe the pie off his face with canned laughter. Words need not be wasted on his ridiculous riposte about prioritised defence - coming from a brigadier general at that. Rescue had to come from the non-combatant moderator, "Okay... Can we have the next question?"

In one significant moment, the duplicity of his line of politics was laid bare. No amount of lipstick on a pig will whiten the party's uniform again. As Lady Macbeth would lament, "All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand."

One is reminded of how Goh Chok Tong was also rendered speechless by student Mr Lim Zi Rui's utterance at the NTU Ministerial Forum on night of 29 October 2010, "I feel that there is a dilution of the Singapore spirit in youth... We don't really feel comfortable in our country anymore." Even Goh had to admit, "If this is happening, it is very serious." The message affected him sufficiently to add, "If the majority feel they don't belong here, then we have a fundamental problem. Then I would ask myself: What am I doing here? Why should I be working for people who don't feel they belong over here?"

The $64 question is whether Lee has half the EQ of Goh to appreciate what transpired at the NUS Forum.


  1. Really enjoy reading your blog!

  2. sissy Loong probably thought he could connect better with uni students than woody Goh.

    but as it turned out, the uni students get to see for themselves,one blockhead followed by an even bigger blockhead...from the PAP leadership!

    come to think of it, engaging uni students in a open forum should be a ritual for all PAP and OPP ideal venue to expose the duds.

  3. ha ha ha can I reprint them onto my school project? I would like to see how my teacher react to it!

  4. Ministeral questions and answers at universities should be like insipid Parliament Q & As : pre submitted questions so that we don't get to see foot in mouth situations !

    No one should be made to suffer fools and surprises gladly, not lest of all the highest paid Prime Minister in the world.

  5. Grace, go for your life! Ace that GP paper!

  6. Unlike his father, obviously he is not cunning enough to have diverted attention from the question by asking the student some irrelevant question like which school he came from to give himself enough time to think about the question.

    That would certainly help to sort out the mess in his brains brought about by always thinking about how best to fix the opposition, wouldn't it ?

    Maybe he was thinking that the student might be brave enough to question back what relevance has it to do with his original question. Again, wouldn't that be even more embarrassing than 'mee siam mai harm' incident.

    So is that one of the reasons why he needs to rewards himself so much in return for having to answer so many tough questions and losing face over so many embarassing incidents ?

  7. Tattle, keep up the good work. You have our support!!!

  8. We have a real leadership problem when the PM has to beg for votes and appear stumped when such questions which have been flying in cyberspace is being put to him. It did not helped when they still insist on fielding TPL and ignoring the real reasons behind it. There should be more hard questions at that forum, at least the government cannot accuse them as hitting off behind a keyboard. Good job to Seah for the hard truth.

  9. "..So, having said that, can I ..take one or two years off my NS?"

    Alamak Mr Seah...i'm afraid your ICTs might be "fixed" :)

  10. "Alamak Mr Seah...i'm afraid your ICTs might be fixed"
    sounds possible to being posted to a "white horse" platoon :)

  11. Wow lau...sat through 1/2 hr of "toture" and yet never show this part on t.v...WTF

  12. ..not shy to raise pay, very ignorant to say sorry, and unable to answer easy questions...

    what a loser....

  13. I'm glad he has been made to look like the
    bumbling idiot that he is. This is the world's
    highest paid leader by a mile and a half. Money
    well spent???

  14. to think that we always voted for pap.

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    read your post with great interest.
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  16. He clearly doesn't.
    To LHL, the Rights card is the same as Loyalty card. If you didn't vote PAP it means you didn't support NOT ONLY his party BUT ALSO his government!
    You see both are the same thing. It is very personal. And in the process, it changes the invisible rules of the game too. Something he didn't need to learn from Casinos. So since the voters did not play the right card, then he will just have to deal with the card that he's dealt with, period.

    You will always see what's wrong when you're right. But you will never see what's right when you're happy doing wrong.

  17. Hello Rachel,
    You.... How shall I put this? You're brick and mortar mainstream media, I'm a virtual cyber entity. Sorry, darling, I just can't see the compatibility. But thanks for wishing to contact me, it makes me feel so.... real.

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