Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gone In 35 Seconds

Sshh...quiet down, will ya? He's about to do a Marlon Brando impersonation of the Godfather, complete with stuffed cotton balls in the mouth.

Please do not assume that you can change governments.
(You) Young people don't understand this.
"Everybody knows that in my bag I have a hatchet, and a very sharp one. You take me on, I take my hatchet, we meet in the cul-de-sac".

How can we be late when we were in the hall before 12 o'clock?
Of course, we wuz robbed!

They may have submitted the forms on time, but that does not mean
the forms are accepted on time. In the Army , we call it
the hentak kaki maneuver.

Of course it was good strategy, at least they didn't reach for
the Vivian Balakrishnan bag of dirty tricks.

From zero to MP in 35 seconds, that's how the GRC system works!
That's the way, ah-ha, ah-ha, I like it!


  1. "From zero to MP in 35 seconds"

    Only in Singapore can it happen. This is really sick.

  2. GREAT to be doc in SIN Inc...some no need do N.S, some got notice of pay raise overnight after receiving a call

    1800-CALL DOC

  3. Tattler,
    I believe the Opp parties themselves did not field a team to take on the oldfart. The last ditch effort coming from an independent to gather a team suggests the Opp collectively agreed to leave the oldfart alone for the time being, i.e no point in fighting a dying man.

    I surmise the Opp knows the oldfart will be departing for his grave very soon, so his seat in parliament will become effort required by Opp you might say, saving tax-payers millions just on salary and pension! LOL

  4. PAP success = GRC system! How can we let this carry on? Come on, people, use your vote wisely! Vote for change! Vote for checks and balances!

  5. Vast majority of voters don’t attend election rally and seldom surf net. They prefer to watch TV and read Straits Times/Lianhe Zoabao.

    Most of them are not aware of those issues raised in the election rallies and your blog.

    How do oppositions find ways to reach these voters?

  6. Perhaps the opposition was waiting for a by-election, since the possibility of the old man expiring within his 5 year term is quite high?

  7. ahmad,

    two PAP MPs have passed away in recent years (Dr Balaji & Dr Ong Chit Chung), & PAP refused to hold any by-elections for their GRCs.

  8. agree with anon @11.20am
    the only chance of a by-election is when the APs take over as the new govt.

    nothing like giving MG(ret)Chan CS the opportunity to show all NSmsn in spore he can win without riding on the coattail of LKY.

    this general who speaks like a clown, hides in a GRC helmed by LKY, does not deserve an ounce of respect.

    so ahmad, let's do our part and hope the rest of our fellow sporeans give all APs a chance at this GE. cheers!