Monday, April 11, 2011

Sour Grapes

It started when Goh Chok Tong said that ideally, MPs should serve at least 3 terms, but with MPs who are ministers serving 4 to 6 terms, it was difficult to meet the party's renewal target. As a result, some MPs who served 3 terms or fewer would have to retire to make way for new candidates. So what is he implying? Good guys are let being go before their official retirement age, while deadwood are allowed to cruise on past their expiry date? Goh admitted that, despite its efforts, PAP has not been successful in getting people from the private sector. "We should have 1 to 2 people from the private sector in their 40s, then there's diversity," he said.

As Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng is a 6 term relic, going on 7, it was natural for him to go on the defensive. Although 9 of the 15 PAP candidates unveiled are from the public sector or labour movement, Wong insists Goh is wrong and claims diversity still can be found in the ruling party's line-up. Instead of facing up to the public versus private discrepancy, Wong attempetd to redefine diversity as people with different experiences. However, when he mouthed, "Certainly people from the private sector will play an important contribution. But when we choose people, they too must be willing to come in," Wong inadvertently confirmed what Goh revealed - the PAP cup of tea was a turn off for those in the private sector.

Lee Hsien Loong tried another angle in damage control by asserting that those in the private sector may not be able to adapt to the thinking and culture of the civil servants. Their contacts may also be different from those of the bureaucrats, or so he said. Sounds pretty much like the fox in the Aesop's Fable who was not able to reach the grapes and declared them to be sour, beguiling itself of its disappointment by saying, "The grapes are sour, and not ripe as I thought."

Meanwhile the opposition parties seem to be faring better in gathering the juicy fruit, and will probably be just as successful in producing new wine for the people.


  1. Serious people with values dont have time to be "yes men" or "yes women". They may however follow visionary leaders who provide a challenge.

    The current party in power is leaderless and run by a faceless impersonal force put together by Kuan Yew and global capitalism. LHL and those who surround him are not community leaders. LHL also does he have the ability to mobilize and command the respect of those in the private sector who may habour thoughts of serving in parliament.

  2. To admit that PAP has not been successful in getting people from the private sector is just putting it in a nice way of saying that smart arsses need not apply. You see, many of them tend to have independent minds of their own, a trait that is very much undesirable under PAP standards.

    On the other hand, bureaucrats and civil servants especially military officers nearing their use-by-expiry dates would make top running dogs for PAP. You only need their numbers, not their brains.

    Does it take a genius to figure out that if the disciple is too smart or cunning, will there be a need for the master ? Is it any wonder the Clown Prince admitted that even none of the current DPM are PM-material yet ?

  3. To PAP on their talent renewal I only have this to say -
    A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. Whatever the reasons/excuses/karma that the Party is unable to attract or retain talents, should not mean that my vote should naturally go to you as the party likes to give the impression of such a "dire needs" & importance to ensure smooth governance. In fact, I am adamant that to stress that the Party is NOT the government. So stop blending these two and create an illusion that you own Singapore, our nation and country. That is the reason why all the more votes should go to a strong alternative party who can come up with the A team. Especially when the old wines that comes from sour grapes are still old even if you try to put them in new bottles.

  4. Walau, most seem to buy the claim that indeed there are few talents willing to serve the little rock known as Singapore Inc. Then why is it suddenly there are so many Alternative Parties with candidates participating in the Impending Election?

    And if the Ruling Party is willing to take in those wishing or willing to contribute to nation building, where and how are they going to find vacancies for the kins, military personals and civil servants who are invariably of the Inner Circle; 'khaki-nang'(within the family) in local parlance?

    The BULLSHIT that Singapore is short of citizens willing to run for political offices to do nation building by the Incumbent Rulers is just hogwash. The many Alternative Parties Candidates including some Ex-PAP members is proof that the claimed 'unwillingness' to participate does not hold water. It is more likely that many wanting to participate in the Political Developments of the State have not been accepted as they may not be die-hard and blindly faithful to the PAP Style in administering Sin.


  5. another Aesop's fable appropriate to LHL aka Clown Prince, "the Ass in the lion's skin"

    an Ass putting on a lion's skin, amused himself by terrifying all the foolish animals until it started to bray

    i.e "clothes may disguise a fool, but his words will give him away"...sounds like our MIW?

  6. No, I don't get LHL. He is essentially mealy mouthed, as he has nothing to say.