Monday, April 25, 2011

War Without Words

Er, I think Seet Ai Mee said it was a pork seller, not fish-monger
PM Lee Hsien Loong told the voters yesterday that this General Election is not about winning the argument i.e. vote first, think later. That's a far cry from what his papa said at the Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum held on 31 January 2005, "There is nothing to prevent you from pushing your propaganda, to push your programme out either to the students or with the public at large... and if you can carry the ground, if you are right, you win. That's democracy. We're not preventing anybody" .

Still, it's an improvement over Ng Eng Hen alluding to the dire consequences of a freak election result; in party parlance that means an opposition win at the polls. Catherine Lim asked the rhetorical question once, "Suppose a freak election took place; what would the PAP do? Would MM send in the army?" Her query is not that facetious, given what the old man actually articulated, "Without the elected president and if there is a freak result, within two or three years, the army would have to come in and stop it." (Reuters, 16 Sep 2006)

Ng makes it blatantly plain, "Every election, it is never about just alternative voices in Parliament." Like the son, Ng rubbishes the proud historical moments of our once charismatic leader, "If we say we believe in democracy, if we say that the fabric of a democratic society in one which allows the free play of ideas, which avoids revolution by violence because revolution by peaceful methods of persuasion is allowed, then, in the names of all the gods we have in this country, give that free play a chance to work within the constitutional frame-work. If you do not, then you will face outright opposition, an armed revolt, and eventually an armed victory.  Then the whole social fabric of this society, will collapse." (Hansard, October 4, 1956, Lee Kuan Yew deploring the arrests of trade union and civic leaders)

It is no comfort that Ng, a non-military man, is rattling the sabers instead of his stethoscope. What more to expect from the prima donna generals in their ranks? Like that General Patton wannabe of a brigadier-general, strutting on stage like a North Korean demagogue, who says we won't last longer than the Langfang republic (which happened to be slightly longer than a HDB 99-year-lease). Hello, that was a bunch of coolies working the gold and tin mines of 18th century Borneo. If mighty Qing China could not repel the British Royal Naval warships dispatched by Lord Palmerston, did he really expect them to overwhelm the Dutch maritime command? No wonder PM Lee is asking the voters to stop listening to the crap.


  1. I almost fell off my chair when I watched the former Chief of Army talk. What a joker he is, looks like he cannot even pass to be the Chief of Security Guards. I am glad I was in the army during the days of Winston Choo and Ng Jui Peng. These two commanded respect and I am sure many soldiers back then felt the same way I do and would have given their lives fighting for the country. With BGs like this guy, the army has become a joke.

  2. me too!..but well, that was "General PATTERN" speaking...I lost my dentures laughing / listening to the high and mighty "l"ll staft it down your ass' talk as though the audience were K1 kids....Aloysius Wee

  3. That talk about sending in the army to "redress a freak election" is rather disturbing, and sounds 'threatening'. Does one expect to be able to trace all the people who voted for opposition, or those who forfeited their votes??? Again, this statement also implies that they assume they will be in power all the time till thy kingdom come. No empire in this world and no nation or country will last forever. That is in itself a red herring. The China of yesteryears is not the same as the China of today, and they are absolutely different in many ways; so are the European countries, and other Asian countries like Japan and Korea which have a long history of sovereignty.

  4. I was just wondering how "low" politics has stooped to. We have had people digging up a 27-year-old's histrionic gestures and fits of hyper-activity, like stamping her feet like a kid, shopaholic behavior, and her alleged 'private lives', given that she has this image and supposedly went on the trails of other senior politicians to enter politics. Now, we have someone claiming that the army could be brought in to silence dissent. Are we in North Korea or Burma?

  5. /// Like that General Patton wannabe of a brigadier-general, strutting on stage like a North Korean demagogue, who says we won't last longer than the Langfang republic (which happened to be slightly longer than a HDB 99-year-lease). ///

    Yo, don't anyhow say and demote our Major General to Brigadier General.

    Generally speaking, generals are generally speaking.

  6. When they lose the arguments, they say it is not about winning the argument.

    When they know they are going to get trounced this time round, they say 66% is a high percentage.

    Looks like they are preparing themselves for a poor show.

  7. Ya, generals are but just generals! Where else on earth would you find a 32-year old BG?

  8. The MG was touted as a potential successor and the eyes of the media was focused on his retirement and pending ascension to the political limelight.
    But when he started to speak,it was a big big letdown.
    I tell you any foot soldier would have carried himself with more grace and class than him.
    And this is the best the PAP could come up with?

  9. "Are we in North Korea or Burma?"

    Funny you asked this question. This is a country when a family has complete control in politics, finance and defense for half a century. I shall leave it at that.

  10. @Amused, I was not doubting your point. Of course I knew that too. But are we really going to have this so-called military junta situation? Honestly, if they could even do it, it would only and might lead to more than just dissatisfaction. Syria situation of mass protest, because people are bottled up too long and too hard? Well, I won't want to say anything. But yes, Francis Seow even said this about Singapore in his interview with American media.

  11. 'War without words'.

    Can it result in change
    without protest?


  12. When they used ISA to suppress dissent, they pretty much got away with it. They have been using lawsuits (but in Singapore only - Nair) to throw critics in jail ever since. And we are talking about minimum dissenting voices in Singapore. What will they do if the heat gets too hot to bear? It was LKY that suggested military coup in the first place. IMHO, these people are not going away that easily, because some of them surly deserve time in the cell.

  13. To all,

    We NSmen are proud citizens' army, not PAP's mercenary army. We fight for our nation, not the party. There is no way any paper general can command a citizens' army to fight its own citizens. So please don't worry and vote with full confidence. Thank you!

  14. Let's just put it in perspective. Voting and the right to decide our government for ourselves is our natural birthright. No one, not even anybody let alone some army general, can take that away with a threat.