Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pictures Paint A Thousand Words

The Straits Times is a “state newspaper”, says the Associated Press. The report was carried by Yahoo News Singapore. So what else is new? Day after day, copious articles are produced by partisan writers, who don't even bother to disguise their political slant. Pictures, however, paint a thousand different words.
Here are samples from this morning's rag:
A foretaste of Meet-The-People-Sessions to come
Parting is such sweet sorrow, even for Zorro
Growing older and accepting lower paying job
If you repeat the lie long enough.....
Spoken from the heart.  Thank you, citizen


  1. wonder if charles chong had the same expression as the one in the picture when he called sporeans "lesser mortals". or if he exudes the same friendliness at MPS.

    wonder what janil is looking guilty/embarrassed about.

  2. Hey; do not try to make them feel shameful, they never will shameful or guilty as all mankind without conscience are likely to be.


  3. the most beautiful picture is one that shows an overwhelming number of OPP candidates celebrating their victory at this GE, contrast by another picture of PAP scumbags booted out.