Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's All About The Money, Really

She is too young and innocent for the brawl of the hustings, so her minders ("handlers" may infer she's some kind of female dog, not nice) are teaching her to reach for the Party bag of dirty tricks. Specifically, the recent amendment to the Parliamentary Elections Act in March to include a penalty of a fine or jail term of up to 12 months, or both, for anyone who publishes false statements about the personal character or conduct of a candidate "for the purpose of affecting the return of any candidate." A good example would be labelling Tang Liang Hong (Chinese: 邓亮洪; pinyin: Dèng Liànghóng) as anti-Christian, a Chinese chauvinist, and a dangerous man during the epic Cheng San electoral battle of 1997.

Lee Kuan Yew has his own attitude about such niceties. One former detainee recalled that he had challenged the Prime Minister, to whom he had been quite close, for describing him in public as a communist while knowing full well he was not. Apparently, Lee's reply was a lame "You shouldn't be upset - that's politics". (James Minchin, "No Man Is An Island", pg 217)

More interesting is how Lee feels about the Internet "noise" referred to derogatorily by George Yeo, Lui Tuck Yew, Shanmugam et al. What's most illuminating about the following exchange on the subject in "Hard Truths" (pg 89-90) is that all those lawsuits against The Economist, International Herald Tribune etc, were motivated by monetary considerations:

Q: You talked earlier about how, you know, if the mainstream media continues to publish untruths you will go after them if it's libellous.
A: Yes, of course.

Q: But at the same time, what's already out there on the Internet is defamatory, far more damaging.
A: What's out on the Internet everybody knows can be utterly scurrilous and no action can be taken, because it's very difficult.

Q: Some of them are very open about their identity.
A: But they are worthless people, they've got no money. You take them on, you waste money and then what will you get in compensation? Nothing.

Q: But doesn't what they say chip away at the credibility and the integrity of government?
A: No, I don't think so. After a while people understand it's just rambling and ranting on the Internet.

Q: Precisely because people know the record of the PAP government, do you need to nail every lie to protect your reputation at all cost?
A: Put that question to the new leaders. I defended my position tooth and nail. I succeeded. I fought against the media in Singapore and internationally. I won because I've persuasive powers. I can speak to the people over the blather of the media. In a way, I'm like a local Ronald Reagan. And I deliver. When I say I'll do something, they know I'm going to do it. So when I say I'm going to fix that guy, he will be fixed. Let's make no bones about it. I carry my own hatchet. If you take liberties with me, I'll deal with you. I look after myself because when you enter a blind alley with the communists, only one person comes out alive and I have come out alive. So, I'm not afraid of going into an alley with anybody, let alone the foreign press. What can they do to me? Can they influence my votes? They can't.


  1. Wonder what the Chinese leaders think when/if they read these hard truths about communists. Or maybe they are not communists now in 2011 sense.

  2. I do know what to say:
    "Perfectly Arrogant Party shall fall perfectly"

  3. very nice and inspiring words from our "founding father". Sounds more like a chinatown thug. An absence of Mandela like class and decency.

  4. LKY can brag about his wins over the media in Spore and Internationally, BUT we should take note it was always on his homeground, i.e courtesy of spore's judicial system!

    In other words, LKY has yet to register an away win after nearly 5 decades... and in football terminology, not impressive at all!

    Next, LKY loves to brag about his past,
    suggesting some sort of bravery.
    But was he, really?

    To me, what is the point bragging about how he dealt with communists or making bold claims that he is armed with a hatchet or he is prepared to meet anyone in an alley...

    when in truth, he actually served the enemy occupying spore instead of fighting them.
    ps: something for all NSmen and their GFs to think about.

  5. Ah Fart enjoys bragging about all his "achievements" over his foes. But what has he actually achieved? NOTHING!!! All that he has ever done has been on done on an uneven playing field with EVERYTHING stacked on his side.
    Nothing to talk about really, less so to brag about. Don't even want to phui on him, waste of good saliva.

  6. I think he is a moral and physical coward. Take away his body guards and you see a lump of quivering jelly. Same with his son.

  7. Can I check, assuming that there was not amendment to the Act, would have existing laws suffice, such as those pertaining to defamation and libel?

  8. Is this a script from some B-rate movie?

  9. I cannot believe that he said that. That is basically no different from what some mafia from some gang would say, ie. gutter others who challenge him and his agenda. I guess perhaps it makes it more clearer to a discerning public and those who can read between the lines that he is definitely no real gentleman or hero at all. The saying in "Batman and the Dark Knight" goes, "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." We can witness for ourselves what he is.