Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Now A Word From The Sponsor

Cheering for the foreigners home team
The typical image of a cheerleader is a short skirted lass executing gymnastic moves and waving colourful poms-poms. Not a geriatric guided and steadied in his locomotion by a phalanx of security officers, at state expense. And since articulating distinctly to be understood  by an audience is becoming too much of a physical effort, he has to rouse the troops through the printed media via a "Statement from Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew".

Yes, we are mindful of the first generation of leaders of his contemporaries were men of integrity and high capabilities. Men like Goh Keng Swee and Lim Kim San, builders with a passion and a heart for the people.  But today's crop includes the degenerate Vivian Balakrishnan who delight to wallow in the mire of gutter politic, invoking both the religion and homophobic cards, and endangering the delicate fabric of civil society. Or the obstinate Mah Bow Tan who is laying the foundation for Singapore's own variant of sub-prime crisis, by committing future generations to indentured servitude for a 99-year lease. Lee was boasting about how he removed the right of seaside owners for compensation for loss of their foreshores so that the Government could reclaim land without high cost of compensating the owners of seaside properties. And not shackle the public housing programmes of Lim Kim San with prohibitive market rates. How things have changed.

Just how far capabilities of officers have fallen through the years is best illustrated by the complacency of Wong Kan Seng, who is crowing during his walkabouts that he won't be voted out because of letting a terrorist slip through the bathroom window. Similarly, swaggering generals with barely one year of military service at that rank are posturing like Montgomery at the Battle of El Alamein, with an out sized ego to match. They are cocky in the knowledge that the iron girdle of the GRC will be shielding from the electorate.

Lee claims they combed the whole of Singapore society to field candidates of proven character and high calibre. Then how did they miss Chen Show Mao and Nicole Seah, currently second most popular politician on Facebook, only falling behind Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew? Instead they scrapped the bottom with Janil "Putus Chinta" Puthucheary (a father's heart is a fragile thing) and a fool 'em all Stanchart executive. Right, we are not living in Disney World, not with people still being hanged and a presidential pardon that cannot save lives when it matters. A place where significant regrets of an aspiring politician include missing out on a trip to Sentosa's Universal Studios.

In the heat and dust of this election, Lee cajoles us, do not risk your assets, property values, job opportunities. Don't fret your 87-year old mind, with the misfiring neurons, voters will definitely be thinking about the orchestrated asset inflation, the mockery of subsidized housing by The Valuer, and all those jobs going to the favoured foreigners, when they march to the polls. But thanks for the reminder anyway.


  1. "... Nicole Seah, currently second most popular politician on Facebook, only falling behind Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew?"

    Who wants to wager that Nicole won't be the most popular politician on Facebook by the Polling day? 25,407 and counting...

  2. Never mind how popular a politician is and regardless of how many people supported this politician. The GRC system by the freak amended Constitution will ensure that this popular politician will never enter the parliament if he or she is not the chosen. Why? I could recall some time back one of my friendly MP has told me that they (including himself) are the chosen ones (by god?). I begin to understand the true meaning of his words.

  3. I hate to say it, but gutter politics still has a presence in this world, although it is disgusting and wrong. What happened during the US Presidential elections with McCain and Obama contesting? Wasn't it the conservative camp who tried using the Muslim crutch as a point of attack, by suggesting that Obama must be a Muslim because of his name and also family members who are Muslims? Although Obama took care to clarify that he is NOT Muslim, there are some Americans (and even Canadians up north) who still believe that Obama is Muslim regardless of all clarifications. Concerning what Vivian Balakrishnan is doing to suggest that Vijay from the SDP is "gay", even if he is not, he is playing part of a card in which people will believe firsthand what they hear even if it is a lie or untrue.

  4. i am inclined to think Chen Show Mao will attract the older voters while Nicole Seah likewise, the younger ones. i am very impressed with each individual and i cannot help thinking both of them can actually pass off as father and daughter...what a pleasant anti-dote to LKY and son, you might say!

    having said that, i hope Nicole Seah will inspire all the young ladies in spore to stand by our NSmen, give their votes to support them and help make a big difference to this GE.

  5. well..he got to walk over the finishing line once again..without lifting a finger. Just based on a stupid 35 milliseconds of technicality!