Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's All About Censorship

Even Archie is not spared
They disallowed the satellite dish for private installations because ownership will mean access to unfettered broadcasts from the skies. The advent of the internet made nonsense of their control of the air waves.  Still they are doing their darnedest best make sure we read, hear and see the right stuff.

Theatre educator T Sasitharan, former journalist Romen Bose and Yale-NUS College Professor Robin Hemley are upset with the the National Library Board (NLB) and said that they “cannot in good conscience” continue to be judges for the non-fiction category of the Singapore Literature Prize. Other prominent literary figures are boycotting NLB-related events such as the Singapore Writers’ Festival and talks organised by the NLB.

In a letter, the trio lamented that NLB’s move is “censorship that has no place in any free and democratic society”. The mainstream media preferred to pitch a battle between fundamental conservatives and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) crowd. It's the old Brit tactic of divide and rule, so that attention is diverted from the important abuses of our life savings. Gay or straight, all are affected by the mismanagement in housing, transportation, health care and employment issues. Add the continuing influx of foreign elements, and you can see the cauldron boiling over with a toxic mix.  Even Isetan now has a religious card in play.

Don't be seduced by Hri Kumar's contrarian position of poo-pooing NLB's pulping exercise. He is simply being realistic about the 26,000 votes that could come in handy during the next election. Censorship was always top priority for a political party hell bent on perpetuating their rule ad infinitum.


  1. Although I am not agreeable with same sex lifestyle, I think this NLB of ours is getting too far . As many have concluded, it must be a diversion tactics from the CPF/ Crowded Public Transport/ Un-affordable Public Housing / poor Medical Care facilities / Population Issues.
    Just as the many sex scandals /prosecutions that drag on and on plus the CHC long running trial apparently were engineered to add to the Headlines of the MSM, this latest self-righteous move unfortunately do not sit well with many. Even those who do not agree with such alternative lifestyles !

  2. /// Don't be seduced by Hri Kumar's contrarian position of poo-pooing NLB's pulping exercise. He is simply being realistic about the 26,000 votes that could come in handy during the next election. ///

    I just don't like PAPigs.
    New PAPigs like Hri Kumar or
    old PAPigs like Tommy Koh.

    They don't get to keep their positions for so long without their loyalty being tested many times over the years.

  3. "According to the Records of the Grand Historian, after Qin Shi Huangdi, the first emperor of China, unified China in 221 BC, his chancellor Li Si suggested suppressing intellectual discourse to unify thought and political opinion. This was justified by accusations that the intelligentsia sang false praise and raised dissent through libel."

    As usual .... PAP government learns from best practices.

  4. If we let these books corrupt the young minds what else shall condone? We can never be too careful. For example, there is this book entitled "Send Harry To The Moon". Could be subversive or seditious in this little fiefdom. So we read it. Thank goodness the author did not say anything about OUR HARRY. We cannot let our guard down.

  5. The comic book "Archie: The Married Life Book Three" has been banned by the MDA for "its depiction of the same-sex marriage of two characters". The MDA added: "The Publications Consultative Panel, which comprises a cross-section of (28 members from) Singapore society, was consulted. Its members advised that the theme of the comic was not in line with social norms and is in breach of existing content guidelines." "We will be reviewing the book in light of MDA's decision," said a spokesman (for the NLB).

    Hey, are the MDA and the NLB fellow conspirators in the crusade against the LGBT community? Isn't this discrimination, favouring the so called views and values of the conservative crowd? What are social norms - are these defined by the anti-gay bigots? Is rape, murder, pedophile, etc..., not against social norms? Why are these books in the NLB then? Eventually every publication or film with a smattering of gay content will be banned because they are objectionable to one corner of our community. Even penguins are not spared. I am not pro or anti gay, but are we regressing to the dark ages?

  6. They should ban the 2000-year old fiction dealing with rapes, killing of first-borns, incests, murders, resurrection etc.,etc. Surely this is pulp fiction and should be pulped?

  7. Hey are they going to close our borders and shut out the outside world? We will become Commies not Archies.

  8. On second thought, pulp fiction should not be banned just because they are pulp fiction. But the killing of first-borns is surely not pro-family and should therefore be banned and pulped if the NLB believes in its own drivel.

  9. A second line in the sand has been drawn... very clearly too.

    This is where the battle begins.

    Are we ready for it?

    Do we have plan B?

  10. Off topic.
    Revealing debate between PAP Internet brigade and annonymous blogger about ownership of HDB flats at:

  11. Let's hope all these displeasure with the NLB will translate into voting against the PAP. Singaporeans have no other choice but to act fast.

  12. I doubt many of the baby boom cohort (but outside of the top 20% of gezillionaires) who are due to "get" their CPF (less the minimum sum which is entirely dependent on inflation rates in the next few years, less interests owed for withdrawing for housing and education, less Medisave premiums, less....oops there is nothing left to withdraw at age 55!! wtf) would be very interested in NLB censorship. But I must admit they have planted some really good red herrings every now and then to divert attention when it gets too hot. And there are plenty of red herrings eg COE (divide the haves and have nots) seems to be the next judging by the number of headlines in the MSM.

  13. For God's sake it is only a comic, not even gay porn. And why didn't they ban Internet when much more worse things can be available 24 hours at the click of a button!

    Which University did the MDA head come from, Taleban Christian University is it? Aren't these bigots merely deceiving themselves & everybody with their stupid tactics?

  14. You'll find that most Christians who form the silent majority draw the line at kids. We're concerned about material that are shown on kid's tv, or books for kids. Do we want a free-for-all with kids? Let's get the basic policy right - are we saying that there should be no censorship where kids are concerned?

    1. That's where parents come in...? Too used to the government doing the parenting job for you?

      Censoring material does not make it go away and in the end children will find a way (e.g., the internet) to get this material on their own without anyone's notice.

      Isn't it more sensible to guide children when reading these books rather than entice them further by censoring it and creating the 'forbidden fruit' attraction effect?

    2. How about putting these books in a separate section which requires parent's to be around?

      How about a PG rating, or NC13?

      Why only Christians? You think Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists and Martians don't care bout their kids?

      And how do you conclude that Christians form the silent majority? First they are not the majority in Singapore. And second, they are not silent. Go ask Lawrence Khong and his ilk.

  15. If you mention the mole on your face, people will notice it.
    But if you just leave it be, people will ignore it.

    And you live happily ever after...