Monday, June 2, 2014

War Over

Google translate: Pinoy, Free and Responsible New Hero 
The mainstream media reported on Tuesday (27 May) that the Pilipino Independence Day Council of Singapore (PIDCS) decided to cancel the celebration of the Philippines’ 116th Independence Day altogether for this year, "owing to difficulties in getting alternative locations" for the event. That's pure bull.

The real reason is that their stubborn insistence to convene the 8 June happening  at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza Singapore was rejected by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) due to “public order and safety issues”. With the horrors of the Little India fiasco still fresh on their minds, the SPF has learnt a lesson or two. Our nice policemen did try to helpfully suggest holding the big bash at other places, such as Suntec City or Hong Lim Park, which they did make do with in 2011 & 2013 (Hong Lim) and 2012 (Suntec). Last we heard, the anti-pink party planned for the Padang was not shifted to either venue.

The PIDCS organisers probably thought that with the ringing endorsement of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (‘bigots’ and ‘trolls’) and Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin ('repulsive'), the SPF would surely cave in to their demands. Sorry, guys, this is Singapore, not the Philippines. They may have marched down Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) and disrupted the main traffic artery in Metro Manila, but we have laws against illegal gatherings exceeding 5 in number, which happened to be revised to 1 person not too long ago. Yes, Virginia, a single person can be deemed an illegal assembly according to the law in Singapore.

Curiously, the actual date of the Philippine independence day is a subject of contention. It was President Diosdado Macapagal who signed the executive order Republic Act No. 4166 in August 1964 that "moved" the Philippines's independence day from 4 July 1946 to 12 June 1898, the year when General Emilio Aguinaldo declared Philippine "independence" over the dead bodies of Katipunan founder, Andres Bonifacio, his brothers and their followers. Aguinaldo's goons murdered these freedom fighters who founded the Katipunan secret society of Filipino rebels on July 7, 1892 to fight the Spanish colonization. 1946 was the year when the Philippine-American War ended, and the US granted independence to the Philippines on 4 July 1946 through the Treaty of Manila.

So there's nothing really special about 8 June that warrants kicking a fuss over. It's just another occasion for people like West Coast GRC Member of Parliament Arthur Fong to castigate Singaporeans and canonise the Philippines I-Day event as a “shot across the bow” that should “prompt Singaporeans to examine themselves”. And remind us of his party's pro-alien sympathies.


  1. So that was the banner image put up by the PIDCS.
    The organisers must have thought Singapore was a Sulu sultanate not too long in the distant past. Looks like they have all intention to declare independence over our sovereign land. And the biggest idiot in Singapore actually scolded us without bothering with the facts. This PM deserves to be sacked.

  2. Yes, Pinky and TCJ deserve to be voted out by sinkees in the next election for not checking the facts that PIDCS has not submit their application to hold the I.dep. celebration and that later SPF not approved the permit, proved the people is right regarding security and order matters.

  3. Frankly if the Indians here are not even given an official public holiday to celebrate Thaipusam, why would the Pinoys think they should be entitled to celebrate their Independence Day anywhere anyhow here?

    Then what about newly minted Pinoy Singaporeans are prevented to participate or not ? Whose loyalty should they belong Aquino or LHL?

    As what the Hen Minister once said , it is not as simple as the Govt taking the CPF monies for GIC/Temasek to invest. The returns is simply not the same returns for CPF members. But why can't it be as simple as that, they all refused to give us an honest explanation? Which is why it takes a brave man like Roy question them and ends up being sued?

    1. Not Indians celebrate Thaipusam, it’s Hindus.
      Indians refers to a racial grouping while Hindus are those which belongs to Hinduism albeit mostly all are Indians by race.

  4. Surprised no one picked by Lim Kay Soon's letter to the G's propaganda pages (aka Shitty Times) detailing how local PMETs were driven to become structurally unemployed by the PAP's pro-alien policy. People who still do not understand that pro-aliens policies are the root cause of falling productivity, rising housing costs, rising income inequality by artificially enriching the employers/elites and the total destruction of our manufacturing competitiveness, should read Australia Business Spectator's short and sharp critic of same (but far smaller scale) pro-alien policies in Australia here:

  5. The pinoys, india's indians, prc chinese would not have pose a problem if PM Lee and his goons in the first place did not covertly enforce their reckless immigration policy. The overall mess created has angered many true blue Singaporeans and is evolving into hatred when they have to deal with an incompetent government but also one that is in denial. With the way this current situation is heading, I am inclined to believe the general sentiment is "we are already at War with anything that is PAP".

    1. Conquer and divide. Even eunuchs can form a powerful cliquesto fight the emperor's supposed enemies. Most chinese emperor resort to this strategy to delay the inevitable downfall.

      There is another reason, historical why old fart and papigs aspire to an 8m or 10m population. Like the shanghainese once said, old fart is a small-town mayor aspiring to be emperor. How to justify million dollar salaries if their biggest challenge is hawker centre cleaning and stopping the trains from being vandalized?

    2. The war is not over, not by a long shot. Until we can claim back this country and reverse the mindless immigration policies. This will be a protracted affair, because the clown prince has dug in his heels:

      "Speaking to ministers and mayors from around the world, Mr Lee said urbanisation is moving at an unprecedented pace."

      "Singapore is developing itself as a liveable and sustainable city, and at the same time learning from other cities to improve the lives of its people, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the opening of the World Cities Summit on Sunday."

  6. Probably someone thought can emulate the father....get 2 disparate groups of people to fight against each other than that 1 group to fight him....since the idea is the 2 groups to fight till weaken and then can be stomp on....problem with that is if one group win, more times than not they take down the idiot in the end for doing that...many historical precedents has shown how this palmed out in the end...idiot does not know or refusing to accept the facts that those you continue to "pay" for loyalty will continue to keep paying and even pay more for loyalty....problem here is when the loyalty out-strips the cost of maintaining such self serving greedy loyalists....

    Interesting know....idiot will always remain idiot till the solar system sun go supernova...zzzz

  7. The following are 18 compelling reasons why the Philippines suck, and why they are so despised and hated all around the world:


    (1) For P50, the Filipino’s vote can be bought.

    (2) For P500, the Filipino can have someone assassinated; just look at all those murderers loose on motorbikes.

    (3) Tsimays literally go after White Americans, have themselves impregnated, go to the States, and speak in broken English, thinking that they look like Whites themselves.

    (4) Filipinos always ask to be “treated” to lunch or dinner.

    (5) Wherever there is free food, you will find a large congregation of Filipinos, especially those from the slum areas.

    (6) The Filipino wants to borrow money; if someone refuses, they immediately badmouth the person.

    (7) Try collecting debt from someone who owes you, and you will end up either being the “vile” person, or you’ll get yourself killed.

    (8) Look at all the Filipino shows; their jokes are corny.

    (9) Is it a wonder if Filipinos born abroad hides the fact that they come from a Filipino lineage ? Lots of them in the US.

    (10) Filipinos are copycats; cannot get good ideas on their own. Lots of your TV shows are actually copied from either Asian or American shows.

    (11) Filipinos are fond of asking for alms; go to any church and you’ll see lots of beggars lining up on the streets.

    (12) Filipinos are always embroiled in controversy; remember the Nursing Licensure exams, or whatever that was where the answer was leaked ? Shame on you !

    (13) Look at Filipino politics! Dynasties abound !

    (14) Whenever a male foreigner marries a Filipino woman / maid, can you see her entire FAMILY tagging along, being fed by the foreigner ? Poor chap ! From the parents to the aunts to the 3rd or 4th degree cousins … they all live under one roof … poor foreigner.

    (15) Tagalogs hate the Visayans and those from the south, while the Visayans call those from Manila Imperialists.

    (16) Look at your senators and congressmen! TV personality Loren Legarda, action star Lito Lapid, and a host of other people who basically don’t have half the brains to do their jobs ? heh !

    (17) Apo Hiking Society has a song “American Junk.” They basically castigated the Americans. Yet they applied for visas to hold a concert in Las Vegas ? Goodness, how thick could you get !

    (18) Your leftist groups, like Gabriela, always takes to the streets chanting anti-American slogans! Yet for all you know, the aid coming from America is in millions of dollars helping your economy stand on it’s feet. Ingrates!

    Need we say more???

    1. are you sure you're a singaporean or a self-loathing filipino ?

    2. For simplicity, there are 2 categories of singaporeans. And I reckon he /she belongs to the category that calls a spade a spade.

      Thinking aloud, perhaps a simple ASEAN experiment starting with 1 million PAP supporters exchanging places with 1 million filipinos for 1 year or more.
      I am pretty sure majority of filipinos and 40 % singaporeans will welcome this type of foreign exchange. In fact I believe many singaporeans will gladly sponsor a one way ticket by air or ship for their countrymen and even cough out additional money to do the same for the filipinos.
      Having said, this ASEAN experiment can continue with Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. Of course it may not have to be 1 million exchange of citizens, just 200,000 is reasonable when you consider so many countries involved. This experiment over time will verify whether the huge presence of filipinos will make each ASEAN member a much better place overall. What do you think?

  8. Why are these aliens so warmly welcomed by the establishment? Is it because they are a source of cheap and compliant labourers? What do you reckon?

  9. Arthur Fong looks every inch a 'kay ang mo'. Wonder where his loyalty is?.