Friday, September 4, 2015

Behold Thy Alternate Voices

Associate Professor Daniel Goh's opening remarks:
"Good evening voters.
In 2011, many of you supported our call to move Singapore towards a First World Parliament and sent seven elected Workers' Party Members to Parliament. WE have seen the result. Today, we have a more responsive goovernment that is more sensitive to the struggle struggles of the people. We have seen policy changes responding to the needs of Singaporeans. But the journey towards a First World Parliament has only just begun. We cannot let our guard down now."

And here's the rest of his message:
We must continue our journey to protect our future and the future of our children. To protect our future, you have to further entrench your power and your rights in Parliament.
You need to take charge of your future, but this is not possible if we have an imbalanced Parliament with an overwhelming majority of ruling party MPs.
This election is a landmark election in the new era in Singapore.
Our formula for success in the last 50 years was to allow the ruling party to monopolise power, to exercise control over every aspect of our society, and set the direction for us. This was largely based on the mentality  that we only have a small talent pool that could lead Singapore. But times have changed. Our talent pool has vastly expanded through education and exposure. Many talented Singaporeans today excel in their own fields. However, our enterprises struggle to take off in the global arena and our workers struggle with productivity.
This is not for lack of talent, but because Singapoeans are not empowered to seize our future for ourselves.
For Singapore to become an outstanding smart nation in the next 50 years, we must build and nutrure confident professional, business and people sectors unfettered by unhealthy political monopoly. To do this, people must be able to think out of the box; people should be able to express themselves freely and debate issues within known limits as a multi-racial and multi-religious society. People must also feel secure and be assured of their rights against unreasonable and disproportionate actions from the Government and political leaders.
We have the opportunity now with the General Election to take that step to become such an outstanding nation. We can empower ourselves through a Parliament that truly represents the diversity of Singapore society for our future as a nation.
We are the masters of Singapore.
Our political leaders should serve us and facilitate empowerment of the people, not encourage subservience and groupthink. You have to decide whether having more ruling party MPS resulting in an imbalanced Parliament is in the best interest of the future of Singapore and your children.
Your vote is a signal to the ruling party that it cannot do what it wants without taking you seriously. It will signal to what extent the ruling party can deprive you of your power to participate in the policy-making process in the name of acting in your best interest.
Before 2011, the ruling party cruised along with policies that led to escalating cost of living, employment and retirement insecurity, and strained infrastructure due to runaway immigration. Your vote changed the course, but change for a better future is only just beginning.
Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world, but Singaporeans still feel stressed and disempowered at every stage of our lives. This is not right. The Government is planning for a 6.9 million population to solve the problems at hand. This is heading towards the wrong course. We have to change this.
Your vote is your power.
Use it to empower yourself.
We understand that to exercise the power of your vote, you need to have an alternative party deserving of your support. The Workers' Party is your credible choice. We are a rational, responsible and respectable party. We do not oppose for the sake of opposing and take a balanced approach in politics. We have worked hard to offer a a slate of capable candidates, balanced between seniority and youth, experience and idealism, but all united in seeking the empowerment of Singaporeans.
You can empower yourself to make decisions for your own future. Vote Workers' Party. Empower your future. Good night.


  1. Why did PAP hide the fact that they are planning such an important 6.9m Popoulation White Paper 6.9m during the last election ? Remember this White Paper came so soon just after that infamous apology ? And also why they did the completely honest PM never told us that they are going to revoke our right to withdraw our fill CPF savings when we reach 55?

    Now people are questioning what the f**k was that apology for if he was not going to be suncere with us Singaporeans?

    Now what more surprises are they going to announce later after winning this election again? That the 6.9m will be uplifted to 9.9m as according to that retired planner Liu Thai Ker's wish?

    Do we want to be fooled by PAP again?

    1. Go ask Ms Sim ANn who had a role in this PWP and her heart in this too! East Coast voters should go ask Lim Swee Say how his MOM role is going to solve the unsolvable 2/3 conundrum! Why else is she selling health care and hospital plan at rally instead of Khaw?
      Why is he not addressing the monstrous white elephant in this house that is in disarray ? Instead the PM came up with another Frankenstein unicorn to create another myth to divert people to chase the wrong rainbow?! Why are east Coast voters NOT asking these questions to LIM SS ? this is a national urgency and and issue that impacts everyone!

    2. Maybe East Coast Voters have not seen their living space intruded adversely with more population in their faces yet..but once it happens...too late liao...get use to living with 6.9m people then....zzzz


      LSS or Gan has no weight compared to Mr Paul Tambyah! I would love to see him and Dr Chee gets into the parliament on this key issues urgently,with fresh ideas to offer the aged populace.

      Is despicable minions like Sim Ann and Lawrence Wong who feel they need to dredge up some decades old inter-party disputes of the bygone era where is no even relevant to young voters, on the pretext of the respectable CST!

      Political reshufflement within parties are common. There is no such things as permanent friends and foes. Why dont these PAP minions go look into their own founder LKY backyards and count how many dead, exiled and expelled party members that horrible man has left behind his long machievialian trail? What did he to his own party comrades like Lim Chin Siong? What audacity they have?!

      You think Nelson Mandela didn't do anything less desirable before he even redeemed himself on a worldwide stage? Who are these strawberry nation leaders who wants everything neatly carved out and presented to them on a silver plate? Only arrogant aristocrat feels entitled that their brains and degrees alone can earned them their seats in the parliament! Your party has ruined 30+ years of a man reborn and has done enough damage to him already. Those journalists who still aided and harp about the past are indeed living in the ghosts of their past master who remains ashes.

      Wake up and see the irony in your fake and pretentious "no one is left behind"!

      Just because you are still standing and ruling in the Parliament, doesn't mean you can get away with everything. Those words of integrity and transparency? Is coming back to bite you ...real soon.

    4. //Maybe East Coast Voters have not seen their living space intruded adversely//
      Isn't the East Coast condominiums dominated by North Indians from India who don't speak Tamil? LKY mentioned this "expatriates in enclaves" in his hard Truth book. Maybe the HDB dwellers don't get to walk into the private housing estates to find out.

    5. To anon 2:59pm

      Yes. They too busy with their bread and butter issues that PAP is extremely good at creating to keep them busy with ;-)

      ex-NTUC and now MOM Chief should be easy to win votes from these cheap foreign workers and skilled PMEs which this Minister Midas have a magic wand for "cheaperer, betterer and fasterest" workers. In fact, many has become new citizens.
      If PAP wins this GRC, it goes to show the native sinkies are already over taken by the 2/3 new citizens liao.

      These places include :
      Melville Park, Changi Rise, Amber Road, Amber Gardens, Meyer Road, Tanjong Rhu, Makena, Aquarius by the Park etc

      Melville Park, Changi Rise, Amber Road, Amber Gardens, Meyer Road, Tanjong Rhu

    6. PAP has freely provided assentors to the new citizen cum independent candidate Mr Samir to compete in Bt Batok than let local born and bred and man of iron like Dr Chee run for election.

      You can't make this thing up.

    7. The idea of having 2 local assentors is to ensure the candidate has some local support in the constituency he is seeking election.
      If this candidate does not has his own assentors he should be disqualified. It is wrong for another party to use its own supporters as assentors for its political rival. The party so helped will be beholden to its helper. Just like new citizen are beholden to the prevailing party
      ELD kept mum because the arrangement favours its political master.

  2. PWP was passed in parliament only 2013 at start of new year that angered everyone not too long ago, and AFTER GE2011. Have the people forgotten that? Did they buy into their " facts and reasons"?

    Why does a govt that claimed it planned 10/15 years ahead could come up with such a tardy PWP where the stark reality that is on table ton the people is "a no other choice" last resort?

    77 aye : 13 nay.

    You still think 28 -40 seats for the opposition is a lot?
    You still buy into their fear mongering about gridlock or freak election?!
    Then you perhaps are no difference from those third world country electorate who didn't evolve and knew better. Either overly brainwashed or overly naive to toy with our children and their future for the short term tamchiak or greediness.

  3. Was at the WP rally last night.
    Many credible proposals and awesome new team from them.
    If 7 are mouse in parliament, then send in 28 tigers lah!!
    Please help make LHL wish come through.

    1. Govt wants to give me FT to give spurs to our hide.
      So we also give them fierce competition lah.

      Govt wants to give me 2/3 core including PRs.
      So we also give them 2/3 core including NCMP lah.

      Good for the goose and gander.

  4. We don't need 28 tigers in parliament. 28 mice will be just right to tackle him, for now.

    1. Oh no!

      With so many co-drivers, better stay awake liao.

      Otherwise face will become swollen swollen and red red like tomatoes.

    2. //Maybe East Coast Voters have not seen their living space intruded adversely with more population in their faces yet.//

      Then they are indeed blind which I'll be surprised.
      Changi Biz Park has become the common joke in town as the new Chennai Biz Park.
      Simei town now is filled with many India-origin new PMEs all working near and around the IT companies that have relocated there.
      Not to mention Tanjong Rhu and even famous are some private condos who housed up to 60-80% of tenants!

      I supposed you can still wake up and walk around like a dead zombie and not fully aware.

      I supposed many in east coast maybe also have few 2nd or 3rd properties and thus encourage these sort of passive rental-seeking mentality to want to be jolt out of their unsustainable path.
      Only they and their conscience know lah.

      But look at the Parliament track many times did Jessica speak up on issues and attend house? When you have a full time MD job at Microsoft, where got time for that 16k only allowance? You know how many cardboards aunties and uncles can live on that 16k per month?

  5. Ah Hen said PAP words carry alot of weight wor...their salaries too bodoh.

    1. Ah Hen think he is an intellect...lah par understand...what is the farking use of being intelligent if one has no real wisdom that matters in the real world and to many real people...zzz

    2. NEH's statement is another worrying trend that he is implicitly implying that Civil Service will only heed PAP's MPs words and suggestions on policies charting. In another word, we won't just be looking at PA and RC/CCC, we are possibly looking at the Civil Servants being usurped and controlled by the powerful PAP which will only continue to monopolise and corrupt its entrenchment.

      So what's next in General Election?
      Today Teo Ser Luck campaigned and said the durian is no "bao-chiak". In other words, the carrots they dangled out to residents about hawker, post child care centers and Sengkang Central etc are CONDITIONED that you vote for PAP!!!! Wah lau eh, why don't the people just tell them to put the URA master planner to come and run the PM office lah, KNN!!! So by GE2010 they will say they can only change and correct those BAD awful wrong policies that they put in place ONLY if you vote for them? Otherwise, those Civil Servants or PS won't be taking their orders from alternative opposition parties?!!

      WTF and KNN!!! You want to vote for this kind of gangsters?

      Is that the start of a Najib's type of goverment we want?

    3. On Hen's hint abt civil service being white, he is quite correct, and I think by now, LTK, SL and Co have felt the full impact working not just against the politicians but also an entire ministries, not just MND. Of course civil servants shud not play politics, but LTK, who had been around for over 2 decades as MP, must be the first to tell you that things have changed drastically since GE2011, it is clearly now a totally white civil service and to change its colour will be require changing the national colour too.

  6. Professor Michael Barr is right on his money.

    PAP looks forward to its past 50 years..yada yada yada

    MIW are bereft of ideas and those words from Opposition Leaders is a long list of humanity against crimes they have committed. The only broken records still playing is fear mongering for fear sake because it fears losing seats.

    1. "The bottom line is that Lee Hsien Loong is no Lee Kuan Yew. As he draws attention to “his” government’s fifty-year record of achievement, he had better hope that people do not interrogate the comparison between himself and his father too closely. No doubt, such thoughts have already struck many of his colleagues in cabinet."

    2. People forgot during the eulogy what the brothers told everyone about the meaning of their names.
      Ultimately means 显名声 扬父母.
      Is to praise and make the parents name shine.

      It didn't say it is about the peasants/citizens. IF so, it would have been 显民声 扬父母

      See the difference? Tio bo?

  7. Speaking of Alternative Voices.
    I think Singaporeans should invite this guy to do a documentary on Lee Kuan Yew.

    Alex Gibney explains why his Steve Jobs documentary may cause you to put down your iPhone for good

    In the film he shows Jobs as a marketing genius who revolutionized the personal computer and then made us addicted to mobile devices.
    But behind the scenes Gibney paints him as a maniacal task master who ruled by intimidation and mind games.
    In one instance, while giving the exit interview to one top employee leaving Apple, Jobs gave him a “Godfather”-like speech promising him he’d be hunted down if he took any other Apple employees (or in Jobs’ words, “his family”) with him.

    And Jobs wasn’t any better in his personal life.
    The film highlights that in the early days of Apple Jobs repeatedly denied being the father of his daughter Lisa.
    Then, when a DNA test proved he was the father, he only paid $500-a-month in child support.

    “I didn’t want to do the official bio pic of Steve Jobs,” said Gibney.
    “In fact, just the opposite. I never really made a film like this before where you sort of go in and wonder.”

    1. You over flattered LKY and equate him to Steve Jobs.
      LKY is nothing but an infrastructure and concrete builders, on the back of labor exploitation through our early pioneers and coolies. At least I'll give him credit for taking us to first world all in fast span of 50 years because he needed to prove to all his nemesis he can do it and leave a legacy to claim all the credits to himself and clan. His all means justify all ends is an approach even a donkey like Kim Jong Il and Son can replicate. ie. nuclear weapon are the answers to security. Is the same set of values that let people to exploiting planet and led you to a patriachal position that is all done for your own good and interests, trust me!

      To say that a new govt/PAP can take them beyond
      SG100 or next 10-15 years? Is nice isn't it? When one has so much confidence that they can start counting the chickens and berating the rooster, while taking the herd of sheeps for a nice wool-shed and lamp chops on the farm table.

    2. Another Jobs story, maybe it will remind you of the great leader and the fate of some his former comrades. Maybe that is what they meant by integrity, sincerity....

      In 1973, Jobs was working for Atari (btw if you have used an Atari or Commodore, you are welcome to add yr comments) and received a challenge from his boss to cut the number of chips on an Atari board. He would receive a bonus of $100 for every chip Jobs make redundant. Jobs knew next to zilt on hardware, and asked Woz to help, agreeing to split the bonus. Finally Woz removed 50 chips from the board. Atari paid Jobs in full, but Jobs only gave $350 to Woz. Here, read it on Wiki.

      Manipulation and backstabbing of fellow comrades, traits of a great leader.

    3. Life is too short to be kiasu, kiasi and kiagui!!

      As a small child growing up, all I know and see how LKY destroyed and dehumanised his peers from JB jeyaratnam, Devan Nair , Francis Seow to Tang liang Hong and later Chee Soon Juan, I think he and his party are nothing but a bunch of insecured and power hungry know it all pricks! Put yourself I their shoes, you would have done the same and turn to international agencies or media to get your voices heard. The compliant and coward media and journalists all,corroborated and contributed to the state of our democratic setback, and also civic and social maturation. You ended up breeding generation of porlumpars and sycophants! What we will soon have is little fiefdoms being run by little emperors. I don't need these kinds of leaders to be a role models for our children! vote them out.

  8. Please Vote OPPOSITION
    We need a 2/3 pro Singaporean core in parliament.

  9. Ramming through the population white paper (6.9 million) in 2013, against the objections of the people, was probably one of Ah Loong's biggest mistake. He was too arrogant and cocky and thought he could run roughshod over the people. Now, 2 years later, the cock has come home to roost. Let him have a big thumping at the polls to show him to listen and respect the people's wishes.

    crocks from the Cock:
    "PAP has kept all its promises"
    “Singapore belongs to all of us”
    "Look at what PAP has done the last 50 years for the people"

  10. If I hear another stupid questions coming from PAP asking "who is going to pay? where's the money coming from?" to ANY suggestions Opposition proposed. I have the following constructive ideas : -

    - Ever wonder how we pay for the highest ministers' pay?

    - Take from YOG budget?

    - Save on ND fireworks, less lavish parades, fun packs?

    - Buy less few missiles? Cut budget for lavish toys?

    - Give less foreign scholarships? $400 million!

    - Stop naming and rebranding projects for frivolous buildings/parks?

    - Less management fees charged by Temasek or GIC on pension funds management? [*$8 billion admin write off?!!]

    - slash budgets for wasteful advertising by all the various Ministries ?

    - Stop your frivolous allowances for PA an grassroots activities

    - Start taxing estate death duty?

    Hello, is your job as ruling govt to find where to tighten the belts when the grounds are already tightened!

    Bloody wake up lah..we didn't pay you millions to sleep on the job.

    1. Reduce the defence budget.
      - Ask the PAP government how much they have spent on our new F-35 SG plane
      - the plane that can't even win a dogfight against the old F-16.

      Why Singapore Wants the F-35

    2. Unlike other countries, there is no oversight committee in Singapore to check how many millions Ng Eng Heng has wasted on the F35 development. Similarly, there was no check on Mah Bow Tan when he paid the brand consultancy company Interbrand $400,000 to come up with a new name for Marina Bay. And the new name turned out to be Marina Bay. With friends like Ng Eng Hen and Mah Bow Tan, no wonder there are limitless opportunities for gross profiteering.

  11. Many incumbents talked at length about trust.

    How many sinkies actually trust the incumbents after the various policies that screwed sinkies badly such as leg opened big big floodgates, huge inflation in non-labour costs such as galloping rental increases leading to unbearably high COL for most sinkies, generously spending and sponsoring foreign students for everything and reserving 25% of limited university places for them ..... etc etc?

    Dunno whether these "obscenely paid gluttons" are seriously disconnected from realities or just simply trying to stake their claims on high moral grounds to pull wools over sinkies eyes?

  12. UUUHHH their claim is we NEED all these foreigners. otherwise spore will collapse, we all wont have jobs. some of us will become maids -- and I guess cardboard collectors too, and not for exercise or fun -- in other countries.

    not sure how we managed and soared before, without all the foreigners.

    funny thing is that with all the foreigners, the country Is collapsing, we are losing our jobs and we are becoming ''maids'', but in our own country.

  13. "It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."

    Joseph Stalin