Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Someone Must Be Feeling Invincible

“You must separate your public political position from your private business or professional interests,” Lee Hsien Loong thought he had made it plain. “You must not exploit your public position as Government MPs, your close contacts with the Ministers, or your access to government departments and civil servants, for your personal business interest or the benefit of your employers."

That didn't stop People's Action Party (PAP) member of parliament (MP) specifically in-charge of Nee Soon South, Lee Bee Wah, from her company being awarded the contract to provide Civil and Structural engineering services for the Khatib Court development located within Lee’s constituency.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) had warned that getai performances are “strictly not allowed before, during or after election rallies,” as stipulated under the Public Order (Election Meetings) Regulations 2009.

That didn't stop the PAP MP from being introduced as a PAP candidate for Nee Soon GRC at a 4 September Seventh Month Festival event, with the emcee openly asking the audience to support Lee at the ballot box and vote for her.

This is the same Lee Bee Wah who had falsely alleged that Workers’ Party (WP) supporters mislead elderly residents about how to vote, and uploaded her own graphic of a ballot paper with her Nee Soon GRC team on it with explicit instructions to boot. “Look at this drawing: You should draw a cross next to the party you want to vote for,” she inscribed. Too bad the Facebook posting was not done on "cooling off" day.

Defending her stage time with the getai hotties, Lee stated that she is familiar with political campaigning rules. “Of course I know what the rules are, what I can or cannot do … I’m just supporting the community group in my constituency, as I’ve always done — does this mean that during General Election time I can’t support them?” Thanks to vigilant members of the community, a police report had been lodged about the cameo appearance, and the court gets to decide who is the law in Singapore. The big assumption here is that our SPF boys are responsible, accountable and transparent, and ever ready to respond to reports of infringement of the laws of the land. And not unduly obssessed by the rantings of 16 year olds.


  1. When it rains in ancient times, the emperors also got wet ......

    The law of nature and natural justice supposedly apply to all ....?

    No one country multiple standards of laws of nature and justice ....?

  2. She is not the only ones. I saw pictures of pasir ris Team also showed up and yum seng with host there?!

    Got a feeling there will be one of those semantics reading just like the polling station distance.

  3. //does this mean that during General Election time I can’t support them?//

    Clearly invincible! Which part does she NOT know that she cannot or what else is election rules for, spelled clearly?! She didn't suspend it yet blatantly said just because I always do in the past doesn't mean I should stop this time right?!

    Hello, who asked your boss to have election during the ghost month?! she must think she can safely take cover behind A powerful law minister perhaps...

  4. /// No guarantee PAP will be in govt after polls: Khaw ///

    Oh??? Wouldn't that be great? You can then retire peacefully in JB. Or balik kampong to Penang.

    1. They only know how to instil fear into voters...same old tactics. There is a long 12 point fear manifesto in sms messages going viral to haze Shawn the Sheep into voting for PAP. Those brainwashed are taking the, hook line and sinker.

    2. You mean whatsapp? Today LHL at CBD rally tells his supporter to spam more and make it go viral. we need a new emoticon with rolleyes** so to stop more stupidity from spreading.

      He said don't fall for charisma and vote wrongly. Hello, his posters plastered everywhere as if he is the most charismatic symbol that people must vote leh?

  5. /// No guarantee PAP will be in govt after polls: Khaw ///

    Oh??? Wouldn't that be great? You can then retire peacefully in JB. Or balik kampong to Penang.

    1. Another shameless kiasu fear mongering by ST on behalf of its master. Cleverly inserted next to the upcoming SDP Dr Chee's rally. what polls? Even australian and bloomberg papers know better that we will still be stuck with PAP.

      This is clearly a party that does not want to empower people's choices. They clearly want to put fear inside people's head/heart.

  6. PAP always make the people tulan (pissed off) with them. How to vote for PAP? Until now frankly I still don't think they have been completely honest with us especially with our CPF savings? Their stand has always been we don't need to know the details as long as they give us 5~6% returns. And this kind of return is only recent. What happened to those returns skimmed off when we were paid around 2.5% So is it because they know they can't fool us any longer with a simple explanation like "it is not as simple as taking our CPF savings for GIC/Temasek to invest and pay us our rightful entitlement" that they recently uplifted by a few % points.

    Remember they have conveniently avoid the truth that when GIC/Temasek loses big time everytime they gamble with our savings, the losses are still borne by all Singaporeans and none is borne by the husband and wife team or yhe cabinet Ministers. The husband and wife team still continues to enjoy their millions year in and year out. And yet they have the cheek to tell us they can't reveal to us the details because otherwise it will be open to speculation if their investments are made public. Is this not another half-truth to begin with? Why is it then that it is the colussal losses are always announced by foreign media but none are even reported by any responsible local media? Why does the PAP behave as if they have everything to hide just like the rascal PM up north?

    Is it not time that we send a message to PAP that we will not tolerate any more feeble excuses? Afterall it is you greedy PAP Ministers asking to be paid the world's highest political salaries for managing our little red dot!!! Some more dared to curse about other people's profitability in doing similar work?

  7. Vivi Bala said Oppo only knows how to stir anger, jealousy, class division etc.

    Instead he should ask himself, if his so called wonderful party were doing such a great job that they have been trumpeting non stop, why would there be any ill feelings to start with? As he said on stage "we SHOULD be happy" !!

    Can the party dictate and tell people how to feel or react naturally? They feel those things is it because there were unhappiness, inequality , unfairness, neglect etc?

    PAP doesn't stab its mentor because they only stab their equals and peers. In LKYs world, there is NO mentor for him. He is the chosen one. There are only threats to be removed...history has plenty of body counts for people to see.
    His son and his party seem to have inherit this fine tradition. "politics" are to be fixed instead of a continual, organic work in progress. If only he spent as much time and energy to kill mosquitoes as he did trying to squash human flies.

    1. PAP wanted to be my "father" so they can be paternalistic and control what is good/bad for me, and deprive me of my civil rights and other trade offs.

      Now PAP wants to be my loving "spouse" and take care of me, so CPF money can remain in his/her purse-strings?

      Mai-la Mai-la. I can empower and look after myself as long as you return me my money so that I don't have to beg you for my money!! Doesn't it make more sense bodoh?

  8. What do you think that the haze has to be come in the midst of our election means? Is that an omen to show us what life will be like after PAP triumphs under LHL's government again?

    What do you think the man who suffered a heart attack and died when Koh Poh Koon showed up at the walk about? Another omen?

    What do you think the NE line broke down again this morning despite its very so called "good track records"? It was making loads of profits and have good governance award too..but what happened after the CEO was fired and COI conducted? What were the root problems detected?

    Are these all good signs?

    What about past signs in the last 4 years?
    - Little India Riot
    - Bus Drivers Protest
    - NSEW trains major disruption
    - Continual Zero productivity rate
    - PMETs losing jobs and unreported unemployment
    - Cost of living especially HDBs still costly
    - Inequality gap high and low income struggling
    - Bullying tactics in grass roots against Opposition wards
    - Civil Service is still non-partisan servants for the people?
    - Still good leadership? Is SG ready for an Indian PM?
    - More Yes men from Military to strengthen more group-think?

    That track record they once and keep touting is a broken record.

    1. If you think of track record, just think of SMRT, and you will vote the right way.

      And frankly,I'm so tired of them feeling so invincible that they always boast their past performance and say "Voter for Nokia, Nokia Nokia!!!

      We move on liao lah, is iPhone and androids Samsung and more....

  9. A PAP rally at the hungry ghost festival celebrations? Yes, Lee Bee Wah can support the community in their seventh month event, by being present and not going on stage "with the emcee openly asking the audience to support Lee at the ballot box and vote for her". But you can excuse her, because she needs all the support she can get, including that of the just departed horrible person. They all do!

    1. To really invoke the horrible person's ghost to help her, she can bid for the "oh kim", a miniature altar with a piece of charcoal inside, the most coveted item in their auction. Then she can burn it one year later. Not against the law to do this, I think.

  10. "No guarantee PAP will be in government after polls:"
    Khaw Boon Wan


    So fuck off already.
    Take your millions and just shut the fuck up.

  11. 榴莲包吃吗?
    The title really summarizes the mood in the miw camp and grassroots. Heard lhl's lunchtime rally speech - same as the National Day rally except shorter - no crocodile tear needed this time? We shall see...

    1. All the cheerleaders are bussed in from AMK. The cheers and claps are all choreographed and there are oldies and children even! Compared that to SDP's rally from Dr Chee, the claps were genuinely heartfelt from the working supporters.

      That's the difference between the MIW camp and others. They live in their own bubbles that seriously needed to be pricked.

    2. Well said. This made belive wayang only make one feel good but bear no results. I bet the Ministers and MPs were not aware of these staged supporters. Remembered Mou in his hey days, many that cheers and cried were not on their free will. When one watched the Dear Leader's funeral, which tear is genuine?

    3. Emperor with no clothes.

      Just because you don’t wear white, it does not mean you shouldn’t be white or needn’t be white.”//

      How about Just because you wear white, doesn't mean you are whiter than white!

      Does the IMF do audit account on national reserves?Does the CPIB do audit checks on SWF too? Does AGO have all the deep skills for forensic investigating on GIC/ Temasek ? Who knows and who else that is independent can vouch for it? Even Freddie Mae insurance and AIA insurance is not guaranteed by states. Why should I trust you, the only and absolute power to the party state without verifying? what makes you infallible? Or your team for that matter? And because there are a lot of "brainy" so called smart people, the propensity for them to "outsmart" within closed doors and commit crimes is even higher! Just look at those smart bankers and what they have repeatedly done Without detection until is all too late! Hearing a political dictator preaching about morality is like hearing a prostitute preaching for chastity.

  12. The People's Action Party's new candidates have not impressed me.
    In spite of the mainstream media insisting that the bulk of them are from the private sector this time, a slightly-closer inspection reveals that a good number (if not most) of them are grassroots leaders, party activists, civil servants or military leaders.
    In short, cut from the same cloth. And those cut from the same cloth are at most likely to display only shades of the same color, never a different color. Despite Minister Ng Eng Hen saying that the PAP "is a broad church" that wants "diverse perspectives".
    They appear more intent on convincing us that they will be great social workers, rather than good parliamentarians. Those that have spoken have largely not impressed, particularly Chee Hong Tat and his convenient dialect u-turn and schoolyard fist pumps. Those that have not spoken appear content to cruise under the radar, holding onto coat tails. If, as Minister Ng further said, "about one-third of the fresh faces could eventually become office holders", it is even more worrying.
    In contrast, I see an intriguing, well-qualified, new line-up fielded by The Workers' Party (and Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)).
    Professors, a magic circle firm Cambridge-educated lawyer, a university sociologist, an Oxford-educated ex-civil servant high-flier. People who impress with fresh ideas (even if you may not agree with some of such ideas or the details thereof), charisma and passion.
    In short, people of the paper calibre that the PAP would fall over itself to attract. People that the PAP used to attract.
    A system is only as good as the people who inherit the running of it. If Singapore is a corporation and we are all shareholders, we should all know the basic rule of investing, that past performance is no guarantee of future results. We are choosing a government based on its promise for the future, not its preoccupation with the past.
    And on the above bases, if you are in a relevant constituency, I think the choice is quite clear.

  13. LOL...LHL said vote in more oppo to make PAP work harder defy common sense! IT should be the other way round!?!!

    He must have conveniently forgotten how his dead father have used this on us the last 20-30 years about putting hides on singaporeans because they dont strive harder now. Isn't that what he and GCT been relentlessly doing the last 10 years?

    Apparently, with the aristocrat prince, the same rules doesn't apply. They need to play to a different set of rules that they dictate.

    Quite frankly, I cannot stand the sights of these newer candidates Tan Wu Meng, Chee Hong Tat and that Victor Lye...but of course, they will be coming in throught the back door.

    People like Ng, OYK , KPK etc are already the Ministers" calibre that are parked in the "safe seats/wards" and almost guaranteed an entry into Parliament. The rest are redundant foot soldiers, 10 more or less makes no difference to the people.

  14. Hao Lian Rooster9/08/2015 3:35 PM

    The people agree that we don't need a PAP(only) government because civil service will continue to function, with or without PAP. Because that is the real and true signs of what continuity of a strong nation hood is about.

    To say Singapore will be finished if WP (insert party name) ever forms the government is like a hao-lian rooster proclaims that the Sun will not rise anymore because it stops crowing.

    Methinks LHL needs to eat more humble pie.

    1. Pompous Aristocrats Party is back in shape and form.
      All fiery sound and contempt are back.

      At the rate we are going for the opposition, MIW will keep singing the 55 years or 100 yes broken record because their system is designed to tear worthy opponents down.

      LHL should have agree that ruining reputation is temporary, but character-assassination is permanent tactics. The Same DNA is unchangeable.

      This is the party that dictate to us to read the right thing. To hear the right thing. To vote the right party. To choose the right leader. Outside of them, everything/everyone is wrong. This sort of extreme false dichotomy is dangerous and Singaporeans will be far poorer because of them.

    2. Beh tahan. Ah Loong and his Eunuchs, talking up a storm about their honesty, competence, sincerity, delivery and other bullshit, and brushing everyone else with one stroke as dangerous, dishonest, charlatans, Singapore finished, etc. The proof is in the pudding lah, not in just rhetoric and broad statements. Attacking their opponents and not their ideas....the last resort of a desperate party bereft of ideas, only able to dangle carrots. Sad that statesmanship and civility are wanting in Ah Loong especially, but demonstrated by Chee Soon Juan, the one demonised by them for years, and called a "political failure" by Kee Chiu (the rookie politician). VTO.

  15. It's time for a change of government.
    I've just about had enough.
    I don't think I can bear the thought of another 5 years of PAP's nonsense.

    1. Yup, we need to peg down their arrogance and cockiness by a notch or two, especially those who think they are natural aristocrats and are owed a right to rule.

    2. I cannot believe the stupidity of the many PAP supporters that they're unconditionally giving up their individual rights over how their CPF savings will be managed.

  16. Let's "spur " loa goa the way they "spurred sinkies in the hides like porcupine " .....

  17. Living under lao goa's this how lian rooster 14 years shadow ( 1990 to 2004 ) was arguably a torment for many people.

    The vibes are so suffocating.

    His dinosaur era had gone extinct loong ago ......

  18. Old man called sinkies daft and it is unlikely to be forgotten.

    This lao goa called sinkies worst names which old man would not even think of ......

    Lao Goa is one "Extra Sick Mouse --- ESM "

  19. This is the time when tears start to flow. Learn your lesson. Do not be fooled by weeping candidates at rallies.

  20. Ha ha ha

    Few days back one sinkie was overhead talking in a coffeeshop and that he had a very "shiok dream", he said many, many times more "shiok" than his childhood puberty wet dream.

    He dreamt lao goa was standing on one end of a see-saw in a playground in MP and from the sky a "Heavenly Gigantic HAMMER" landed on the other end of the see-saw. In his dream, he said the impact was so real and forceful like an earthquake it sent lao goa right into the sky and disappear into the atmosphere. He said that when he woke up he was still smiling and his wife asked him why he was so "happy" in his dream and was heard cheering away? He added that subsequently when he went to urinate in the toilet, he realised he actually "came" inside his sleeping pants. Subconsciously in many sinkies, lao goa could be intensely resented by many of them .....

  21. Last few days, when on the streets, many sinkies faces were quite red and looked "swollen" ....... ?

    Wow ...... what happened?

    Too many face palms? Sinkies got worried and face palm-ed countless times when some 7th month-dressing speakers keep telling them they will "care for sinkies", they are "concerned for sinkies" ........ aiyo ...... not shy? Skin like crocodile skin arh? These type of words also dare to utter out? Omg! No wonder so many sinkies face palm-ed until face so red and kind of "swollen " ........?

  22. According to the Chinese almanac ( calendar ), Fri is a very bad day .......

    Foul mood, tension, anger, bad luck stars, frustration ......

    There is a Chinese saying: " 天时,地利,人和 " 。。。。。。 The first condition already went kaput .....

  23. Mb this is the ghost month ......

    On some stages in this ghost month, unless the eye are playing tricks, why are there so many ghost-like people speaking on the stage ......?

    Or the ghost month "guests" are really speaking on stage ..... No wonder the messages are sounded so "ghostly and ghastly " when spoken by those in ghost-like attires ......

  24. Sinkies have been treated like dafts for too long!

    1. 21 years old and above are supposed to be the legal age and sinkies will be held accountable for any alleged infringement.

    2. At 20+, 30+, even 40+ sinkies are encouraged to tie the knot and start a family.

    3. At such age, sinkies are entrusted with huge responsibilities especially bringing babies into this world and nurture and bring them up as responsible adults over 20+ years from day one with arguably about one million sgd spent per child over that period.

    4. Sinkies are entrusted with such heavy responsibilities of raising kids at age 20+ and 30+.

    5. That's where the WARPED LOGIC lies!

    6. At age 55, suddenly sinkies cannot be trusted anymore, in particular with theif CPF savings? Why? Does it makes sense?

    7. Give 10 good reasons why sinkies must accept and believe this utter nonsense!

  25. Over the years, sinkies are told to bear with everything ramped down their throats in exchange for stability in the economics prospects of their livelihoods.

    When even these are taken away, the last thread holding the remaining trust and hope of sinkies is broken.

    Jobs at middle age are gone, CPF at 55 cannot withdraw, everything ramped down must follow blindly and without question when those presenting the path forward often hardly sound credible, not mentioning their top-down and arrogant disposition. Not many sinkies can indefinitely take all these without any vehement resentment and objection. When one party is too much and unreasonable for far too long, they become irrelevant and not welcome to be part of the equation anymore. There is no open ended chance for anybody in life. In the end, a leopard cannot change its spots. For better or worst, sinkies are being forced. If anything goes wrong subsequently, the people who initially screwed up sinkies lives are the first at fault of letting such incompetence and screwed up take place.

    1. How to trust anyone who has taken away other people's livelihoods?

      Even if they temporarily ( pretend ) to be a leopard without spots, they can ( and will ) revert back to their old habit anytime and inflict harm to sinkies again.

      Trust is like a mirror. Once broken, don't delude oneself there is ever a way to fully glue it back.

  26. According to the Chinese almanac, Aug ( 甲申 ) and Sept 2015 ( 乙酉 ) is a period of great stress, confrontation, disagreement, deep anguish and indignation.

    Many people will be in a state of flux and a sense of disequilibrium.

    A great need to act. To right the wrongs. To engender a new beginning. .....

  27. Last night WP's rally @ Aljunied is so infectious that one can feel the support is still for them despite PAP's wild allegations. If you listened to what LTK & SL have said regarding the despicable things that PAP has done to Aljunued GRC immediately after they lost the 2011 GE, I think Kee Chiu ought to give himself a tight slap for claiming that they all serve with a pure heart.

    How can any person with a pure heart do such despicable things ? It is a real shame that the horrible son can be such a disgrace to his father just like the prodical son Up North is such a disgrace to his respected father!!!!

  28. "It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."

    Joseph Stalin

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