Wednesday, September 9, 2015

With Friends Like These

Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen at Toa Payoh Stadium rally was asking the crowd who protects Singapore if the defence budget is cut. He cited external threats linked to extremism and radicalised individuals from Malaysia and Indonesia who have gone to Iraq and Syria to fight for Islamic State militants. What he left out were the big mouths who provoke our neighbours and endanger our small nation through their careless tongues. Thinks of the millions saved if these jokers would just learn to zip their lips:

Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam at a Singapore Press Club forum on 27 Aug :
"Their biggest problem is education because they have not integrated their schools. Politically the Chinese MCA wants to maintain control of the population by having Chinese schools. So they take the Chinese out of the mainstream schools, the kids don't integrate. The Malays are in mainstream schools which are becoming more and more Malay and Islamic, which discourages the Chinese from getting into schools. So from a very early age you keep the Malay and Chinese populations apart, how do you integrate them later?"

Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say at a campaign rally on 3 Sep:
"Then in 1965, Singapore and Malaysia separated, because Mr Lee Kuan Yew wanted a nation regardless of language, regardless of race – one that is equal.
So we can’t stay in Malaysia, as the tenet of Malaysia is: Malaysia belongs to the Malays. So we had no choice, we could only separate. So I am thinking, if we didn’t separate in 1965, today you and I would be Malaysians, ‘heng’ (lucky) ah."

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the UOB Plaza lUnchtime rally on 8 Sep:
"Whenever there's haze blowing to us or to Malaysia, somebody in Indonesia will say 'these people are so ungrateful, (for) 11 months we supply them fresh air, never charge for oxygen. One month haze already so unhappy'."

So far only the toothpicker raider has been reproached publicly. Malaysia’s MIC leader, Datuk R. Ramanan, called Lim an “idiot”:
"Lim is a minister who behaves like an idiot. Singapore should be embarrassed for having a cabinet minister like him.
I understand you want to be patriotic but you do not have to throw insults at your neighbour. It does not bode well (for a nation) to have ministers such as him.
If Lim wants to talk about luck, the manpower minister should feel fortunate that there are so many Malaysians working in Singapore and paying taxes to the island republic. Do you not feel lucky about that?"

MCA central committee member Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon added that Mr Lim’s ill remarks were uncalled for especially since both countries have been working toward a better bilateral relationship in recent years. Shanmugam and Lee didn't exactly help in fostering neighbouring ties either.


  1. In reply to Mr Sham.
    Before he critique about MY integration, did he look in his backyard to see how new adult PRs and Foreigners are not Integrated or have they their own enclaves?

  2. Whenever there's opposition seats in parliament PAP will say 'these voters are so ungrateful, (for) 50 years we supply them good life and wealth. 80 super majority seats already so unhappy'.

  3. I read with an incredulous alarm that recently an old man got lost hiking in the thick jungle of reservoir. It took 200 officers !! and 2 days before they could locate and retrieve him!

    After the major bungling of Mas Selamat, Little India riots and now this simple search and rescue, I believe the complacency is now a systemic issue. And can you throw more money to solve this problems?

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha

      In economics, they say when you have monopoly or minimal check and balance or no contestation in the market place, X-INEFFICIENCY is the inevitable outcome.

      There is no or hardly any incentive to be efficiency. Human nature. Thus, competitions are created to overcome this human weakness in their nature to better all societies. Look at North Korea, where there is no diversity or alternatives. The whole society is stuck in the doldrums in all dimensions.

    2. "...And can you throw more money to solve this problems? "

      Sure!... its YOUR money!
      does not matter if the problem is solved.

    3. Typo @ 8.44pm

      Should be " no incentive to be efficient "

    4. old man called police, still they cannot ask his telco to triangulate the signals to find him? and what happened to the home team's high tech snooping gadgets? really alarming groupthink, now you know why they need to spend those tens of billions on defence~ their IQ drop 50% when they join the civil service, like early man never used a match before to start fire, so need money to buy alot of fire flies lor!

    5. I recall that politicians, ( at home and away ) businessmen... always state that Singapore is very small?...can drive from 1 end to the other in 40 mins?

      So happy to know that " get lost!" is achievable.

  4. "It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."

    Joseph Stalin

  5. Dr Tan Cheng Bock attended SDP rallies and went forward to shake hands with Dr Chee Soon Juan.

    The 1/3 Singaporeans who voted for Dr Tan Cheng Bock in the Presidential elections, it's time to follow the heart of Dr Tan Cheng Bock.

  6. TP friends, you want Tan Cheng Bock to run for President and be elected into the Istana?

    Keep Tan Jee Say occupied in Parliament.

    Capture 2 birds with 1 stone.

  7. Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say at a campaign rally on 3 Sep:

    At the same rally, before he badmouth Malaysia, he bad mouthed China. If Lim Siah Sway's father had not taken a boat from China to come to Singapore, he would be a China Chinese - heng ah!

    Sway ah! He has just offended 1.4 billion people.

    And this motor-mouth is singled out for praise in the National Day Rally.

    Upturn the downturn
    Cheaper, Faster, Better
    Better, Betterer, Betterest
    Wah, feel so happy and rich when looking at my CPF statements.

    I am glad PM is going to make him the Transport Minister (a big IF provided he's voted in) - heng ah!

    1. In the next 4 years, he will have plenty of time to "self-reflect" like his fellow MP (maybe ex-MP soon) Baey recommended, and kneel down in front of Sun Xu the prc scholar to apologise, what do you think?

  8. "..."The results speak for themselves. This is what the PAP would like to do with you, if you give us the chance," he said."

    Chance?.. might as well take a chance with others.. no difference since its a chance. You had yours... more than once I might add.

    Housing, education, transport, medical, cpf... all "not easy to solve"... now thats really interesting. What in the world have you been doing the last 50 years?

    Together?.. community?, everyone?.. except the opposition?
    Thats interesting too.

  9. Mr Toothpick our friend? With a friend like this, we need to build up our defence and guard our interests. Vote in more Opposition to protect us, to protect our jobs, against this friend of businesses, foreigners, of the rich. It's now or never, folks. The bookies are saying that maybe 13 seats will go to the Opposition, that's all. We need at least 30 to break the 2/3 PAP majority.

    1. Ah Loong our friend? With more friends like this, our country will be flooded with foreigners, because he said this country belongs to everyone, and opened the floodgate wide wide. So vote for wisely.

    2. The Shan our friend? We are supposed to have rule of law, but more and more it is rule by their law. Be prepared for more laws that suppress our freedom. Even 16 year olds can be charged under adult laws, and you cannot protest against them without running foul of their laws. This is the last chance to vote to protect our freedom of expression.

  10. Hope the results will be so wonderful to force them to spend the next 4yrs repenting.

    Repent for making Singapore citizens suffer overcrowding, high costs of living, frustrations of having plans messed up with delayed CPF withdrawal age, stiffer competition in the workplace and more cheaper, faster, 'betterer'
    foreign trash to fight against.

    The great deceptive lie of Swiss standard of living!!

  11. During an online election debate hosted by sociopolitical site Inconvenient Questions, Shanmugan discussed the success of the Workfare scheme, introduced in 2007, as a programme where the government tops up the wages of low-income earners.

    “Workfare goes up to S$1,900 today. In Malaysia, a starting lawyer gets RM2,500. (So) Workfare covers up to RM5,700 in Malaysia,” he told panellists.

    The subtle, and sometimes not so, inferences that Singapore’s leaders make about the country’s prosperity and safety had in the past worked to convince its people of the effectiveness of their government.

    - See more at:

    Quirky facts about our elections.

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