Saturday, September 5, 2015

Minimum Wage

In his attempt to explain why the People’s Action Party (PAP) opted for the Workfare scheme rather than a minimum wage, it is clear why the Social and Family Development Minister Tan Chuan-Jin actually thought collecting cardboard boxes under the heat of the tropical sun is a healthy exercise for our senior citizens. They must be having a blast now that the haze is on, with the 24-hr Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) hovering at the 82-94 range.

The Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) Scheme, like all pseudo help government contrived programmes, makes one jump through many hoops, before you get to see the real cash. Some requirements posted on their website:
  • - must be 35 years old or above on 31 December of the work year;
  • - must work at least two months in a three-month period;
  • - must earn an average gross monthly income of not more than $1,900 for the period worked;
  • - must live in a property with annual value of not more than $13,000 assessed as at 31 December of the preceding year.

So the student who tries to pay his way through school will continue to be exploited by working at a fast food joint for $500. Even if he's desperate enough to collect the WIS handout, he has to first labour for 2 months at slave wages. And if he happens to be staying with his retiree parents in a nice house, he is disincentivized from taking on a part time job to help with the bills. Minimum wage has no such artificial constraints.

So what happens to the employer who refuse to pay the minimum wage? These are the same folks who typically ask their $500 employee whether they want a paycheck with or without CPF deduction to avoid the compulsory contribution. They march to the friendly neighbourhood PAP MP and threaten to close shop and wreck the economy. And dummies like Tan will fall for it hook, line and sinker.

“These companies may not be prepared to pay that wage level. We've seen that happening in other countries,” Tan claimed. Please name those countries at your next rally, first world types preferred.


  1. /// So what happens to the employer who refuse to pay the minimum wage?
    These are the same folks who typically ask their $500 employee whether they want a paycheck with or without CPF deduction to avoid the compulsory contribution.
    They march to the friendly neighbourhood PAP MP and threaten to close shop and wreck the economy. ///

    If I were a Minister.
    And an employer/business owner said this to me.
    I will take down his details.
    And I will make sure that no police will respond to any crime committed against him.

    I will refuse to accept any payment from him for municipal and government services.
    And since he is not paying, his rubbish bins at his home will not be emptied.
    His taps will run dry.
    His toilets will not flush.
    His children will not be attending any government schools, poly or universities.
    He will be boycotted and blacklisted by all government agencies.

    We don't need such people in Singapore.
    If he repents, he can appeal to me after one year.

    1. Well said.

      If I were the minister, I will dictate the rules, and if you want to do business in my country, you follow my rules...

      When things happen the other way round (i.e. when other people set rules for me), I have to really do a lot of soul searching to see what has gone wrong with my country.

  2. PMI 2.5 is 158 red alert!!
    We need Vivi the millionaire Minister to be the courier boy to i
    Indonesia again.
    Is time for masks attack people! Don't leave home without it.

    1. What's in the envelope?
      Enquiring minds want to know.

  3. I don't for once believe PAP version of "help" or social services. They come with onerous requirements, ie 14 layers of kuey lapis layer to go through. And even then, they are probably one off assistance here and there. Just ask them how many have they distributed? When paper general kee Chiu was there, he like LSS refuse to set the poverty line. Since you refuse to set it, you theoretically don't exists. If this group don't exists and aren't identified, who or how can help get to them on a consistent basis? Who is tracking the results and proving these people have subsequently made good under the schemes? There is no data and this is a perinial mystery or black hole remains unsolved. Just want they like it. Opaqueness and denial of its existence.

    1. " I don't for once believe PAP version of "help" or social services. They come with onerous requirements, ie 14 layers of kuey lapis layer to go through. "

      That's why I am voting Opposition.
      An Opposition government will improve the productivity of all these PAP social services.
      And I don't have to waste my time jumping through 14 layers of PAP bureaucracy.

      We pay million dollar salaries to the PAP Millionaires.
      And what do they do?
      They create even more layers of government.

      Truly an expensive, bloated and incompetent government.

    2. 好哭老鼠假慈大悲

      They would demand minimum wages in millions for themselves but deny the needy ones a decent living wages. Chan Chun Sing sings the tune that the poor don't need money, they just need your care and concern. That's like saying ah peks don't need your money , just your cardboards. ah ma didn't need your money just your care and concern to buy their tissues

      Why do we need so many paper generals for? .


      That's what happens when our votes actually help put more of theirs same kinds into parliament.

      When you have out of touch MPs talking about everyone has cars and XO chai taokway, and then hear someone like CSJ who has to forgo Haagen Dazs ice cream for his children after they stripped off his job and deprived his family financial dignity, he remain stoic and a stayer.

      The people should touch their hearts and ask wealthy but uncorrupted PAP MPs like Vivian if he will serve if he lose his seat this GE. Or they can let him prove his sincerity to be the stayer in his constituency like George Yeo and his team.

    4. GOH OUT! And empower yourself Marine paraders.

      BALA kampong! And put SDP voices in parliament!

      The same PAP Teams in these two constitutions and parliaments will just be the same old status quo. Nothing good or fresh is going to come out from them. On the contrary, your vote goes towards enriching their pockets and CPF statement, plus their very well padded pension funds. They will have plenty of GLCs and cushy jobs waiting for them.

      But for the two oppositin candidates with a very strong slates here, there is no money or prestigious jobs waiting for them if they lose. But if they win a seat in the parliament, they can add to better ideas, strong relook at policies that failed, and better outcome for our diversity!

      It doesn't risk singapore stability, only improve our resilience.

      Fear for fear sake no longer frighten Singaporeans.

    5. The PAP say a lot. They are good character, got principles, they are honest, they are sincere, they want to help you, they have heart, they keep their promises, got track record, the opposition are bad want to plunder, without PAP we die, all sorts of things. All say only lah. Don't get seduced by words. If so good, how come got people like Teh Cheang Wan, Phey Yew Kok, Michael Palmer, Choo Wee Khiang etc....? The people don't trust them anymore lah. Also the people don't like bullies, name calling, suing and bankrupting people, jailing kids, use the ISA for politics, playing dirty. See, Hougang people never forgive them, and this mood has spread. The more you try to fix someone, the more angry people get. No use to gerrymandeer, tilt the playing field, pass laws to shut people up, offer goodies, praise yourself, build all the parks and gardens, airport terminals, Marina Bay, etc.... They say they keep their promises. No lah, they keep the promises they make to themselves, in their plans, not what people want. Like voting the PWP, opening leg to foreigners, changing CPF rules, paying themselves millions, helping their cronies, building all the shopping centres and fancy stuff..... Now they promise to turn Paya Lebar Airbase into houses and more shopping centres...for their plans to bring in more people. You think good ah? Like snake chasing own tail. They promised to bulldoze Bukit Brown, Bidadari and many others for the same reason, until no more trees and land left. So when all these are done, they have kept their promises, right? Maybe they promise (to themselves) to raise the GST, but don't say now lah, because got election. A lot of people suffer you know, money no enough to pay for house, hospital (hospital bed no enough), children education, everything so expensive. Now even cannot own car. Don't talk about so many foreigners, overcrowding everywhere, old people doing menial work. So many problems, but they say everything fine and dandy because they are the best. They say no need opposition in Parliament, they can check themselves. Can believe? Ok, I stop here. Last word. I admit the PAP got do some good things, but must also say the bad. If they don't say, someone must tell them, right?

  4. I'm beginning to understand how their playbook is.

    Anything they announced during NDR (not much is new) we just take...many don't even apply or help me at all as a single.

    Anything they announce during GE2015' we can only take or enjoy IF we vote for them. Many will be nice to have but is not critically necessary. Even if some are, they saying that URA will not roll out these master plans which were part of the govt plans?

    Anything they don't announce or say explicitly, is subject to go ahead/ increase/carried out. Like GST increase, TPP and CECA trade pacts, medishield Life plan that is another compulsory way to take more money from my retirement funds and 6.9m etc..

  5. With WP trying hard to deflect the town council issues, the alternatives are losing their way as the rallies go on. That means the incumbents are dictating the agenda like town council management etc etc

    I thought the way to win for alternatives less established than WP is to stop the PAP to keep talking about past or only about a new hawker centre, a new playground etc. The stance most people undecided wants to see is how alternatives can challenge incumbents in parliament. And best way to challenge them is to corner them to commit to future national policies after GE2015. Then you see the true colours: ask: after GE 2015, after GE2015: will there be a revised "PWP", will there be another GST hike, will they follow up with the 1.9% reduction in bus fares next time oil price go down, or what is next year's FT quota, will the CPF minimum sum be tweaked again, if they care for Singaporeans will they, like WP MPs, donate their salaries? .... So far, I think PAP is dictating the agenda quite well.

  6. One middle age man told the candidates doing campaigning at Tampines that PAP only know how to bully the ah pek and ah po. PAP also knows how to make the people to pay and pay. The guy was almost shouting and he seemed extremely unhappy.


      Who wouldn't ? I'm less concerned about young pple not getting minimal wage but more worried about elderly having to exercise 5hours for $800 and still have to support a mute sister equally old as her.

      When SDPs Paul made the speech tonight at commonwealth that Singaporeans don't depend on the govt for anything, the roaring crowd cheered and clapped in agreement with him!!! LOUD and CLEAR to everyone except the deaf frogs in PAP.

  7. What struck me In tonight's WP rally at Punggol is that, after the last speaker Lee Li Lian finished her speech at 10pm and concluded the rally, the huge crowd stayed on and did not want to leave! I think the PAP is in big big trouble.

    1. No lah where got in trouble. All the polls they made said satisfaction very high high what...sg50 and NDR etc all very good mood what...LKY turn up and grieve all very grateful what....PAP delivered all the promises what.....they control all the IBs and frame the agenda and messages now what....all the at risks constituencies are already gerrymandered in or out already what....all the unpopular and liability MPs also retired already what.....see, so so many factors all kiasi can control or eliminate all very gao gao what....what could go wrong?!! 2/3 guaranteed one lah...a few seats to them is nothing lah or we will be seen as u democratic tio bo....throw in another ISIS fear, sure gao dim one....LHL sleeping very soundly lah....ah gong also will help too!! Triple confirmed win Liao need to fear monger the PAP fear monger the daft people !!!!

    2. When sinkieland burst its seams and could not cope with the immigrants floodgates, it is not unlike a parent going for 20 kids without increasing their home capacity to accommodate the new arrivals.

      This is totally unacceptable and hilarious.

      It is purely a planned, premeditated, systematic, coordinated, sinister plot to transfer massive wealth over a very long period from the peasant sinkies to all the aristocrats who owned a disproportionate huge amount of land and various real estates in sinkieland.

    3. The huge non-labour cost inflation, in particular sky high rental cost for the past 25 years had totally ravaged and ruined sinkieland's economy and its overall competitiveness.

      Going forward, such blames would be hoisted on sinkies shoulder and ways to reduce costs via further labour cost or wage depression would likely BE IMPLEMENTED to try turn around the DYING EXPORTS SECTOR.

      The economic policies in the past 25 years are nothing short of a disaster when viewed over the longer term perspective. The HALF DEAD non-stop decline in the MANUFACTURING and EXPORTS SECTOR AND DATA in the past years are TESTIMONIES, SOLID DATA AND EVIDENCE those helming the MTI are DUDS running the sinkieland's ECONOMY INTO THE GROUND. GKS must be having non-stop FACE PALMS when he saw how much the fake super talents had undone his generation 's goddess work. Especially the useless dinosaur MTI invisible minister who studied engineering and not economics but given the economics portfolios. Sinkieland and sinkies are doomed when doctors are put in charge of soldiers to fight in a war, soldiers are put in charge to manage labour, hardware engineers who know nuts about the intricate mechanics of economics and who can't do or study economics subjects during school days are tasked to run MTI.

    4. When trained lawyers are tasked to become doctors, trained doctors are tasked to become lawyers, it is not much different from playing a goalkeeper as a striker, a striker becoming a goalkeeper with everybody being played out of positions.

      Economic ruins, disasters and catastrophes are inevitable outcome.

      Just like the bloodletting at sinkieland's past crown jewel NOL. It is being run aground like playing masak masak and computer simulated games. Unfortunately in the real world, the games cannot be reset like in the computer are the game is over and the battles and war lost. Sinkies will ultimately be picking up the bills and bearing the infinite costs of all the experimenting and fun of the bordo generals empowered suddenly to be the captain guiding the economics ship when they have zero experience. The end result is inevitable and not difficult to predict!

  8. Sinkies in Sinkieland ......

    Only three words to describe life now and going forward:

    Tak Boleh Tahan!

  9. Life can only get from bad to worst!

    If you are lost in sinkieland now .....

    By 2020, you will be likely 10 times worst .....

  10. The only feeling that sinkies feel .....

    ..... in sinkieland is

    that sinking feeling .......

  11. When a woman is bankrupt of ideas to make a living, she turns to vices which is the world's oldest profession to make a living.

    When a nation is bankrupt of economics ideas to make a living, they turn ti vices such as gambling to make a living.

    When in 2005, they already have to resort to gambling as an economics idea to drive the economy. After muddling for past 10 years, have not the situations turned from bad to worst?

  12. Pappies keep saying that they will NOT leave anyone BEHIND.
    they had RACED AHEAD paying themselves multi-million SinDollars.

    Wonder if they have any conscience
    in them?


    1. >>> Pappies keep saying that they will NOT leave anyone BEHIND. <<<

      Cui Kong Lan Par Song ......

  13. €£¥₩$ Wonder if they have any conscience
    in them? €£¥₩$

    That’s why there is such a word call " traitor "!

  14. Know what is the funniest jokes?

    Apparently all the while hair of LKY! GCT and LHL are because they worry for us !!!!!

    Wah Lau eh...I thought that is called silver tsunami aka aging?
    You mean to say if they are not politicians their hair won't turn white huh!? What's next? you want to credit the peasants for your cancers too?! Mai lah Mai lah

  15. I have so much hope for him when he burst into the scene last election. But like his ilk chan chun sing, he has disappointed me greatly.

    Two words " buay sai".

    The voters need to retire those paper generals into the private sectors or they will bring more bitterness to the people in the ground. It pains my heart to say this, but sometimes, we have to be unkind to politicians in order to be kind to the people. It is the only assets this small island have. Its time the citizenry matters more than the PAP leadership renewal.

    1. Best speech of the rally:
      "Mr Tan Chuan Jin, in his speech on nomination day, said, "Pah si bo chao."
      Really? His colleague, Charles Chong, previously the MP for Joo Chiat, is now contesting our Li Li Lian, here in Punggol East. Dr Koh Poh Koon, the son of Punggol, is now the adopted son of Ang Mo Kio. Desmond Choo, who promised Hougang voters, "I will always be here for you", is now hoping to always be there for them in Tampines. Pah buay si, chao liao! "

  16. Sinkies are daft.

    Sinkies deserved the fate they will get.

    For their daftness, they deserved to be spurred worst than the most spurred porcupine by all the 3rd world fake talents ( FTs ), screwed in the backsides, and kicked out of their jobs in their middle-age. No two way about it. Just plain daft and hopeless, led by equally useless and hopeless tkss char tow and a bunch of donkeys who have totally being disrespected and looked down upon by their big talk but miniscule or zero delivery.

  17. Who is that?

    "ANKLE" minister?

    Ha ha ha ...... need to be led with a chain by char tow and hand-held by a past expiry 老头? What kind of "sai" general is that? Only in sinkieland. Uniquely!

    1. generals who are led (not "lead") from behind, only in sillipore, heh heh!

    2. Talking about "behinds":

      The vice of the Vice Admiral is the rear of the Rear Admiral.

      Patrick FitzWilliam and William FitzPatrick.

  18. I think we should all support Tan Chuan Jin. He is such a fitness buff that he has to run from household to household during the his walk-about, or rather run-about. We should fulfill his wish by voting him out of Marine Parade so that he has more time to exercise by collecting cardboards.

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  20. "It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."

    Joseph Stalin

  21. why is there no minimum wage for the low income who are paid below subsistence wage? worse their pay is further depressed by the influx of cheap labour. they cannot cope.
    yet, the papigs milisters made sure they are paid minimum wage and threw tantrums when a spoilt brat complained she will not serve if the sacrifice is too great.

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