Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hail victory! Hail victory!

Teo Soh Lung once wrote that her mother would walk away from the television set whenever the ghastly image of the horrible person appeared onscreen. If you had gone into the kitchen for a drink of water when his successor took to the mike, you would have wondered who was raising a ruckus when the next speaker came on. Maybe someone had changed channels, and it was Hitler ranting away in the famous scene from "Der Untergang" (English title:"Downfall").

It was no less than the "keechiu" general, punching his clenched fist into the air, in an uncanny resemblance of the Bavarian corporal rousing his faithful with "Seig Heil! Seig Heil!" (English: "Hail victory! Hail victory!"). Screeching away for all his high octave's worth at the massive turnout - we have to resort to imagination here, state television cameras seldom pan to a shot of the actual size of the gathering - he lambasts the "quality" and "inexperience" of the opposition party candidates.

Maybe he's not aware that his master is leading a batch of anal neophytes at Ang Mo Kio (pun intended, they include the colorectal surgeon Koh Poh Koon). The most seasoned of the lot actually led his team into the wrong entrance at the nomination center, and had to double back. When a reporter asked why they took so long to finally emerge, the lame leader coughed up something goofy about "making sure of dotting the i's and t's".

It would have been useful if Chan had addressed, and perhaps taken pot shots at, some of the innovative proposals from the alternate voices. The Workers' Party's idea of a 10-year "through train" to do away with the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is surely worth a few rounds of robust debate. But no, their preferred weapons of destruction seem to be the usual fifty shades of character assassination. The horrible person would have approved.


  1. I was actually thinking of PM's speech where he explained how PAP selects its candidates. He assured stringent assessment had been made before a candidate is put up for elections. The elaborate process includes checking of CV, feedback from bosses and subordinates. Once satisfied, PAP would put him to the ground and obtained feedback from grassroot leaders and residents. If feeback is positive, only then PAP would field him on GE. Wow, sound very impressive. But then I wondered how Dr Koh was selected to contest in Ponggol East last year when he was only given a PAP membership one week before the bi-election. And how much assessment made to Chief of Defence Force and a Police heavy weight when both were still holding the civil service portfolios weeks before elections?

    1. Lies, untruths and half truths are what made this party infamous. Such is their integrity and honesty until now they still wouldn't dared to reveal the true costs of a BTO flat to us Singaporeans as if they got everything to hide behind the sheer profiteering. That is exactly the opposite of how completely honest they can claim to be, aren't they?

      Latest joke going around is that when they engaged the foreign workers to hang their party posters around, they didn't even realised the lighning logos are hung upside down. Which makes one wonder how these foreign workers work permits ever allow them to work for political parties?

      Or completely dishonest with us?

    2. Why is Loonie Lee's poster everywhere?
      In Potong Pasir along with Lena or Sitoh contestants?!! Is he contesting there in the SMC?

      How does Electoral board allow this?

      Can LTK puts his poster everywhere too where WP's is contesting?

    3. LHL redundant posters are confusing a lot of old folks in the ground, who lost count how many times their GRCs have turned nomads from one to another every other 5 years. Now a lot woke up to wonder if theirs were now part of Farking AMK!!

      When you can't convince them, you try to confuse them. The anger in the ground will just shut people off PAP anyway..!! Serves him right. And can anyone who is familiar with election laws please study and respond the legitimacy on this? Anyone call mata yet?

  2. The lack of comments can be due to nothing to say or too much to say ......

    If there are "too many flaws", one would have the dilemma of a mosquito on a naked beach ......

    The mozzie are too spoilt for choices that it doesn't know where to start and which part of the naked bodies to bite ....

    1. Whether is the face, ears, fingers, chest, rips, buttocks, thighs, shins or those ....... ahem ...... or the more sensitive parts ..... ( would it feel more intense for the mozzie to bite such places.. ..?)

      But along the way or in the end, whatever said -- whether praising or disagreeing with the incumbents' policies, proposed polices or policies directions or in such aspects those proposed by the various alternatives, such feedbacks, views and comments are meant for better outcomes for sinkies and sinkieland holistically.

      It is hope that people on both sides should not take them personally and look at the issues discussed again to see whether there are valid reasons or merits to take a closer look or second look on the points raised.

    2. If comments are positive, those concerned hopefully do not become over-confident, complacent or get carried away.

      If comments are negative, those concerned hopefully can discern whether they are from genuine and sincere sources, whether the comments have merits or valid concerns, and if they are, take such feedbacks constructively and return to their drawing board to dissect their policy designs/ essences and think hard where have gone .....

      With more open discussions on some of the issues of national concern, probably better solutions and outcomes can emerge if most, if not all parties concerned can adopt an open-minded approach.

    3. The PAP have done a lot for sinkies and sinkieland in the past.

      That is without a shadow of a doubt and even the most ardent alternatives or their supporters would find it hard to argue with that.

      Nonetheless, as PM Lee mentioned in his English speech yesterday evening during that historic first PAP rally for GE 2015 in Tanjong Pagar GRC and Radin Mas SMC that Singapore is unique and special and it is not easy to preserve it that way but we should and we must.

    4. Yesterday evening PAP rally was a historic occasion because Tanjong Pagar is the constituency which our founding PM --- the late deeply honoured, revered and beloved Mr Lee Kuan Yew ( in many Singaporeans eyes, hearts and minds ) first stood as a candidate 60 years ago in 1955.

      Yesterday evening PAP rally was a historic occasion because this is the first PAP rally in a GE after the passing of the deeply beloved late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

      Yesterday evening PAP rally was a historic occasion because it marked the ending of an era and the beginning of the next.

    5. The late Mr Lee Kuan Yew was in essence the soul of PAP.

      Now this role has been passed on to the succeeding generation.

      Can they keep PAP and Singapore as special and strong as the late Mr Lee had done and achieved?

    6. Yesterday evening PAP rally was a historic occasion in a way that PM Lee is leading Singapore and the PAP for the first time in a GE post-LKY.

      Technically "PM Lee is no longer the PM until he is officially returned in the hustings" but for most people, it is presumed a forgone conclusion.

      However, the RP AMK team in this GE may give PM and his AMK GRC team a "fright" and "fight".

    7. Hopefully ( and rightfully ) PM Lee and his AMK team are not over-confident and complacent bcos there are many weak areas and Archilles heels that the RP AMK team can exploit and hit but likely ( fortunately or unfortunately ) the RP AMK team may not bcos of "oversight in some critical areas" which many too may have overlooked....

      As PM Lee mentioned in his speech yesterday evening, Singapore is so special that it is one and only, like the unique 麒麟 , an auspicious and mythical dragon-like but on land creature with legs ( hopefully PM Lee is not referring to himself bcos he is born in 1952, the year of the dragon and his Chinese name literally means "the manifestation of the heavenly dragon". So fortunate! Such a good name bestowed by his learned parents ).

      In his historic speech, PM Lee mentiomed that if the unique one and only 麒麟 is gone, one may forever not able to find another one on earth, whether back in time or in the future.

    8. If that is the case, what do we do or should we do to ensure it remains special and in existence for a long time to come, not only for the sake of itself but for the many Singaporeans, especially the common men and women on the streets?

      Arguably, this unique one and only 麒麟 ( Singapore ) in human history may not remain special or make it if sinkieland and sinkies are divided, polarised and highly stratified in the social dimension.

      Can PAP do it alone?

    9. In that historic speech, PM Lee in his Chinese segment of the speech said: " 样样都说, 样样都说不完"。

      After careful study of PM Lee's NDR speech and several policy initiatives and directions, there were many strong and salient points and areas that will take Singapore forward and fortify its position.

      But it seemed there are alos some fundamental areas and policies directions offered by some ministries or their ministers which are flawed and probably not abke to solve and resolve some crucial areas that sinkies are deeply concerned and voicing out so much.

    10. PM Lee said "his party and leadership will be confused" if after listening to Singaporeans and making so many policies adjustments, improvements and changes after GE 2011, Singaporeans fail to give him and his team a strong mandate.

      Actually, sinkies are "probably very confused too" .......

      PM Lee and his team should not be confused if the outcome is not exactly what he and his entire (PAP ) team expected ( not just the AMK GRC team ).

    11. If in the end, the results are not what PM Lee and his ( PAP ) team expected, hopefully they can go back to the drawing board and analyse carefully where they have gone wrong or which policies areas or designs have gone wrong.

      There is a Chinese saying, " 旁观者清, 当局者迷"。

      If the outcome is less than satisfactory, maybe it is bcos the swing voters can see clearer from the outside than insiders themselves?

    12. Perhaps, the voices of some sinkies represented by some alternatives, and through them can highlight to the incumbents what they cannot see from their blind spots.

      For a better Singapore's future and Singaporeans future, this historic GE should be a contest of workable and/ or effective, practical, out of the box ideas to take sinkieland and sinkies forward.

      Ultimately, what can be done by both the incumbents and the alternatives alike for a better outcome, a better future, a united Sinapore with one heart, one mind, one unique Singapore identity?

    13. This may be the crux of this historic GE.

      This may be the crux to take Singapore and Singaporeans forward.

      After the dust has settled, can the incumbents and alternatives come together and work for Singapore and Singaporeans so that this unique one and only 麒麟 can remain special and strong by SG100 and beyond?

    14. //PM Lee said "his party and leadership will be confused" if after listening to Singaporeans and making so many policies adjustments, improvements and changes after GE 2011, Singaporeans fail to give him and his team a strong mandate.//

      What policies adjustment (tweaks)?or changes?

      Didn't his DPM Tharman openly said the world didn't start in 2011?

      Didn't Lim Swee Say also said policies in the past has not been wrong..but they are just adapting to changes?

      So which is which? They denied all their policies were wrong in the first place. It has also been in the plans...maybe brought forward earlier? So what is it? Do they admit there is wrong policies at all? Do they admit or deny the PWP for 6.9m is the ONLY and BEST way to GDP growth?

      The voters must ask them? Apart from "slowing" (remember is slowing, not reducing) the inflow for now, do they still agree to go ahead with 6.9m after ALL the infrastructures are caught up and built? Will they still go ahead? This is not an interim painkiller or bandaid to soothe our pains you concerns our survivalablity in the long run!! Ask them IF we absolutely object to the 6.9m , what will he and his team do? What other "new ideas" does he have to go the growth path?
      If his position remains, then is very clear what Singaporeans have to do.

      Because a vote for PAP is an endorsement to go charge ahead for his PWP!

    15. The following excerpts from:

      /// In terms of capital, we could invest our savings in productive assets and entrepreneurial ventures (including enterprises catering to the services needs of our fellow Singaporeans such as working parents and the elderly) rather than devote them disproportionately to property speculation in the hopes of earning monopoly rents and unproductive capital gains.

      Slower GDP growth with an absolutely falling number of foreign workers can improve the welfare and quality of life of Singaporeans. The challenge is to adopt a development strategy based on realistic expectations of productivity gains, reduced non-labor costs, higher market wages and consumer spending, and larger but sustainable social transfers.

      *Pang Eng Fong and Linda Lim, “Labor, Productivity and Singapore’s Development Model”

      ** Mukul Asher, Azad Singh Bali and Chang Yee Kwan, “Public Financial Management in Singapore: Key Characteristics and Prospects”
      Both in Singapore Economic Review Vol. 60 No. 3 (2015), Special Issue on A Fifty-Year Retrospective on the Singapore Economy

      Pang Eng Fong is Professor of Strategic Management (Practice) at the Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University. Linda Lim is Professor of Strategy at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.///

      PM Lee and PAP are not stupid.

      They are probably well aware of the above mentioned policies options ( and directions ).

      Why did they ( the G ) not adopt or do it much earlier or at an much more accelerated pace than now to bring the economics situations more in line with sustainable long term quickly?

    16. That's the million dollars question!

    17. What is keeping or preventing the G from carrying out certain economics policies that arguably can bring a better outcome ( for ordinary sinkies ) and are more sustainable in the long term?

      There must be reasons.

      As many people would know, it is not easy to force a big animal like a buffalo or horse to drink water if they don't want to ( for whatever reasons ).....

  3. Why bother to have all these nice CVs and checks when all they do is sub-contract estate management to some pre-approved cleaning company? And their brains all switch into coma state during parliament sessions (when they actually do show up)? A smart phone or a PC can do the same, and much cheaper than $200k a year (and no need for GDP bonus).

    So far all I hear from the most credible alternative party is how much they have "improved". Really? how can any alternative party let them get away when they talk of track record when when transport, healthcare and housing costs surged or break down incessantly, how can they speak of trust when CPF rules are changed over and over, integrity when a minister blatantly tell the world he had an $8 bypass and claimed to be on Singaporeans side when they will insist on 6.9m pwp and even sent out a 10m trial balloon hiding behind some past-his-prime architect with skin in the game?

    1. History and facts speak for itself when it comes to demographics management by PAP.

      1) 2 is enough resulted in massive drop of fertility.
      2) 3 or more is too little, too late.
      3) Graduate mothers have more is out rightly rejected.
      4) Poor demographics due to low TFR 40 yrs later and political will.
      5) Aging tsunami due to lack of pre-planning or social incentives
      6) 5.1m influx of worker population caused crowded-ness and due to lack of infrastructure planning.

      Tell me people, with this kind of disastrous records in social engineering, how can we trust them to play god over and over again?! !

      Say NO to PAP. We blame them for not understanding why PWP is so ruinous for ordinary people.

    2. PAP " This election is about who forms the govt leadership and who will take SG to next stage"

      Voters "This election is about who forms the core citizenry and how we we will take SG to next stage."


  4. The same modus operandi from PAP for the last 40+10 years.

    1) Don't share data openly (before or after a Minister's implementation). Don't debate policies. So no scrutiny of the real effectiveness on a national level by ANYONE.

    2) Divert attention to local municipal issues such as TC , upgrades, cleanliness etc. Relentless attacking Opposition Parties on these minute issues that has no bearings on the well being and actual impact of citizens lives.

    3) Continuous attack and cast doubt on Opposition candidates ability to perform or character insinuation or assasination.

    4) Constantly hide behind the 50 years track record of its pioneer generation. Living on its past glory and resting on laurels, growing sense of entitlement.

    5) If using a start up as analogy, SG Inc has gone up its start up phase and into its adolescent stage. Anyone in Tech industry will know mostly at this time, the founder will be replaced and outside new CEO (with more experience or fresh ideas to see things) will be brought it to replace the leader. This is inevitable..look at Steve Jobs, Jerry Yang, Bill Gates etc..the team that founded the company can only take it to the level they have/can. Different skill sets and creative innovation is required to break through. And yet, we have daft people who keeps wanting a PAP team that is bereft of new ideas to stay on and kill everyone along with it.

    6) When LHL said SG Inc is like a Unicorn, (once again it is a tech speak in the start up world), what he is already indirectly admitting is that SG inc is a company that Investors will put more money for growth if it keeps churning out "profits/GDP" growing the population. If not , it dies a natural death. The people need to ask him, when will his "Growth at all costs" stop? No one is saying zero growth, but without high GDP, LHL/PAP is nothing!! We are just another series of digits in his investable portfolio!

    The hardworking rooster is crowling to wake people up from their bad dreams. When you have so many white elephants in the house, sometimes mice is what you need to get at them.

    1. Ha ha ha

      Mr Teochew yesterday finally let it out in his lingua franca ( his Teochew dialect ) that he has "endured and bear with it for veey long already" ......

      "忍很久了", "孰可忍, 孰不可忍", "忍无可忍"! "那就不要在忍了"!, "很多 sinkies 也是忍无可忍了"!

    2. Problem is why we must feed so many white elephants in PAP...don't Ah Loong understand this? many of them are actually contributing now and the many....

  5. Highest salary of politicians in the world! Their allowances is still a secret and nobody knows. They are no wealthy or corrupt to serve you for free. They are just incentivized enough to serve you for a fee.

    So I ask myself. How many PAP cabinet minister do we really need to form and run a good government? If as PM Lee says, is the quality that counts, not quantity, then surely they only needed 20+ good ones. How does any change in the number of PAP MPs change the way they serve us? And if LHL thinks they are quiet like mouse, then the more I should do my part to put in more tigers into the Parliament house so they can all roar louder!!!

    1. Well...everyone knows Elephants are afraid of mices...can understand how the white Elephants feel now...i only know tigers fear we need more mices then in this case...

  6. //he lambasts the "quality" and "inexperience" of the opposition party candidates.//

    What experience or quality does Chan and his team has?
    Apart from Indranee, Chan himself the coattail rider has only 1 term of experience in MCYS. What does he have to show when he was there? Did he achieve anything concrete? Before the musical chairs started to move him over to NTUC again. What has he done? Hardly anything spectacular?!

    The social worker newbie who was expedited to the Temasek Care group for 1 year and then claimed that she has private sector experience? Just like OYK being rotated to Keppel Group so that their CV can be polished to say they come from private sectors?!!

    Or how about the police commissioner? He was to replace Lui Tuck Yew's little india riots region ...ah yes, must be because they need a police to keep an eye on that area!
    So what else is new?

    Dr Chia Shi Lu - how many times does this Dr speak out or even attend the Parliament? The records speaks for itself..he surely wasn't there enough to fight /act or work for you, with you or for Singapore. His wallet definitely!!

    1. Indranee = Every school is a good school?

      So how come RI principal said his school is so elistist aka middle class now?

      Truth is = our $1 billion dollar tuition industry is an indictment of our "world class" education. You just can't face the hard truths. Can you?

      Take away the tuition industry, can our students still score the top OECD ranks with just normal teaching by the teachers like what Finland can do?

      Touch your heart and conscience lah..stop lying to the people.

  7. Is that a photo of him doing a kee chiu?

  8. Now is the historical defeat of the daft working class who has now become SG's own 2nd and 3rd class citizens.

    Look no further than Bt Batok's SMC independent candidate Mr Samir. Here's one who has lived here for 15 years, and new citizen. He office hires an entire tribe of his own kind from his village (fake degree or not sure) and now he wants to run for candidacy. Does he represent local singaporeans or his own kind here? Not even one generation and they think they know the deep historical and cultural roots of its people and nation, enough to run. He didn't even need to be borned here. Granted, he is already a singaporean. What's next? Ex-chinese communist resident-turned-singaporean who is barely here for one full generation and they will run and be the voice for the 1 million of new citizens here? Yup, just wait and see, the days are not far.

    Then the powerless citizens who didn't empower themselves end up being resentful that they take it out on the poor foreigners rather than the rich ones.
    Then the political elite aka MIW preach tolerance, and of course, they are hated as the brokers of that broken system. And they scratched their heads and wonder why people are so angry at them and don't attend their rallies!

    A vote to PAP is a vote to empower the 6.9m new citizens. Or, we can choose to empower ourselves with more Opposition voices to stop their arrogance.

    1. M Ravi said in his press conference last week that he and his team have taken up the cudgels on sinkies behalf.

      The same can be said of the rest.

      Tan Jee Say, Ang Yong Guan and the rest of the SFP teams, you too, one way or another, have taken up the cudgels......

    2. Either you succeed or you don't.

      Might as well go all the way.

      Take the fight and fright to them. All the best to your party's ( SFP ) maiden ge rally in Jurong Stadium this evening. Give botak and the rats infestations in Bt Batok hill a good, thorough flushed out and rid the west of rodents, parasites, leeaches, termites infestations ...... Thanking you and all your brave, hardworking, praiseworthy, self-sacrificing, altruistic teammates fighting a worthy cause With the People, For the People, for Singaporeans. Three Cheers to thr Sing First Party. All the best and all the way!

    3. Same for WP.

      Go all the way.

      GCT already started mudslinging and name calling such as rooster, nomads, throwing meats ( to dogs ) etc. WP MP team, go all the way and make the paper, wayang BG's clowning, vile labelling of sinkies and show off running a nightmare he will never forget, a punishment for encouraging foreign nationals to violate sinkieland's sovereignty and celebrate their independence day in the heart of the city right in Orchard Road, the icon of our lifestyle. He has betrayed sinkies and sinkieland for uttering those traitorous statements!

  9. The only change I see in PAP is their ways of communications.

    They started in social media and hiring more IBs to attack and say good things about them.

    They started their conversations and blitz everywhere non stop 24/7 now, invoking the past ghosts whenever they can.

    They started photoshopping the candidates pictures and put more of their faces everywhere now. In areas where they dont contest too.

    They are now never seeming too clever or too educated.
    play up the local, heartlandish allegiance. Apparently, you can be a rich, highly privlieged scholar without betraying the roots of the party.

    They started to use the word "socialist" !! like is no longer taboo.

    The cultural elite, the scholar elite, the economic elite, the political elite are all playing the "with you, for you" heartlanders in your kopitiams and hawkers now.

    Wow...all that wayang...I better keep them on the toes for 3 elections just to make sure they have the real resilience to show me they deserve to become wealthy with my vote to corrupt...err no, I mean incentivize them. Sprinting around last minute to earn my votes is also a good exercise lah.

  10. LOL..ghost of the past indeed.

    They keep harping on the track record!

    Hey PAP, what is your track record for having a sizable or even 1/3 of opposition parties in our parliament house?

    Every first world nation from UK to US to Canada or ANZ have a robust opponents who can spar and debate for the best ideas to emerge, and in the end still collaborate to work for the betterment of their country.

    Only in SG you keep hearing the dictator party who keeps squashing out opponents through slander, suing, bankrupting, gross mudslinging and character assasination to toss them out. Why so kiasi? AT the rate you are behaving, methinks the voters have to vote in MORE opposition candidates lah! Because in the end, you will either fix them or we will vote them out lah..either way, might as well gar gar dao!! tio bo?!!

    So people dont have to worry. IT is those that Pak-see-buay-chow kinds that you ought to worry. Because that is their track record. They don't know or don'twant to work and collaborate with any other party other than themselves. They still think their elitism serves and entitled them to the powerful positions in the country.

    Their mantra is this " Reliability like all good things in life cost money. Dont complain when prices go up because you the daft voters asked for it!".

    I wont be swallowing your spin and hard pill anymore.

    1. What Ngiam Toon Dow predicted is coming true .....

      With all the artificial high pay but unproven qualities, it only takes some wind to blow them off their self elevated high pedestals. ....

      Looks like NTD has chance to collect his "winnings" for such spot on prognosis years back!

  11. Nigerian Scam9/03/2015 5:49 PM

    You can’t pour high-octane fuel into a broken engine and expect it to run, folks.

    Gotta fix the engine first.

    SMRT and PWP are the writings on the wall.

  12. We have jobs as long as we go overseas - Kee Chiu Chan

    This paper general was sent to Indonesia for 2 years and was only a weekend dad for 3 months and he thinks he figured out the problems of why local PMETs are not being promoted or well utilized?

    He clearly does not understand how many PMEs are already doing or sacrificing more than that in the private sector already.

    All the paper generals and scholars who have no fucking clue how private sectors work and want to give piece meal advice to people?!! They send clowns like Lim Swee Say and CSS to represent the unions workers and skilled PMEs!!!!

    I have yet to hear one well analysed and in depth solutions offered by anyone from PAP! They have utterly clueless!!

    1. This one agree.

      The speech yesterday by Chia Shi Lu was quite substandard talking about shopping centre promotional offers, whilst stocks last, watch out for the small prints, ...... waiting months for a medical appointment if sinkies are taken in and vote for the alternatives. .....

      It sounds like describing the system sinkies are stuck and trapped in now than anything else.

    2. The speeches and comments by some of the MPs like Chia Shi Lu, GCT really made sinkies blood boil and bp go up ......

      Sam Tan's speech in Hokkien and Chinese was short but quite sharp and probably went down well with most of the PGs and residents.

      Seems like Sam Tan still have much higher political quotient than many others.


    Han Hui Hui rally at Delta Sports Complex Hockey Stadium.

    The audience much, much larger than last night. Some more she dared to locate the stage at one end of the field, not like yesterday they moved the stage only a few metres from the spectators stand. Chia Shi Lu still stand in front of the mic and talk like he speaking to a 150,000 crowd when most of the 1.5k "crowd" are activists from Radin Mas, the GRC and some ferried from other constituencies. Like that quite malu ( embarrassing ). Behind the stage yesterday was a vast empty hockey pitch and also the rest of the stadium.

  14. Did you notice that Medicorpse been playing segments of Ah Loong's ND Rally message over and over again ? Isn't that old news?
    This is the GE period and already PAP has advantage over the oppostion parties in the TV forums, why the need to tilt them further towards the ruling party?
    Or are they really aiming for the No 1 spot in press freedom ie from the bottom?


    Sing First Party GE rally crowd at Jurong Stadium.

    At least 2000% bigger than the paltry "audience" ( some more mostly own pple, grassroot activists ) at yesterday evening Chia Shi Lu's rally at the Delta Hockey Pitch.

  16. Some of the speakers shouted/ screamed like Tony Tan of NSP in GE 2011 and Howard Dean during one of the US presidential nomination campaigns in the 2000s.

    Incidentally both lost quite heavily in the end.

    Is this an ominous sign?

  17. Sing First successfully held their maiden GE rally at Jurong.

    Go Sing First Go!

    Go help residents get rid of the rodents infestations at Bt Batok Hill and the Pest And Parasites infestations in Jurong. Thank you very much.

  18. They are feeling the heat and revealed in their speeches delivery.

    Many speeches are delivered in belligerent manners.

    They are facing the cumulative foes of the old man's generation, lao goa's generation and the current generation. Lao Goa's generation in particular himself is still accumulating new foes with comments and name calling such as nomads, meat thrown at dogs, rooster etc. People like horse minister are still stepping on sinkies toes and generating new foes. With the cumulative numbers, the heat can be unbearable. Tan Jee Say, Ang Yong Guan and teammates, the peasants are eagerly waiting to be freed of the "cuffon their wrists, shackles around their necks, chains and locks arkjnd their ankles, stranglehold on their pockets, dark/ invisible hands over their future and children's future. The peasants are crying for help.

  19. After 50 years of suppressions, legislation of all kinds of pretext imaginable to "extract more money" from the sinkies, humiliation and all kinds of name calling of sinkies etc, sinkies had enough.

    Sinkies endured them very long already.

    Sinkies are often slapped with heavy fines and punitive punishments for the slightest human imperfections but some people can get away from huge lapses. Sinkies 受够了。 Jee Say, Yong Guan and teammates, you are at the right place and right time. The defining moment has come. Carpe diem!


    Wow! "人山人海" - "People Mountain People Sea"!

    What a crowd!


    Ex-incumbent stalwart doctor showing support for another alternative medical professional.

    There is a saying: " Karma is a bitch! Stay calm and let karma finish it."

  22. Wow! The crowd and atmosphere is amazing and electrifying!

    Very exciting to watch.

  23. "What's wrong with collecting more money?",
    - Lee Kuan Yew

    “In fact, if I can get another 10 billionaires to move to Singapore .... "
    Lee Hsien Loong

    1. Is there a similarity between father and son?
      Is there an unhealthy obsession over money?
      Do you think we will ever get our CPF back at 55 years old?

  24. It certainly looks like we have to send them a hard message

    "Owe money$$$, Pay Money$$$$ - at 55 years of age!!!! No going back on your words!!! "

  25. As an ordinary sinkie, no matter what grand statements on policies made, ultimately sustainability, individual and national competitiveness hinges on COL - Cost of Living.

    Non-labour costs such as exorbitant rental cost are the main culprits, ultimate source and roots of many teething problems, evils and killer causes of birthrate and biz competitiveness in Sinkieland.

    Leg open big big policies were indiscriminately ramped through to artificially precipitate EXCESSIVE DEMAND for properties whether private and commercial. As such, rental costs are excessively inflated. Sinkieland did not get its infamous world title of most expensive global city bcos of labour costs but non-labour especially non-productive rent seeking high rental costs. All these are the outcomes of flawed domestic policies hurting Sinkieland's competitiveness and adding unbearable and insufferable financial and economics burdens on sinkies. Excessively high COL - Cost of Living is the killer outcome of policies screwing up sinkies and Sinkieland. Enough is enough. Sinkies and Sinkieland are running out of options in no time. Sinkies and Sinkieland are running into a dead end. Policies makers are bankrupt of ideas and ingenious solutions to solve the problems they created. They lack any workable and efficacious solutions to get Sinkieland out of current economic and social malaise and rot. The old guards led Sinkieland from 3rd to 1st world. Lao Goa's generation planted the seeds of inevitable decline. Now Sinkieland is on the way back to 3rd world with no workable solutions in sight offered by the policies makers.

  26. Arrogant, Insincere, Condescending, Disdainful, Snobbish .......

    Anybody can help fill up the balance 45 adjectives/ nouns till 50 ...... ?

    Those who can, pls raise your hand, thank you.

  27. Sinkieland needs real talents who can take the city state and its peasants forward in areas of economics, finance, technology, national security, human capital investments, international relations, national identity, ..... etc

    Sinkieland needs hardworking, thrifty and altruistic people's warriors who can empathise with the plight of sinkies and institute policies and programmes to uplift the human capital of sinkies towards a bright future and at the same time fundamental assistance for those who had fallen through the cracks.

    Sinkieland needs genuinely sincere, selfless, public-spirited, far-sighted, strong, enlightened etc people's warriors to gel sinkies as one, willingly, happily and highly motivated to achieve common goals together.

  28. "It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."

    Joseph Stalin