Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Lettter That George Yeo Did Not Write

Out of desperation, some People's Action Party (PAP) supporter put into viral circulation a WhatsApp love-note ("Uncomfortable Questions") that ousted minister George Yeo (GY) categorically denied he ever penned.

GY was/still is capable of misleading the public - recall he once said "But we are building integrated resorts, not casinos" - but this load of crap has to be composed by a juvenile. It's a waste of space to reprint the message, but fun to deconstruct the flawed arguments point by point.

Point 1 raises the spectre of a "freak election" first mooted by the horrible person, and the scary sight of Leopard tanks rolling down the streets in a reprise of the Tiananmen spectacle. That's as likely as Khaw Boon Wan's "No guarantee PAP will be in govt after polls" headline. That's coming from the same fella who said the town council finance software can be easily bought off the shelf. Last time we looked, there's nothing at Sim Lim Square retailing at $24 million (cost of develpment) or $14,000 (selling price to PAP town councils).

Point 2 asks if the opposition camp has any candidate capable of doing us proud in front of an international audience. There is one much maligned person who is Chairman of the Asian Alliance for Reforms and Democracy, and has been engaged by the National Endowment for Democracy. He was also awarded a Hellman/Hammett Writers Grant by Human Rights Watch in recognition of his courage in the face of political persecution in Singapore. 'Nuff said.

Point 3 wants to know if alternate voices are able to talk with world leaders and business leaders on equal standing. We assume this refers to experience on the international stage (as in Point 2) and not about having to be paid at least $1 million to garner sufficient self confidence to meet with business leaders.

Point 4 is about maintaining good relations with with our "sensitive" neighbours. This coming after Shanmugam, Lim Swee Say, and Lee Hsien Loong's intemperate remarks about Malaysia's education system, their racial policies and Indonesia's haze, respectively. The writer must be living under a rock.

Point 5 asks if the alternate voices in parliament truly speak for the people or merely to serve their personal agenda. All we know, on record, is that Goh Chok Tong spoke up only once in parliament after GE 2011, and that was in support of the Population White Paper.

Point 6 raises a scary thought: "We might have to be foreign workers ourselves." That's exactly what the horrible person predicted: one dose of bad governance, and "our women will become maids in other people’s countries, foreign workers."

Point 7 claims markets will react, foreign funds will flee Singapore immediately, our currency will lose its value if if PAP is voted out of the government. There were those who swore Singapore will not survive without the horrible person running the country. Yet on the day he kicked the bucket the Strait Times Index actually advanced quite a few points.

Point 8 reminds us that some candidates only appear every 4-5 years when election comes. That explains why the son of Punggol is now just reappearing in Ang Mo Kio.

Point 9 says nobody like(s) to be the one to give hard truths. Hello, someone wrote a whole book about it. Did the writer read it, or used it as a door stop?

Point 10 asks why are countries sending their diplomats to study from a small little red dot. The country who sent the most "students" for the free education is Communist China. Their generals were even treated to expensive tution in English so they can find their way to the little boys' room without having to resort to subtitles.

Point 11 is easy -  will a weak government fighting for political survival have time for long term projects? The answer is that the weak government is "going to spend all my time thinking what's the right way to fix them, to buy my supporters votes."

Point 12 reminds us what really captures the world's attention on Singapore. No, not the F1 night race, not overblown YOG - it's the highest paid salary for a sitting prime minister. Of course, when CNN finally airs the interview with Amos Yee, we will be number one again on the world stage for all the wrong reasons.


  1. The response to fear is either fight or flight.
    For a long time it was neither... just submission.
    Now its gonna be fight.

    The focus on WP will give them big losses.
    They have forgotten basic military strategies.
    They ignore the immediate fight at each SMC & GRC.
    Each PAP candidate runs the WP down and ignores the immediate opponent in their constituency.

    1. Last GE, PM said he will listen and do better.
      This GE, he will connect and do better.
      Repeat and rinse.

      For someone who wants to cut out the WP and directly connect with people, he sure has a very bloated middle layer of middle men disguised as PA/RC/CCC who are very good at doing all their millionaire dirty works in dirty fashions. Please get Singtel to built
      you a higher Ivory tower so the connection can improve lah.

  2. PM also forgot to apply the Sun Tze Military Strategies. By highlighting two ministers (LSS and VB) during the ND Rally exposes the vulnerability of the two during this GE. Examples given were at best ordinary.

    1. Heaven help Singapore if these two are their best or best able to win friends from foreign countries.

      Maybe the curse of LKY praise is back to haunt these 2 stars. LKY praised Teh Cheang Wan just before he was caught for corruption.

      The kiss of death....

    2. Nothing like self praise from ESM GOH and Sitoh.
      The former believes 1 rooster crow every 4 years in parliament is impactful enough.
      The latter believes his crows is like Jackie Chan movies, on quality not quantity.

      Hmmm,..methink the quality over quantity is the right mantra for PAP MPs. In other words, they need less numbers in parliament than what the Oppo needs, the quantity to stop or have impact on bills pass.

      So one side favours quality and the other favours quantity, looks like a charm pair! no compromises at all...very good outcome for the voters. No dilemma leh! Huat ah!!!

  3. The Most Valid Reasons for Sinkies to sack the Pappies is to end

    Obviously, incompetence,
    irresponsible and conceit are
    also valid reasons to have them


    1. Make it ABCDE

    2. Thank U The

      You have them beautifully

      Like it.



  5. Sharp and to the point, Tatler! As always, the best.

    Vivian Bala must now come clean if he has made an honest mistake. We may be at the highest haze of PM2.5 at 166' but it didn't blur our vision that he has violated the cooling off rules.

    1. Lol. Maybe he didn't write that too.
      Is the ghost of Denise He again?
      I smell heavy smoke and desperation!

    2. Is called auto-recurring broadcast leh.
      Chut a lot of patterns hor?

    3. Yesterday over Channel News Asia, we were bombarded the whole day with auto-recurring broadcast of Ah Loong's rally speeches. Enough is enough, even if you are desperate. And today Vivian twitter, breaking the cooling day rule, like in 2011 when Tin made a comment in her chat, and nothing happened. If the Opposition did these, a ton of bricks will descend on them. KNN.

    4. Clearly, the heaven is sending a very strong message to voters in SGP. If you want to see blue sky, you know what that means...?

  6. Why did the chicken cross the road?
    Because she saw what you did to all her eggs into that one basket.

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