Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Painted Target On His Back

Wow, if looks could kill, Chee Soon Juan would be a dead man by now. It is not exactly clear what set off Lawrence Wong, but it was written all over his face and body language - pugnacity, rambunctiousness, belligerence - all in glorious full high definition (FHD). Justification enough to invest in a television set that supports the new DVB-T2 digital broadcast standard.

Apparently it had something to do with what the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) chief had said earlier in the day about "moving forward" and "constructive politics". Wong dug up history from 1996 ("when I was just stating work in the civil service") about how a select committee determined data submitted was false and Chee was charged for lying in public, and demanded an apology. Chee admitted that way back then his party was the only one who took the government to task over medical subsidy, and added even George Yeo, as health minister, "repeatedly" had apologized for some facts that the government gotten wrong there.

Chee tried to enlighten the rookie politician and instant noodle minister (add hot water and wait 2 minutes) about political discourse in pre-internet and pre-social media days. Unfortunately, the moderator had to cut him off - opposition members on the panel are allotted half the speaking time given to the incumbents.

The key difference in information dissemination is referenced when Chee issued a challenge to George Yeo to an online debate in 2009:
"You will note that the active censorship of the mass media prevents the news and views of the SDP reaching the mainstream public. The little information that reaches Singaporeans about my party is often biased and inaccurate. Your party, on the other hand, is always positively portrayed.
The Internet offers no such refuge. It is a greater leveler of information flow. In this medium, the SDP's views are transmitted accurately, as are yours. We are judged by readers on the merits of our arguments - not by how the Singapore Press Holdings spins and adulterates the information."

Other opposition members on the panel suggested this election should be about the future, no more grandfather stories about the past 50 years, please. Even they must have had enough of grainy footage in sepia filmed during the time when the agitated minister was not yet born.
All not so quiet on the western front


  1. Sinkies may have made a fatal ( and "unforgivable" ) mistake of the " booing and jeering " ......

    Going by anecdotal/ empirical evidences of the 1990s, back then Georgie was indignant about the "bor tua bor suay" ( literally " no big no small" in Hokkien and Teochew dialects which means never show respect) for voicing out different views about certain draconian and punitive policies.

    Georgie apparently roped in old man support and the entire cabinet back then to roll out demeaning and punitive policies in the 2nd half of the 90s to "get back at sinkies " and show who were in charge! Sinkies this time jiatlat liao ....... Siao liao!

  2. Yesterday evening in Chinatown, one old lady was "exercising on a trampoline' rampaging rubbish bin after rubbish bin for discarded metal cans and card boards.

    She can be heard muttering to herself in Cantonese while performing her "twilight light years exercise" that she had worked in the past 70 years toiling day and night .....

    Apparently she looks in her eighties and her hairs much whiter than the white hairs on a 74-yo 老头!

    Surprisingly, she was overheard muttering in Cantonese that some people white hairs one strand may worth millions but hers one strand also not worth a single dime or cent!

    This old lady never stood up in a podium to "lament" her hairs all turned snow white after 70 years of toils!

    When some people said their hairs turned all white after "serving" sinkies all these years, one cannot help wondering did their hairs turned white more due to working overdrive in devising more ways to extract "more money " and "every last drop of blood and last pound of flesh from sinkies "?

    One wonder did a 74-yo 老头 hairs turned white counting the billions and billions extracted from sinkies and also counting and managing at least a few hundreds of millions in his assets amassed all these years "serving sinkies "?

    Why said one thing but not the other?

    Why not complete the equation?

    Another example of a cunning old fox always appearing like a kind-hearted innocent harmless rabbit in front but strike sinkies in their backs like a deadly cobra or scorpion?

    1. 32:30 : "I was interested to hear the Emeritus Senior Minister say the other day that the PAP could be a self-check by itself. That to me is total nonsense and I think Singaporeans know better."

      I say, he is not called Woody for nothing, you know.

    2. I find this threat from Ng Eng Hen more scary:
      “And the more you jeer, the more we will continue to improve it even more.”
      From past record, everytime the ruling party tries to "help" us, things get only worse. GST goes up, bus fare goes up, housing cost goes up, medical expense goes up, education fee goes up, electricity and water bill goes up. Enough is enough, no more "improvements" from the PAP.

    3. More from Woody: “It doesn’t matter who they send,” he said, referring to the WP. “We will send the right team for Aljunied. And the right team doesn’t mean prime minister, deputy prime minister, to come over here to contest. It’s not necessary. So the fact that they are having the same team over here shows that they take our team here seriously.”

      I say, he can hide his deadwood head in the sand, delude himself whichever way. I think it is an ungracious self-denial. Send in Tharman, the Cow, Big Nose, even Ah Loong himself, if they seriously entertain any hope of winning back Aljunied. The fact is the WP respects the people of Aljunied that they kept the same team, not because they are afraid of losing. And kudos to that, because it shows that they are not "Nomads".

    4. Some more from Woody : “Opposition parties come and go like nomads. Nomads will not have an interest in the people's welfare."

      What, Me Worry?
      Me Mad? Me Nomad!
      Vote for me.
      You could do worse, you always have!

    5. Do they have an interest in the people's welfare, or to plunder?
      The PAP "Nomads":
      Yeo Guat Kwang (wanted to retire): Ang Mo Kio to Aljunied
      Ong Ye Kung: Aljunied (unelected) to Sembawang
      Desmond Choo: Hougang (unelected) to Tampines
      Koh Poh Koon: Punggol East (unelected) to Ang Mo Kio
      Edwin Tong: Moulmein-Kallang to Marine Parade
      Charles Chong: Joo Chiat to Pungol East
      Halimah Yakob: Jurong to Marsiling-Yew Tee
      Alex Yam: Choa Chu Kang to Marsiling-Yew Tee
      Ong Teng Koon: Sembawang to Marsiling-Yew Tee
      Lawrence Wong: West Coast to Marsiling-Yew Tee

      Woody's claim of the "right team for Aljunied" is led by the MP of many directorships Yeo Guat Kwang, who expressed a wish to retire. The rest are the so called "suicide squad". Blimey, is Woody serious in his claim? I guess the WP must be petrified.

      3 nomads were defeated candidates, now presumably rewarded with more secure coat-tails to hang onto. Tampines residents can look forward to free teochew porridge, new toilet seats in public loos, etc. Punggol has lost a son.

  3. Aljunied, Marine Parade, East Coast, Fengshan, Hougang and Punggol are turning red.


    1. Not RED, its BLUE

    2. Referring to the hammer logo and flags.

  4. From his mentality & body language, no surprise why 1st wife divorced him even though spent hundreds thousands from supersscale salary & got ministry limousine & chauffeur to ferry wife around town.

  5. The smiling tiger, oops, Cheshire cat, turning bellicose and baring his teeth. In his Facebook page, Dr Chee said: "It was a bolt out of the blue when he cited a matter that happened 20 years ago to continue the PAP’s tactic of character-assassination.” One wonders who is turning the Hen's strictures against negative campaigning on it's head! There you have it, saying one thing and doing another. How do you trust these bunch of clowns?

    In the forum, he was voluminous in trumpeting the PAP's track record, indulging in half-truths and side stepping around the inconvenient questions of the woes of the last 10 years of Ah Loong's administration. I think the public can see through all the spins and smoke and mirrors.

    “Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.” - Mark Twain

    1. The best quip from the TV forum last night has to be from the member from the National Solidarity Party, Lim Tean:
      "On the 11 of Sep, you are not voting for an estate manager, you are voting for a member of parliament. In the last 4 years, in the last sitting of parliament, we had PAP MPs who didn't speak a single word. Now, does that qualify them to be a member of parliament? I don't think so."

    2. "So you voted for a tiger in the chamber and you got a mouse in the house. It’s one of these Frankenstein monsters. Every day it turns into a tiger, every night it turns into a mouse.” - Lee Hsien Loong

      Well, the presence of the PAP MPs speak louder than words. In 115 Parliament sessions held since 2011, Raymond Lim spoke zero times, Mah Bow Tan spoke once, and Wong Kan Seng spoke twice. Besides speaking up, who attended the least number of times? Mah Bow Tan and Raymond Lim again, who sat at 82 sittings (70 %). We pay them $192K per year for what? Hats off to the WP team: Low Thia Khiang and Gerald Giam (an NCMP) attended all 115 sessions, Mohamad Faisal and Pritam Singh attended 114, and Sylvia Lim 113.

      There is the value for our money, folks! Not a single PAP backbencher has attended all 115 sessions. Oftentimes, we see them sleeping on the job. So, Petty Minister, who is the tiger, the mouse, or the Frankenstein, or in Singlish the jiak liao bees? You decide.

    3. If PAPs MPs are no mouse, then why do they need LHLs poster everywhere?

      Why do the new MPs wannabe , including paper generals are not standing in SMC like a tiger?

      Why do the ex minister like MBT or Raymond not speak out despite their high pay and experience

    4. //It’s one of these Frankenstein monsters//
      Why the mee siam mai hum pm use Frankenstein? I always thought it was Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde who had the split personalities.

  6. The other horrible old man said his hair turning white is for the sake of Singaporeans. Tolong ah.

    If he is paid peanuts like Goh Keng Swee, maybe I believe him. But when his peanuts are measured in 'peanuts' valued by his wife, I think there should be a limit to how they try to bullshit us.

  7. "I was interested to hear the Emeritus Senior Minister say the other day that the PAP could be a self-check by itself. That to me is total nonsense and I think Singaporeans know better."

    You misunderstood him. He was saying that every PAP ministers check their bank accounts each month, and the balances keep going up by peanuts.

    That is check and balances PAP style.

  8. Me am a volunteer to NSP Tampines GRC where its' Acting Secretary General Lim Tean, Party President Sebastion and their Team are contesting against PAPs' Heng Swee Kiat, Masagos and their Team.

    As observed by Anon 2:29 pm. Mr Lim Tean, a Cambridge Educated Legal Professional is One any Voter could wish for.
    Conversant immaculately in both the English and Chinese Languages, the Man has the Humility any peasant will be very comfortable with. Here is a man who truly understands and empathizes with the People.

    I wish the Voters of Tampines GRC will give him the Supports He and His Team deserve.

    Mr Lim Tean is not just for Tampines GRC, He is the Man for All Singaporeans.


    1. I agree Mr Lim conveyed his message very clearly and that is important for the average singaporean voter. I thought your colleague who spoke on Channel 8's equivalent show also put across the same message which was well received. The key now is to articulate the alternative choices and changes you propose to existing policies on these issues.

    2. It's a great consolation to have some of the Very Best Calibres coming in at the Last Moment to probably offer Singaporeans the Last and Final Opportunity to PREVENT THE LOSS OF THEIR HOMELAND.

      Anymore support to the PAP Regime and to allow the Pappies to import aliens and exploit us, the People, shall mean surrendering our fate to Leaders who gave no qualm to put the People at disadvantage to aliens.

      Voters have to be united to tell the Pappies in no uncertain term that they are taking the People for granted for too long.

      The Good Folks may havw arrived late, however they gave us the Hope that we are in time for a
      Stitch in tine saves nine possibility.

      We must take the Opportunity or be in tatters.


    3. Sebastian Teo also spoke reasonably well in the Chinese forum. Many have dismissed NSP because Nicole Seah is no more but if they have more or Lim and Teo, then they deserves support in whatever ward they are standing

  9. The Minister did have the killer look when he stared intensely at his opponent, willing him to a fight.
    Dr Chee, a lau jeow, did put up a good fight before the moderator intervene.
    Dr Chee has said that the select committee who found him guilty comprised of PAP MPs, implying that he did not expect to receive any justice or fairness in such a situation

  10. Those who lived through the LKY knuckle duster , will know many are made up charges grossly exagerrated. Dr chee gave good explanation, who were the people who sits in the committee team that has to evaluate him then?

    He and his team deserves a fresh start. The way PAP has been so afraid of them, you know is like the Charlie chan banned book , you just need to listen to them more in spite of the ban.

    Good luck to SDP. With dr Paul work and expertise I. Health area, I think he will make great contribution as an MP. Especially whe society ages, we could do with more champions.

  11. PM Lee "Take a look at the people we have. And the kind they have. What sort of person are you? "

    If this is not arrogance to the highest altitude , I don't know what is. Here is a PM of a country who "sort" its citizens by types. Don't even think for a moment when the "better sort of people" ever regard you as one and same. They lie through their teeth when they say they will improve your lives even if you boo them. His contempt and despise for those unlike his types are blatant for all to see.

  12. Why does PAP target Dr chee who is one of our own kind and try so hard to slander and disqualify him?

    On the other hand, the new citizen who was not borned here in singapore is allowed to run as an independent candidate in Bukit Batok?! he runs his own firm hiring all his own kinds from his homeland, and only lived here for 15 years. What does this new citizen know about our people, language, culture and history to qualify him to run? What do we know about his past or tail he left behind? This is the kind of people that PAP has brought in via PWP growth. What's next?

    1. The ELD should investigate this case thoroughly to see whether PAP break any rules when it went out of the way to use its supporters to shore up this new citizen's application

    2. Dr Chee is outspoken and is a threat to the PAP scheme of things- non ransparency/accountability. Guarantee he would be not be meek or overly cautious type of MP we had in the last parliament.
      So they have to keep him out at all costs.

  13. "It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."

    Joseph Stalin