Monday, August 10, 2015

Flexing Muscles

According to the BBC, they spent $15 million to put up this year's National Day Parade. The figure has to be grossly understated considering the fancy hardware on show.

"If I have to shoot 200,000 students to save China
from another 100 years of disorder, so be it."
Made up like Andy's plastic soldiers from Toy Story
Design looks familiar, hope copyright not infringed
Used in Chiangmai? Why not Indonesia forest fires?
Perfect for aerial view of  opposition party rallies.
Extra large smoking-causes-cancer stickers required.
Waste water! Waste water! Fine! Fine!
Just the thing to demolish horrible house at Oxley Rise.


  1. Take back our country.
    Rename "National" Day "Singaporean" Day.

  2. We should do this once every 5 years instead.
    Imagine all that money and time spent on those rehearsals leading up to the NDP. Could have been better used elsewhere. What's the point of all those rehearsal and by the time the actual day comes, people would have been sick and tired of the noise and smoke pollution!
    Besides, spare a thought on those productivity loss and money we could have saved for a better and fresher show once every 5 years instead.

  3. Sack Ah Loong for wasting our money and pollicising the National Day for the election. It is no longer Our Day, but PAP Day. Wake up, People. 50 years of PAP rule is a golden Jubi-Lee, not an event to be celebrated.

  4. Prudence seems to be a quality absent from the govt; judging from the $15million expenditure tab.

    If this is the result of policies and decisions made by the incumbent ruling party then I say we shall vote them out so that a party with better judgement replace them.

    By gosh!!! $15 million and they crack the whip on us asking us to be more productive. Return our CPF savings quickly please.

  5. When I was a boy, I love military stuff like tanks, planes etc, then after that 2 year indentured servitude called NS I now cringe and die a little inside when I see them in NDP. Kinda funny, to say the least...and I don't think I'm alone.

  6. $15m and the fireworks was an utter letdown!
    Whoever said it would be twice bigger and better got to be seriously joking. It lasted less than 4 freaking mins!!
    If this is their version of first class, they have a lot to learn.
    Maybe the fireworks have been burnt elsewhere.

  7. Come on, $15MM = Annual pay of 7 -10 ministers. It's cheap to keep the masses entertained.

  8. $15 MILLION????? good grief. that's a lot of meals and medical fees for old cardboard collectors gone, just to show off.

    the problem with not having to work hard to amass your cash makes you rather careless about the way you spend it.

    as they say, easy come, easy go...


  9. Glory Seekers






  10. National Day celebrations should be community events initiated by the people much like in US or Canada.
    Not a Govt-held propaganda-charged exhorbitant display that only serves to blow your trumpet on your expensive military toys and acheivements which is only observed in communist dictatorships.
    Btw, I agreed with that boy- the songs are creepy