Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tall Tales

It's the kind of one upmanship that is best suited for a men's locker room. Seriously, comparing lengths at a public kopi-tiam?

Former public servant Joan Pereira started it off by boasting about her record length of grassroots service: "My 25 years of grassroots experience has impressed on me the importance of anticipating and meeting needs of residents."

What she did not anticipate was the delicate ego of her male colleague, who countered with "police officer for 20 years, grassroots volunteer for 30 years." Born in the 1970s, that would make Melvin Yong the youngest political activist at age 13. Pereira started official party work in May, she has been seen walking the ground with Indranee Rajah since last year. When it comes to political truths, the mileage will vary.

And you thought you heard everything when the anal doctor Koh Poh Koon claimed that he and his medical graduate wife only had $11.50 in their bank accounts when they shifted into their HDB flat. You know the incumbent party must have scraped the bottom of the barrel, and now resorting to the terminus of the alimentary canal, to recruit such running mates.

Even the mainstream media contributed, writing that Yong's last day of work with the Police was on Sunday, Aug 16, a public holiday. Unfortunately for the hard working Assistant Commissioner of Police, Yong was spotted at Tanjong Pagar GRC mingling with residents at a walkabout organised by the People's Action Party (PAP). Which is in blatant breach of the Code of Conduct published by the Public Service Division (PSD) to remind civil servants they should be “completely neutral in all political matters and matters of public controversy".

Forget about filing a police report. Parts of Tanjong Pagar GRC came under his watch as Commander of Clementi Police Division from 2010 to 2014. His band of brothers in that ward will ship you so fast to the Institute of Mental Health for a medical review that you won't know what hit you.


  1. Why is this posting carried tomorrow's date?
    Is Tattler ahead of his time?

    1. Tatler is always ahead of his time.
      Unlike the MSM, cosmetic change but never reform.
      Still trying to "set" the agenda on behalf of its master, saying TOwn council is the issue this election.

      They are trying very desperately to frame this only as local issues, so electorates didn't have to question them on national ones. The poor illiterate and uncritical pioneer generations who didn't know any better. But if you are educated, middle class and young voters, you ought to know better not be fooled.

  2. Ministers are govt servants when enjoying their bonuses but are not govt servants when they carry out political campaigns for PAP?

    Isn't this a clear conflict of interests or blatant abuse of their authority? Did they use white pappy soap powder to cleanse off their accountability or not?

  3. Where is the segregation of powers when the incestial relalionship between the civil service and ruling party is blatantly displayed for all to see.
    So far the candidates have been Police and Army Chiefs, permanent secretary etc.
    Some has actually call us a fascist state than a democrataic one.





  5. PM Lee (1 star), Lui Tuck Yew (2 star) and Desmond Quack (3 star).

    No wonder Lui has to resign - he's caught between a rock and a hard place. Should he obey that 1 star, or should he listen to the 3 star? No wonder he is seeing stars. A 3 star reporting to a 2 star who reports to a 1 star. Uniquely Singapore.

    And now we are going to have another 3 star in the cabinet - assuming he gets voted in. So this new 3 star is going to be much more junior than the incumbent 1 star. Tan Chuan Jin, better ask for promotion to 3 star.

    1. Very Uniquely Singapore indeed! That's why we are seeing stars from being screwed by our coverment.

  6. PAP's limited talent pool of;
    Generals, Admirals, doctors, lawyers, Permanent Secretaries.
    Looks like it's now expanded to include Police Commissioners.

    It's not strong leadership we need.
    It's competent leadership.
    And this has been in short supply for last 15 years.

  7. What an underwhelming team.

    For 25 and 30 years of (exaggerated?) grassroots experience, they surely have seen it all and been with the flow long enough. What new insights or approaches are they going to bring to the Hainan table, that they haven't already done differently?

    All that howl for the past and his ghosts rather than a serious fight for the future. Wake me up when they are tucked to bed for perpetual slumber.

  8. Out of the 5 wards, at least 3 of them are fortress-like.

    It is probably the percentage of swing voters the alternative can take from the incumbents.

    Probably it is not a matter of winning for the incumbents but how high their winning margin.

  9. Parts of Tanjong Pagar GRC came under his watch as Commander of Clementi Police Division from 2010 to 2014. His band of brothers in that ward will ship you so fast to the Institute of Mental Health for a medical review that you won't know what hit you.//

    Perhaps explains why he is now duly rewarded for knowing which side of the bread to spread his butter on!?

    And judging by the bungling of the case, are people still impressed?

  10. Lui was also commander of navy ships and whatnot.
    Did he command the trains and buses well?

  11. Tg Pgr, Tanglin, Q'stown can be conceded as incumbents strongholds.

    For Tg Pgr alone, it might come in at ard 75-80%.

    Overall, if they score below 65-70%, it likely is considered underperformance.

  12. Total voters are approximately 130k out of which the new Moulmein ward constitutes abt 12k.

    Hard to see the alternative can wrestle TgPgr from the incumbents.

    If alternative can manage 35-45%, it can be considered a great achievement.

  13. Any alternative and their candidates contesting are for 2020 and 2025. 2015 is a stepping stone. If lucky, there might be opportunities before 2020 or 2025. Thus, they should put in a good contest and at least provide voters to exercise their votes. But the conclusion is a foregone outcome. The fight is more for honour and future dividends elsewhere than a victory this round.

  14. For Tg Pgr, a contest at least give voters a chance to exercise their vote than anything else. The alternative can also use it to gain experience and build up/ oil their machinery for bigger scheme of things down the road if they are serious to be a credible force in the local scene.

  15. Any outcome in the end is likely bcos the fortresses are too strong than the qualities of the alternative. But given their long term goals, at the minimum, there is likely a credible contest and voters get to exercise their democratic rights after such a long break.

  16. SMOS Indranee spoke quite well and basically rightly echoed the concerns that the incumbents team makeup might be weakened elsewhere and the PM might have a smaller pool to choose from. But in a maturing democracy, such trend might be inevitable over the long run. In the end, Sg must be well governed and those left behind by the rapid economic development must be taken care of one way or another to build an inclusive and cohesive society with a strong national identity.

  17. The internal squabble and disagreement in Never Synchronised Plan may bring further permutations to the possible pan out. Never rule out H Poa being wooed by the alternative. Not easy to get reasonable good credential candidates in Sinkie politics. H Poa with her sensible, reasonable, intelligent, well organised and hardworking nature should be a good catch for any alternative and shore up their ranks with her contributions. She is more than capable of helping to pull in large vote banks for any place she stands in. With her experience in GE 2011, she should be able to contribute significantly in the logistics and strategy of any party especially the newer ones. Her ex colleague may also use this opportunity to woo her to strength their team. This "sudden" development cuts both ways. If Hazel joins hands with GMS, it likely will throw new possibilities in the areas PPP is likely contesting. Other impacts are with the areas SFP are contesting and might Langar into in view of the new developments. Many reaidents in Pair Ris Punggol are hoping for a stronger alternative to emerge there. Likewise Tampines. SFP may negotiate bilaterally to "give" Tg Pgr and Jurong in exchange for Tampines. That will see a more even contest. Alternatively, SPP hands and slates likely will be strengthened if Hazel joins some of her formal colleagues there. Other options are SDP or even RP. In politics and history, often there is no permanent foes. This latest development is as much a new consideration for the incumbents as for the alternative bcos many of their "battle plans" in many areas could be affected if Hazel decides to persevere on and join other alternative to continue her cause in Sg politics.

    1. Let me put it to you bluntly.
      Most people have already written off RP, SDA And NSP.
      If you can't even organise, attract and retain team members and keep having revolving doors, steer away from us all. You are either incompetent, delusional or are proxies to the Party doing bidding work for them.

    2. Ha ha ha

      Your bluntness quite certainly disqualify YEW to be a leader of any political party or unified leader or for a successful political cause. This is the way things are, just like in the battlefield. Yew expect your own battalions to be fully proned down, taken positions before the enemies shoot? Enemies must hold fire before your troops and formation are in place? 2,000+ years ago, Sun Tze already written in the last chapter of his world famous book about all these off battlefields maneuvers. Part and parcel of the game. Some things are like mozzies. The more Yew are irritated and dun wan them around, the more they will buzz around Yew everywhere and irritate and frustrate Yew to no end. Fair game in politics. Yew expect perfect or near perfect circumstances for Yew to reach your goals, join "NOL". The master of simulated Wargames is having a full model in his command centre to experiment and learn "fighting " in the real world shipping industries. The outcomes are the "bloodbath" in the balance sheet....... ha ha ha. Hope this "bluntness " is less blunt than yours?

    3. This unnecessary squabble is created by that bum Steve Chia. He should stick to taking topless photos of his maid.

      Hazel should not join GMS - that guy is a lightweight with a big ego. Hazel should join the Workers Party to strengthen the WP further. And let Hazel take on Steve Chia and TPL at MacPherson.

    4. Part 1:

      Sinkies as usual are quite straight thinking folks. This latest development on the surface disrupts the opposition but underneath presents huge headache for the incumbents.

      Heavyweight political figures are like chess pieces. Assume hazel is a 马 in the Chinese Chess piece. Her leaving NSP means she now can land up practically everywhere and anywhere.

      The point is not whether who is the best person or best party she should join.

      Probably those who follow Sg political scene are likely to know who are the bad, the ugly and the good.

      It must be admitted and conceded that many supporters are well meaning and anxious NOT to repeatedly seeing the alternative get messed up and tripped just before the finishing line after years of preparations and patience and have another moment and five more years of anguish, frustrations and even pain for many.

    5. Part 2:

      As mentioned above, as chess pieces and now NOT tied down for the time being to any party or ward, the incumbents then would have to redeploy resources to guard against this "马" chess piece popping up in the 11th hour behind their backyard and give them a "Checkmate" move.

      Going along this line, Hazel and all the alternatives can keep the suspense till the last moment as far as possible. The incumbents would then have to provision for her popping up in all and every possible ward not to kena surprised and caught napping or unguarded.

      This means disrupting the incumbents planning to a certain extent with significant uncertainties in many wards all at once.

    6. Part 3:

      For that matter, if Hazel ends up joining GMS ( never mind about what this fella is all about ), CCK would need to up their defence in advance just in case.

      Obviously the possibility for Hazel to land up in SDA, RP is quite remote but assuming there is still 1% possibility, the incumbents would need to deploy some defences in case Hazel pop up in Pasir Ris, AMK or West Coast.

      By trying to save one tree ( MacPherson ), the incumbents would end up having to protect almost the entire forest ( many other areas ). It is an off battlefields headache for the incumbents.

    7. Part 4:

      Imagine RP pops up on nomination day in AMK with Hazel, Roy, Ravi, KJ and another heavyweight in the 11th hour.

      PM does not need any last minute surprises to make his heart beat faster.

      Neither do any other minister helming GRCs such as Jurong, Tg Pgr, East Coast, Marine Parade, Yew Tee etc.

    8. Part 5:

      If this is an intentional tactical move by the alternatives, Sun Tze, if alive, might agree and concur this is as good as it can get.

      One chess move and it tie down the opponents 20 to 30 other pieces of the chess set.

      An unbelievable brilliant strategic chess piece from the alternative parties! No?

    9. To create suspense till the 11th hour on nomination day, all the other parties should in the meantime wayang, wayang and be seen to woo Hazel assiduously without revealing their hands which party Hazel will actually eventually join.

      Keep the opponents in great suspense and guessing.

      It highly likely will pose significant organising headache especially for ah Rooster ( hen is female, should be the male version rooster ). Ah Rooster may have to sound out Hazel and even persuade her to join them by offering her a substantial post if elected.

      Elections are elections.

      Full of possible surprises, last minute twist and turn.

      Mb they may contemplate to postpone it till year end, 2016 or even Jan 2017 given this latest development.

      To go ahead without knowing the opponents next move is to go into a contest with significant unknown variables and uncertainties. A risk that they have to take if there is no other ( better ) choice.

  18. How do you trust these people? They cannot even tell the truth about themselves. Great observations, Tattler.

  19. Can we trust a government that does not keep its promise?
    Did this PAP government return our CPF money back to us in full when we turn 55 years old?
    If this promise is not kept now.
    What other promises will be broken in the future?

    It is not strong leadership that matters.
    It is a trustworthy leadership.
    South Korea got rid of its last military dictator Park Chung Hee in 1979.
    And look at South Korea today.

  20. Isn't this our very own version of UMNO cronies?

    The only language they are well versed with is PAP 'dignity' also known as money and more money. Anything else is simply secondary.

    Pure heart, my foot. If pure heart, would anyone lure the old folks with only a packet of chicken rice ?

    1. Why are our civil service like HDB, BCA and etc involved in the Tianjin Eco City project?
      Why are we paying Singaporean civil servants to work on projects in other countries?

      How many civil servants are being used this way?
      How many overseas projects are they working on?

  21. Part One:

    The older generation could be doing their offsprings a ( huge and arguably irreversible ) disfavour if they make their decisions on the sweets and lollipops thrown their way ......

    The older generation used to teach their young not to be taken in by strangers offering them little goodies and get conned and sold away in faraway land ......

    Are they now NOT guilty of the silliness, gullibility and cheap traps that they told their kids not to fall into years ago ......?

  22. Part Two:

    Judge leadership based on their competencies, not how much little sweets and goodies like what those big bad wolves in TV shows would try to offer unsuspecting innocent youngsters to con and eat them up later .....

    When small things are also poorly managed and full of kindergarten mistakes, how to entrust the nation's future to such sloppy, lazy and undeserving parasites.

    "MAS sorry for misspelling Yusof Ishak’s name in folder for SG50 commemorative notes"

    "YOG certificates wrong signature"

  23. Part Three:

    If simple things cannot be done correctly despite blowing the budget limit many times over, is it any wonder SINKIELAND is going downhill and into a bottomless abyss?

    Frankly many youth not only do not have respect for those in charge, they do not have respect for those who put those in charge up there despite mounting problems and lapses piling up higher and higher each passing day .......

    Have the oldies lost their minds ( and brains )?

  24. Part Four:

    Is it why there are so many uncontrollable MRT breakdowns and the nation overwhelmed by outdated labour-intensive economics policies and flood of foreign influx causing strains in infrastructures, social fabric, long term sustainability etc etc .......

  25. Part Five:

    Is it any wonder many in the younger generation find ways and means to uproot and work and settle down in faraway land, leaving their daft oldies to remain stuck ( and rot away ) under the autocracy they put in power ......

  26. The smile on Sam Tan's face is so plastic and fake!

    Typical smug and yayapapaya condescending attitudes. ..

    How to trust ours and future generations' futures with such insincere and fake, plastic smile smart Alecs who think sinkies are too daft to see through their elitist, parasitic and millions dollars entitlement mindsets?

  27. // Seriously, comparing lengths at a public kopi-tiam? //


    Literal translation: "If the upper beam is not straight, the lower ones will go aslant."

    Firewood vendor's version: "A crooked stick will have a crooked shadow"

    Experienced Fisherman's version: "Fish begins to stink at the head."

    Nursery's 3 YO's version: "If a leader sets a bad example, it will be followed by his subordinates."

    1. Leading by "examples".

      NTUC people laughing and laughing and so HAPPY with their money money rendition, with plenty of ( stiff bones and horrendous ) face palm dancing to boot along ..... ZORRO is especially very "enthusiastic" ...... Seah Lan Peng also ......

  28. // It's the kind of one upmanship that is best suited for a men's locker room. //

    Geylang prostitutes sell bodies and cunts.


    Uniquely Sinkieland's "one upmanship"?

  29. @ Anonymous8/20/2015 11:52AM
    //Pure heart, my foot. If pure heart, would anyone lure the old folks with only a packet of chicken rice ?//

    Kee Chiu arranged Tg Pagar's GRC's aunties to Yio Chu Kang with miserable packet of chicken rice for a few hours of their time on a warm, humid evening in YouTube video below.

    Potential future PM?

    Look at his body language! !


    //You know the incumbent party must have scraped the bottom of the barrel, and now resorting to the terminus of the alimentary canal, to recruit such running mates.//

    Seems a lot of hard truths in the above statement judging from the video above and countless other incidents, videos and the general trend in Sinkieland.

  30. Another tall tale ( and quite incredible too ) in the video below:

    Some people must have thought sinkies are the daftest in the world and probably worst than kong cum 3 years old.

    Wonder what they say and chuckle behind sinkies' back.

    In front of sinkies, they shed crocodiles tears .....

    Can someone spell SHAMELESS?


  31. More "one upmanship" video .....

    This time featuring "Zorro Lim"

  32. @ Anonymous 8/19/2015 1:59 PM
    //Ministers are govt servants when enjoying their bonuses ...... //

    This one in the YouTube video below sure do, shaking his butts in public view of sinkies ( is he taunting sinkies after being paid millions from sinkies taxpayers? )

  33. The classic display by the anchor man in Tg Pgr GRC that "sealed" his "immortality" in sinkieland. ....

    The one and only ..... KEE CHIU!

    1. EQ vs IQ.

      Kee Chiu so what?

      Audience laughed themselves sick and stomach ache.

      High IQ, clever but poor EQ and group thinkers. What is the end result? Vicenomics, Casinomics, Taxnomics, Populationomics, Constructionomics, Aimnomics, Lapsesnomics, Sexnomics, Generalnomics, Wargamesnomics, NOLnomics, YangYinomics, Riotnomics, Strikenomics, Cheaperernomics, Betterernomics, Fasterernomics, Geylangnomics, Openlegbigbignomics, KeeChiunomics, CPFnomics ......

  34. Dammit guys, stretching the truth about your experience or lying on your resume and your credentials is what it takes to succeed in this knowledge based society. So we need more examples like above. I say PLEASE, PLEASE recruit more embellishers, truth stretchers into our leadership to set an example for our overly honest population, who can then learn to compete with Phillippines. Because, apparently our former competitors in Hong Kong have already left to compete at a higher level. Ditto Korea and Taiwan.

    1. YEW can fool some for a while. Yang Yin was exposed in the end. The long term consequences are far more devastating for short term gain and Yang Yin learnt and repented behind bars, with all his ill-gotten gains stripped. Why should we learn and emulate the devils such as Yang Yin to stretch the truth for short terms gratifications? Karma is a bitch. Stay calm and let karma finish it.