Monday, August 31, 2015

When Viswa Met Catherine

Everybody knows Meg Ryan was faking it in "When Sally Met Harry". But there's nothing fake about the frank exchange of views in this Inconvenient Questions video . Viswa Sadasivan, a veteran news and current affairs presenter and former Nominated Member of the Singapore Parliament, was really upset when he asked Catherine about people who are capable of engaging the government for the greater good of Singapore but abdicating the responsibility (at 16:42 or thereabouts).

He calls it "intellectual hypocrisy". Not willing to go out on a limb but wanting others to fight the battle. Even for the doyenne of Singapore writers, that choice of phrase was a very strong outburst. Her own anecdote was about a "highly educated" friend who said she had to vote for the ruling party because her son-in-law was due for a promotion. Her prognosis is that the "very compliant" older generation is about to be replaced by a more vocal young. It is no longer convenient to hide behind the veneer of fear.

Only a few know that the bogey of the serialised ballot paper was invented by the Barisan Socialis, who tried to frighten the masses from voting in the "rigged" referendum of 1 September 1962. Unfortunately for them, spoilt/blank votes were counted as Option A - actually all the three options, A, B or C, were for merger. The self censorship is still working, and the incumbents are still benefiting from the unwarranted fears.

The orgasmic moment in the interesting dialogue is not the mention about Amos Yee being interviewed by CNN last week (not BBC). Near the end, time for broaching the inconvenient question, the author is asked if Singapore is ready for a non-Chinese prime minister. Citing "the sincerity that gets across", Tharman gets her full hearted and full throated endorsement. Okay, that should explain why the present one is still fighting hard "to earn your trust and support."


  1. Understand that in a good cop and bad cop situation, both are on the same side. The good cop will try "to earn your trust and support", but he is definitely not on your side, and his "sincerity" is questionable. So does Tharman deserve to be the next prime minister?

    1. Agree. Ng plays the good cop, and Teo plays the attack cop. In the end, both are playing same cops going after their "phantom thief", doing the same bidding for PAP.

      While Tharman is more balanced and mild-mannered, with perhaps more liberal slant to his colleagues, can he stop the "Monster" from growing, which Sylvia puts it mildly "Machinery"?
      Can he stop and recede on the Indian CECA trade pact that Shanmugam or MTI (who?) is trying to ruin the jobs and rice bowls of Singaporeans PMETs?

      As Alex Au says, look no further than the north our neighbour. Look what Mahathir cultivate and put in place the monster Najib where he now has to join millions in a protest march and they can't even bring him down. What makes people think this government is benevolent?

      I always say, and I maintain, the only way for voters to know if they are, is to give them 50 seats in the Parliament, put in a few worthy oppositions of their choice (other than WP), and you will see how the dirty greed and hunger for power fangs will come crawling out.

      Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts, ALL THE TIME. In our case, we have just yet to uncover them.

    2. If people wants tharman an to be their next PM, then they should vote decisively in AMK to remove LHL vote shares. LHL clearly thinks his is a super safe ward thus he was daring to take on ALL the 2nd grade coat tail riders into his GRCs.
      Residents should do the cancer-ridden PM a favor by retiring him early (don't worry he will still keep his GIC post lah) in consideration of his health just like ALjunied gave George Yeos the rest and time he needed with his sick child. Look where he is, couldn't be happier!

      Only daft electorate will continue to take the goodies thus confirming their daftness by their overlord aristorcrats that they can be like dogs that bite on the meats thrown at them. Instead, they should reject those bribes and baits so that th educated nation can come to show their leaders that they are sophisticated and discerning enough to want to get in depth to debate and dissect policies that are truly affecting their lives, not the cheap baits. If they keep falling for the same bribes, it only shows they have been so dumb down and brainwashed all these years.

  2. // Okay, that should explain why the present one is still fighting hard "to earn your trust and support." //

    You are saying Botak better than his boss?

    Beg to differ ........

    No way.

    No Wonder "the boss " is facing a formidable alternative team while botak is having it easy facing a "virgin" party with four 60-year old "political virgins " ......

    Conveniently planned?

    If "the boss" accidentally "阴沟里翻船" ( roughly means "a ship capsized in a loongkang " ), then botak is conveniently there to "step up" .....


    By then, judiciary system, monetary system and cuntry are all dominated by the same stocks.

    Even the alternative team's chief is the same stock.

    And their party chief also same stock.

    What a "coup" if it happened?

    Old man may " really need to come back this time " .......


    If not botak, then BIG NOSE?

    BIG NOSE is facing a very weak team.

    Or $8 cow?

    Squaring of with an alternative team first from the bottom, $8 cow surely no need go Sembawang Park to walk during the evening.

    Maybe $8 cow can sleep for 8 days and still romp home with a landslide.

    "The boss " team probably need to walk from morning 6am to 12 midnight everyday to stand a "fighting chance " not to suffer a "possible upset " .......

    What an irony?

    Fighting the battle of his (political) life with 4 liabilities?

    Son of Punggol face looks like a "jinx" .

    Will "the boss" be jinxed?

    1. "骄兵必败"?

    2. The "safest seat" becoming the "hottest the seat" ? ( omg, face palm )

    3. Better make a last minute change to the liability team makeup than suffer a "骄兵必败" and "阴沟里翻船 potential upset "?

    4. Watch video below of "potential giant killer " team :

    5. Another video:

    6. One more video:

  3. Who is not ready for an Indian Prime Minister?

    Lee Hsien Loong?
    Low Thai Khiang?

    1. Turning this issue into one that potentially attracts "knocks in the middle of the night" is very likely an unnecessary distraction from "big issues" on hand at this point of time.

      Issues such as:

      1) Sinkies future,

      2) Their children's future,

      3) Sinkieland's future,

      and many more ........

      Should not discussions stayed focus on such issues than "creating potential fights and dissonance among the alternatives"?


  4. Insidious climate of fear? Self censorship? Kiasi culture? Who created all these?
    Who whacked Roy he when spoke out on the CPF issues?
    Who locked up a 16 years old Amos in IMH when he spoke his mind about that horrible man?
    When WP called for a tender to manage housing estates under its town council, why no managing agent want to apply?


      I like the bersih video that pretty much sums up the answers to why highly educated people who are compliant to vote for PAP because they need to spread the butter on the correct side of the bread!!

      Is call "Error 404. Democracy Not Found!"

      Tomorrow, we are asked once again to give away our power to a supposedly "great leaders" who can do all the thinking for us peasants, with command from top down because they know it better.

  5. It is widely touted in social media that Mr Teochew is the Zhu Ge Liang of the alternative camp.

    There could be a "new entrant" of master of the ancient Chinese Art of War.

    About 600 years before the birth of Zhu Ge Liang, another brilliant military strategist reigned during the Warring States Period.

    1. He was the military chief strategist of the State of Qi and transformed it into the Super Power among the Warring States.

      Some of his tactics are:

      (1) 打蛇打七尺

    2. (2) 禽贼先禽王

    3. Sonofadud may not speak much Mandarin but the tactics he employed closely resemble some of the strategic genius of that era.

      The first tactic mentioned above roughly means ( in English ) " that to destroy a snake den, one goes for the snake king".

      The second tactic above roughly means ( in English ) "that to capture a bandit gang, one goes for its chief".

    4. There is another Chinese saying:


      Literally it means one "drum the mountain to petrify the tigers".

    5. Other than having the "打蛇打七尺" and "禽贼先禽王" strategic moves, there are many other strategic aspects reminiscent of some of the brilliant moves of the ancient Art of War.

      Several of the strongest and longest ancient Dynastic reigns were established using some of these ancient Art of War.

      Zhang Liang, the instrumental chief strategist born 400 years before Zhu Ge Liang, helped Han Emperor Liu Bang established his 400+ years Han Dynasty. Some of the factors present in the sonofadud's challenge in the "Lion's Den" are similar to those that helped Zhang Liang successfully defeated the Qin Dynasty in BC 206 and subsequently in BC 201 defeated the "God of Battle" - the all invincible overarching King of Chu - Xiang Yu, helping Han Emperor Liu Bang united the entire China and established the 400+ years long and prosperous reign of the Han Dynasty.

    6. One of the famous Chinese idioms, popular even in contemporary era, originated from one of the brilliant counter moves used by Zhang Liang to defeat the legendary Xiang Yu.

      This idiom, " 四面楚歌", was a tactic used by Zhang Liang to weaken King Xiang Yu and led to his ultimate defeat at the bank of Wu Jiang ( literally means Black River ).

      King Xiang Yu was the legendary Warrior General who faced off in BC 206 the fearful army of the Qin Dynasty led by their most tenacious and feared General Zhang Han and emerged victorious.

    7. The many tactics used by strategic geniuses of that era seem to be present in the overall strategy of sonofadud.

      Clues of such are subtly visible during the press conference ..... etc

    8. The "Boss" may need to "refine his overall strategy" .......

      Otherwise he may be "slipping into a torrid time" .......

      With a relatively short period, time may be "running out" .....

    9. With alternative heavyweight Hazel Poa dressed in a highly distinguishable red polo shirt appearing in a walkabout yesterday, another of the "Boss's chief confidante " is under "heavy-fire" and another "safe" seat turning into "hot" seat .....

      With the East "fast overwhelmed by a sea of blue", the central nth and SW "pinned" down by golden-yellow shining sun, North and central sth encircled by "a ring of fire red" etc etc, this is a classic " 首尾 不能相顾" strategic quandary.......

      The Chinese idiom, "四面楚歌" to describe the "battlegrounds" may become more apt each passing day ......

    10. You have Zhuge Kong Ming, they have 司马懿。However smart 张良 was, he could not foresee the rise of 吕雉.

      Anyway, the heavens will not change after GE 2016, whoever win or lose. The civil service is the root of all our problems, not the figure head politicians.

    11. 张良's ultimate loyalty was to his original 韩rulers.

      He helped 刘邦 to avenge the killings of his previous 韩 State folks by Emperor Qin Shi Huang's brutal army.

      Later, 项羽 ordered the execution of 张良's succeeding ruler. That's where 张良 cast his full weight behind helping 刘邦。

    12. Once 项羽was defeated, 张良's job was done.

      Anyway, it was well-known 吕雉 was an itchy, promiscuous, adulterous bitch sleeping with other men when 刘邦 was risking his life fighting the Qin Dynasty and subsequently 项羽。

      张良's stand was that what 吕雉 was up to belonged to 刘邦' s family affairs and he had no intention to intervene.

    13. 张良 was smart in that he knew 刘邦 was a brother in times of war but not one in time of peace.

      His advice was:

      "高鸟尽, 良弓藏; 狡兔死, 走狗烹; 敌国灭, 谋臣亡!"

    14. After the Han Dynasty was established, 张良 gave up all his official posts and retreated to a secluded place to meditate and further his religious enlightenment.

  6. The Clown Prince already implied the current DPMs are not good enough for the position of PM because the next PM will come from those new ones running for election.

    Which brings the question of "Not good enough as compared to the Clown Prince or not good enough as compared to the new interns ?

    So does it mean that any potential PM that is only good enough for Singapore as decided by the king maker comes only one in every 25 years cycle assuming our Clown Prince will be destined to reign for 25 years ?

    That must be our unique Singapore Dynasty, so how can the Clown Prince ever be ready for an Indian PM to take over his Kingdom ?

    1. Can we expect LHL to be promoted to Senior Minister soon?
      Can we expect a seat warmer Prime Minister to be appointed for two terms?
      Can we expect LHL's son to be the 5th Prime Minister 15 years from now?

    2. Don't believe everything that this Goondu says lah. All he is interested is to get our votes. After 11 years, and still haven't found his successor? At every election he says the same, that the next PM is in the new batch, He doesn't say who it is, because he wants us to vote everyone in lah. Sneaky bugger. I say let's VTO.

    3. 你我痛心为国为名

      In the end, is for the country they create ALL by themselves aka PAP (why else would they say SG will fail without them?) . The name and reputation are for their dignity, wealth and fame for themselves only. (Where else are our rights? Only seditious, slander and harassment suits) .

      Catherine the great should just continue to write. But this one unlike the father, needed to be scolded because his hide is too thick...flameproof.

      LKY grew it from third to first world with our lowly educated pioneers and generation, now his son has a nation of highly educated citizenry and he needs 38% of foreign talents or it will sunk?

  7. To the Natural Aristocrats of the Proud Aristocrats' Party
    Take your election goodies and shove it up your HoLee arseholes.

    We are voting for the un-natural peasants of the Opposition Parties.

  8. For the sake of our children, our CPF savings and our country, vote for the opposition to ensure our concerns are democratically voiced out in parliament over all important issues.

    No to Team A and Team B PAP rubbish and no to FTs flooding our country overthrowing us out of our jobs.

    No 6.9 million population and No to 10 million people in Singapore.

    No to picking cardboard paper to keep ourselves occupied. We must keep our diginities in our silver ages instead of being pushed to take on security guard, cleaners and cabby driver jobs.

  9. Opposition MPs create good jobs for PAP Ministers.

  10. The journey of a 10,000 miles begins with the first step .......

    A new day, a new sunrise, a new beginning .....

    A new dawn begins from the coldest moment of the night .......

  11. You are not alone in this journey ......

    The people are behind you, in person or spirit ......

    Forge ahead ..... Never look back ....... The finishing line is right in front waiting for your triumphant arrival.

  12. The voices of the masses are crying out aloud in their hearts .....

    Reaching out to the warriors of the people ........

    The people salute the warriors for their courage and conviction to stand up for their beliefs ......

    The bearers of the torch of freedom and salvation ......

    Together, shoulder to shoulder, brother to brother, sister to sister, in solidarity the people and their warriors will stand and fight together .......

    Together, fighting for a common cause, for their future and their children's future ......

    This is a new beginning, a beginning in the next 50 years of their lives and their motherland .....

    Though the journey may be long and arduous, never will they despair again, for the future is in their hands.