Thursday, August 13, 2015

Unfinished Business

Last chance to show Wong can sing.
Singapore's then Minister Mentor (MM) said in an April 2008 email interview that the daring escape of Mas Selamat Kastari from the notorious Whitley Road Detention Centre (WRDC) on 27 February was a "very severe lesson in complacency". MM Lee said the country's security officers knew that fugitive Mas Selamat was "an escape artist", who had evaded arrest many times. "When you are complacent in handling a wily detainee, then you have been negligent," he concluded.

Mas Selamat was captured by Malaysian police during a raid on a house in Kampung Tawaka, Skudai, on 1 April 2009. Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng told Parliament on October 2010 that Mas Selamat "has not given a completely reliable account" of how he evaded being discovered even as a nationwide manhunt was launched to find him, as well as how he made his way to Malaysia. The nation remembers being informed earlier of another incomplete account, that either Mas Selamat was in Singapore, or he was not in Singapore.

Even as Wong, 68, announced yesterday he would not be contesting in the imminent General Election of 2015, many questions about the jailhouse breakout that would forever be associated with his complacency and negligence, are still not answered. Questions like who's bank account the $1 million bounty for information leading to the apprehension of Mas Selamat was deposited into. Or if the two individuals who made the offer ever paid up.

"I've walked through this long journey, more than three-quarters of my working life," Wong told adoring fans at his swansong. "Don't you think I deserve a rest?" Like the albatross weighing down on the seafarer in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner", Wong must have been burdened by the stigma of the Mas Selamat saga. Just as another jailbird, Amos Yee, will be the curse on the last politician standing from his batch of 1984.
"Alone, alone, all, all alone,
Alone on a wide wide sea!
And never a saint took pity on
My soul in agony."


  1. "I've walked through this long journey, more than three-quarters of my working life," Wong told adoring fans at his swansong. "Don't you think I deserve a rest?"

    No Singaporean in his right mind would want you to stay lah!
    Paid the highest salary in the world for the job that you do.
    And still expect us to be grateful to you.
    Unbelievable sense of entitlement.

    Personally, I think you should have been retired 20 years ago.
    If you can't do the job anymore, for God's sake resign and get out of the way.
    Stop wasting tax payers' money.

  2. With the Out Of The World Kind of REMUNERATIONS that he is getting, will he ever resign?

    If he is not a huge liability to the PAP, he would not have being laid off with prevailing CRONYISM.

    Now, Wong Kan Seng is view as very a jinx by his Fellow Pappies for the Coming General Election. And he must be, base on his performance.


  3. In life we all have a choice.

    Work diligently or work sloppily.

    We can leave the job and work in another.

    Is there passion for the work or for the office & salary?

    1. What passion?
      If your passion is to serve people, would you abandon the ship halfway? Liu admitted there was no health issues, wife and family are fine. So what gives?
      Only two possible answers. Incompetence ( as defined by boss) or Conscience (he can't keep lying about things will get better and give false hope) ?

      When US VP joe Biden just got elected as senator, his first wife and daughter were killed in an accident. Did he stop serving? When his son later got cancer and died while he serving Obama, did he quit and step down? He may have served out his 4 years of mandate given to him by the voters, but at least he didn't have the heart to persevere, perhaps on a pointless endeavor? Who knows. But he certainly do stay on for the money out of greed which I'll give him that to his credit. And since the PAP operates with opaqueness and little accountability, they didn't think the people need to know lah. Even NEH is asking people to respect his (Or PM?) decision! Let's move on.

      Electorate just need to remember, 3 MOTs bungling up the job is a disconcerting trend. 3 swallows and it makes a summer. We should remember Lui and his mushroom analogy. All the best to him.


      Are we any wiser ?

  4. He deserved the permanent rest when he let a limping terrorist escaped under his watch! Let's recap and go down the memory lane and how stupid voters paid him more salary in the next 7 years instead of him paying the price.

    Not only Wong can sing his way out, an entire cabinet of evaders can defend his action with impunity. You think the highest paid leader should have a higher echelon of accountability, and future leaders should look to Lui tuck yew as an exemplar. Do the right thing. Loyalty is only to the citizens, and not to party and your paymaster.

    Documentary =
    WKS =
    PM Lee =

    1. Mas Selamat outsmarted a PAP Minister and all the PAP Generals.
      And Mas Selamat works for free.
      No need million dollar salary to be smart.

    2. I cringed at at the replies and excuses when I view the video now. Goes to show Bishan TP voters are not that smart. If they are so smart, how do you explain 3 out of 5 candidates must be replaced or retired. One of which made an unforgivable mistake like letting a terrorist escape. And right now, NEH even try to wayang and conduct press con at kopitiam to swindle aunties and daft voters!! Keep spilling BS about heartlands and voting for estate managers!! onky a dimwit voters will buy into that at this day and age. Use your brains lah Bishan people. What good is your river, garden and estate when your husbands will lose their jobs to FT and your children scholarship and places at unis are given to foreign students. And you have little to retire on your CPF while catching trains that constantly breakdown!!? who is going to answer or account to you these national issues if you think your vote and MP is only good for local estate issues? Wake up from your slumber and wise up. So many unfinished business on a national scale and they are truly insulting your intelligence if you even buy into their BS.

  5. "Wong Kan Seng told Parliament on October 2010 that Mas Selamat "has not given a completely reliable account" of how he evaded being discovered even as a nationwide manhunt was launched to find him, as well as how he made his way to Malaysia. "

    Paid a million dollar salary.
    And he still expects Mas Selamat to teach him about the security loopholes in Singapore.
    Incredible sense of entitlement and subsidy mentality.

    1. Many unknowns remain ;- . The greatest mystery never solved.

      1) how did he get from Whitley to tampinesa, his Brothers hide away.
      2) where was his layover spots since he took 3 days to reach tampines? Spf combed the whole nation but still didn't find him.
      3) how did he get on rubber duck sampan to JB?
      4) who did the bounty go to?

      The best jobs in cabinet is the MHA, Defence and SWF. Nobody can ask questions because it's always about national security.

  6. Selamat jalan or bye-bye Wong Kan Seng. Mas Selamat will have the second laugh on you, the first was when he rocked the jailhouse. Wong can Sing the Blues, but not Jailhouse Rock.

    It appears that those stepping down (voluntarily?), like Lui Tuck Yew (Moulmein-Kallang), are highly unpopular candidates in shaky GRCs (less than 60% votes in 2011): Hri Kumar/Wong Kan Seng (Bishan-Toa Payoh) and Mah Bow Tan (Tampines). Wonder how are the positions of Lim Swee Say (East Coast), Goh Chok Tong (Marine Parade) and Lee Bee Wah (Nee Soon).

    Despite the SDP fielding very weak candidates in Sembawang GRC, the PAP vote share dropped by 13% from 2006. The "negative" campaigning by Khaw Boon Wan and Vikram Nair was probably the reason. These 2 jokers better come clean and stop fixing the opposition. Don't underestimate the people's repugnance towards bullies.

    "Singing the Blues"
    Well I never felt more like crying all night
    Cause everything's wrong and nothing ain't right
    Without you you got me singing the blues

    1. Ng eng hen said every year they have 1/4 of renewals. So 20 candidates out of 80 will be tucked off.
      We already have 15 out, so 5 more to go?
      When PAP can afford to have so many redundant candidates/MPs, what does that tell you?
      Those 20 MPs could have been filled up by opposition candidates that smart voters can start building up as Plan B!!

      Remember, like all good investment, one should never put all its eggs in one basket. And psat performance of a winning stock is not a good indicator of its future performance. Learn from the experts, invest in your future continuity now.

  7. When Fuck You resigned and judging from the love letters they wrote to each over, it was almost like a case of no love lost between 2 love-struck Butterfly Lovers Liang San Po & Zhu Ying Tai. So much so, its seems so much orchestrated and manipulated for the benefit of the incoming GE, not matter how much they deny it. I suppose it is just another dose of his complete honesty for show.

    Now the Can't Sing MP asked whether he deserve a rest ? Again in complete honesty, is it temporary only to end up in some GLC appointment later ?

    Can PAP ever be more honest with us for a moment ?

  8. He may stepped down his MP salary, but can still be special advisor to the PM in some quasi business China forum or SG forum lah. The money flow is uninterrupted one, peasants don't have to worry. Once a MIW forever a MIW.

    They sold start recruiting the young lackey called Russell tan who was educated in and supportive of elitism as an overall good for the society. Spoken like an young aristocrat, very promising. Should someone sign him up for Walk a torq program in KK please? Is never too early to train for leaders.

  9. Typical Sinkies.

    Howling and baying blood on Lui Tuck Yew when train breakdowns and fares went up.
    Then he chickens out and resign, lo and behold, Sinkies start sending sympathy, praise, blame others for his departure(chickening out/ run away from problems and challenges).

    There is no hope in Sinkies.

    Many could be hoping and praying for the Horrible Man to rise from his ashes to save PAP and themselves(Sinkies)

    Time to be decisive and have the PAP and its' Cronies removed from power.


    1. //Sinkies start sending sympathy, praise, blame others for his departure//

      Only the 60% PLP supporters do that lah.
      Singapore as a country is slowly becoming machiam a big mega church these days? Eveyday ,use sing praises and remind people to be eternally grateful and thankful. Soon, ah gong will be resurrected again come ghost month, and simisai LKY will again be invoked like some kind of good book where his hard truths are word of God. Just don't blink lah,, like watching show likedat. They ownself screw up they ownself redeem lor..relax la brother.

    2. Just like George yeo mah. They are sending him tributes and obituaries now leh. He must be thinking dai-ka-lai see !

  10. dear tattler, I am an avid follower of your blog, as the pieces by you are solid and the readers' comments are interesting and often insightful too.

    plse consider penning a piece on how the pap has started to try and change our national pledge. see likedatassocanmeh.

  11. Ng eng hen said every year they have 1/4 of renewals.

    - one farking nodding white monkey in parliament is the same as the next
    - they all agree with LHL
    - so renew or don't renew ... we still get the same nodding white monkeys in parliament

    Nod if you agree.

  12. “A good man apologizes for the mistakes of the past, but a great man corrects them.”
    - Goethe

    LKY's legacy.
    Ah Loong.
    Are you a good man or a great man?