Monday, August 24, 2015

Please Let Them Go

You know the National Day Rally Speech (NDRS) has hit a new low when viewership has to be boosted with a "getai" introduction. Did anyone count how many times the horrible person's name was mentioned? Crooner Kit Chan should have chosen another tune from the Disney blockbuster, "Frozen". You know, the one with the chorus line that goes, "let it go, let it go, let it gooooo........"

You really have to think twice if you were planning to buy a second hand car from this guy - who also professed to a second career as a housing agent - when he says his best performing ministers are Vivian Balakrishnan and Lim Swee Say. If someone opened a window, the audience should able to get a whiff of the free smoke from Indonesia. Wait, it gets betterrer, even the Kate Spate fetish gets a mention. Maybe it was just a distraction so someone can swipe the toothpicks. How come Deputy Prime Minister Tharman did not warrant a mention? Latter had arguably produced the best soundbite in 50 years, about the provision of a trampoline instead of a safety net so Ah Kong can bounce back to collecting cardboard boxes till age 65, that's upped to 67 by 2017. And if we are to believe Tan Chuan-Jin, it's a healthy exercise to keep active, instead of wasting time doting on grandchildren.

After the litany of pork barrel giveaways - Special CPF Housing Grants, New Fresh Start Housing Grant, New Proximity Housing Grant, Higher Medisave Grant for newborn, etc - he still has to make sure the daft knows what the speech is all about:
"...if you support what we want to do ahead, the future that we are building, the please support me, please support my team."

Notice there's no discussion about a workforce decimated to two thirds "core Singaporean", whether the outing Transport Minister's promise of a fare reduction will be kept, and how hard the Medishield Life premium will be hitting us - except the neat reminder that the premiums will start when a baby takes his first breath. Mahathir was roundly trashed for saying certain folks were provided for from cradle to grave. Last night there was clapping for being taxed from the womb to the tomb.
Warning: The expiry date has just been extended


  1. // Last night there was clapping for being taxed from the womb to the tomb.//


    All the carrots dangled out have to be paid from further taxes ( one way or another from sinkies ) after the election ( what is to come between 2016 and 2021? )

    But on the whole, for now, at least the incumbents are attempting to do enough to keep themselves in the running and almost ensuring able to 继续蝉联执政 which more or less they will.

    1. My guess is these will be heavily paid by

      1) Increased GST

      2) Turning all CPF pension into centralised state social security for all

      3) Personal tax, Medishield premiums including Overseas Singaporeans (this has already happened as we speak to many dismay)

      4) More inflation and indirect taxes

      5) Increased population (which we already discovered not on their own confession)

  2. // You really have to think twice if you were planning to buy a second hand car from this guy - who also professed to a second career as a housing agent - when he says his best performing ministers are Vivian Balakrishnan and Lim Swee Say.//

    After listening to the 2015 NDR speech, as a typical Sinkie, cannot help but impressed by PM's fluent delivery in three languages.

    The myriad goodies make the head cannot help but say support the incumbents, as a typical sinkies.

    As a typical Sinkie, cannot help but bought over by the carrots offered. The head says it's too tempting and the mouth already drooling .....

    Somehow the heart is emotionless ......


    Head vs Heart ......

    An eternal internal battle till the 11th hour .....

    To be or not to be?

    Will it lead to the same outcome ......?

    Oh dear. .....

    Who am I?

    I am who?

    What shall I do?

    Do what shall I?

    Till the wire, till the wire ....?

    Too close to call ...?

    Oh dear ......

  3. // After the litany of pork barrel giveaways - Special CPF Housing Grants, New Fresh Start Housing Grant, New Proximity Housing Grant, Higher Medisave Grant for newborn, etc - he still has to make sure the daft knows what the speech is all about:
    "...if you support what we want to do ahead, the future that we are building, the please support me, please support my team."//

    The answer may lie in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

    At SG50, it seems sinkieland is still stuck at the bottom of the Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid for most sinkies. ....

    Fortunately or unfortunately, the essence of the speech seems to revolve around the basic physiological needs which is the lowest level at the bottom of Maslow's needs pyramid.

    Even at level 2 which is safety, many sinkies don't feel safe.

    Sinkies are worried about their jobs.

    Sinkies are worried about their future.

    Sinkies are worried about their children.

    Sinkies are worried about their retirements.

    Sinkies are even worried about their lifetime savings --- their CPF ......

    As for level 3 --- Love and Sense of Belonging, the mass influx of recent decades probably has caused sinkieland to be 面目全非 --- almost unrecognisable.

    There is nothing sinister with regards to the speech. It was a good speech, very competently delivered. However, somehow it seems despite being at a silver jubilee, Sinkieland still seems to be struggling at the most lowest level of the Maslow's hierarchy of needs, at least for many sinkies.

    It seems logical that as a society, Maslow's hierarchy of needs is one of the potentially good yardsticks to assess sinkies progress as a people.

    As for level 4 - Self-Esteem and level 5 - Self-Actualisation, many sinkies probably can't empathise with both.

    Perhaps these sum up all where many sinkies are at now. Many are still struggling at level 1 at SG50. Yet another bulk are stuck in between level 1 and 2, feeling insecured about many things including their confidence in the future.

    What does this young nation needs to make most sinkies propel beyond levels 1 and 2 into at least level 3?

    This may be the crux which may be critically missing in the speech.

    Some may be won over by it but likely many others may not bcos such things are easily forgotten and they may not resonate in people's heart when they make up their minds .....

    In the next few weeks, the national mouth pieces may bombard sinkies with news of goodies after goodies but based on the law of marginal diminishing returns, beyond the basics and certain levels, people are indifferent and even numb to such material carrots.

    Perhaps, more heartware and not hardware may be what is crucially needed to win people over at this juncture.

    But it is easier said than done.

    1. That's the point! As long as sinkies are constantly worried and kept in their first and second tiers pyramid game, the citizens will not be empowered and PAP can forever become your crutch and savior every time that you will be so eternally grateful to vote them in! Their version of egalitarian is superficial and non existing. The concept of public housing has been so heavily abused that the same old narrative that 80-90 % of HDB owners are proof of affordability is like saying 81 out of 87 seats in parliament is proof that PAP is a great govt with mandate!! This kind of old spiel will only work for the older pioneers who have nostalgia and little educated, plus those new citizens who come from third world country that has only a far worse examples to compare with. But for the younger cohorts and educated middle class PMET, they really ought to see through the same veil and be smarter not to swallow the usual "we make decisions and act for your own good and interest!" . Go ask your PM and Ministers what they have signed for TPP and Ceca that will affect your future job security?

  4. //Notice there's no discussion about a workforce decimated to two thirds "core Singaporean", whether the outing Transport Minister's promise of a fare reduction will be kept, and how hard the Medishield Life premium will be hitting us - except the neat reminder that the premiums will start when a baby takes his first breath. //

    Some issues are touched on in the NDR 2015 speech such as income ceiling, AHG ( additional CPF housing grant ), paternity leave, baby bonus, SIT, CHAS and PGP .....

    But predominantly many measures can be perceived as carrots and mostly piece meal in nature and may not solve the root causes of the challenges faced by our society.

    By far, the most daring step was the further massive intervention in the AHG and raising qualifying income ceiling from 6,500 to 8,500 and the the grant from $20,000 to $40,000. This massive intervention to help make up for some of the difference in the widening divergent gap happening for the past 25 years of property prices and the real income of new job entrants.

    On the surface, many of the ( piece meal and stop gap ) measures appeared bold and generous but a closer scrutiny seems to indicate the incumbents are chasing the problems then getting ahead of the curve to eradicate or solve the challenges holistically from the root causes.

    Nonetheless, many sinkies may not think deeper and further and it would not be surprisingly many would swallow the carrots hook, line and sinker wholesale. The incumbents may have done enough to win the majority's support.

    The main concern is what would ensue over the next five years between 2016 to 2010?

  5. // Wait, it gets betterrer, even the Kate Spate fetish gets a mention.//

    The AHG scheme, though good in nature, has several rough edges.

    Foremost, it is opened to "abuse and freeloaders gaming" the scheme.

    1) New citizens or instant trees. The burden of financing the scheme is by and large borned by the entire society. Freeloaders can take advantage of the scheme with no intention to fulfil the objectives of the policy measure which is primarily to boost sinkies birthrate.

    Freeloaders can buy and then dispose of the property after the MOP ( minimum occupation period), pocketing the profits. If they take up citizenship in another country thereafter, they can cashout every single cent in the CPF including the $40,000 grant paid for predominantly by sinkies taxpayers.

    If they stay put, these group of freeloaders will burden sinkies who spend a lifetime breaking their back raising their offspring and these offspring will bear future tax and other burdens to subsidize and finance all these freeloaders' old age needs.

    1. At age 31, Kate spade has already gotten a free ride for the first term. If she gets voted in Spain, she will have met the two terms and qualify for a lifetime of pension at what? The youngest age of 35 when most people can only dream of buying their first house?! She will have some chump change for kate spade shopping no doubt. Truly uniquely singapore, the most meritocratic way via a Senior ministers coattail and her husband wings.

  6. "Because my team and I cannot do anything by ourselves ..."

    You and your team pushed through the 6.9 million Population White Paper all by yourself.
    You and your team voted in million dollar salaries all by yourself.
    You and your team choose not to return our cpf money back to us at 55 years old.

    Stand up and take credit.
    Why so shy?

    1. He and his team can't do anything by himself?
      And he immediately disqualify them when he said again "This is my duty, I can't shirk it"!

      The entire PWP is all their doing and there is no undoing as he puts it. Everything we promise to do, we always deliver. Yes, the people continue to be soft and flabby to say NO to the politicians who will send them to the Turkey house.

  7. // Mahathir was roundly trashed for saying certain folks were provided for from cradle to grave. //

    The carrots trotted out were not as formidable as feared for the alternatives. Mostly are measures more like firefighting than long term game changing strategic policy measure to put the nation way ahead in the years to come. No earth shaking visions or plans or out of the box strategies to extract the nation slowly but surely slipping downwards the economics ladder in the global scheme of things.

    To be really SPECIAL as a tiny micro-state city, politicians ( and leaders ) have to be ahead in the game, living in tomorrow than today, living in the future than the present, standing higher than others to see clearer the road further ahead than others

    So far, many policies have been reactionary than proactive and mostly not staying well ahead of the curve to intercept problems and challenges.

    Given our limitations and high costs, the margin of advantages in sinkieland, going forward, may not be sufficient to make up for our shortfalls in many other aspects.

    The gradual erosion of sinkieland's speciality likely is inevitable and unstoppable.

  8. Is election rally and canvassing allowed before the date of the GE has been announced?

    1. Why not allowed?
      Are there any Opposition MPs in sufficient numbers in parliament to ask this question?
      Do the 60% daft even understand what a blank check is?

    2. Both incumbents and alternatives have been doing walkabout and distributing their parties' publications......

      What are you driving at?

      If so many things are prohibited and restricted, how are voters going to know and digest who are the new candidates, what they represent, what are the various policies and proposals implications?

      Would you be able to study the night before a law exam and expected to digest most of the legalities and precedents etc?

      Do you want voters to burn midnight oil to go through what various parties stand for the night before polling date?

      There are many more critical issues to focus on, why are you chasing shadows?

      Are not walkabout a form of canvassing, if you go on a hair-splitting exercise and witch hunt?

    3. @ The 8/24/2015 11:04 AM
      "Is election rally and canvassing allowed before the date of the GE has been announced?"

      "Be careful knocks after midnight". ....

      "Mind what you say" .....

      Stepping into a "mine-field" is not something to "pun" about. ....

    4. So he has heard about elections coming, but he didn't get the memo that he didn't sent out?!

      Hahaha, a bunch of us with our foreign friends are laughing our asses off. The kiasu and kiasism of singapore are exemplified by none other than the PM himself. We get laughed at our state of democracy, but yeah, we are used to the abuse like he was sujbeted to the humiliation of the Indo partners. But at least you are paid millions for the mocking sial

  9. " New Fresh Start Housing Grant"

    This scheme is a very good social initiative by the incumbents to look out for those who had fallen through the cracks and help them start anew by owning a functional and relatively comfortable home to work on and work for, consolidate and gradually brick by brick fortify and strengthen their next generation' s future so that they do not fall into a perpetual poverty vicious cycle.

    Kudos to PM Lee and his team of hardworking and very well-paid ministers.

    Pls work harder to solve the underclass problems from getting out of hand or worsening given the extremely tough road ahead in the next 10 to 20 years.

    1. So the PM is now begging for the beggars votes too?
      Well, that's good for him. PAP can start with the campers base at east coast camp sides. But hurry up before the aljazeera media crew scoop the stories.

    2. Last time he boasted $1000 can buy two room flat.
      Now he boasted below $1000 can buy two room flat.
      So the state of living poor has gotten so bad, he is now so proud of it!

      Last 65 yo can retire. No 67 yo can reemployed.
      Huat ah...only in Singapore, that the retired and I supposed , poor all look forward to another 2 years of cardboard exercise.

      That silver scheme of $300-700 is nice, but why dont you just tell us what is the premium rate that my children and grandchildren will have to pay for all these "free lunches"?

  10. Did anyone count how many times the horrible person's name was mentioned?//

    Horrible's name was apparently invoked 187 times throughout. This is as pathetic as it can get. 3 hours of speeches and he even needed the help of a superstar Getai singer to do the job. The constant and shameless plugging is unprecedented. Even a stupid President like George bush junior is smart enough to not tagged on his fathers glory. But at least he only caused an 8 years damage, unlike here. Is 40+. 10 and he still couldn't make it on his own.
    He was right about one thing. Survival is not cast in stone. Only his aristocracy is.

    1. 187 times! You counted? Wow!

    2. You should tag on: His survival is not cast in stone. That's why all the ballyhoo.

    3. To 3:16pm, well - his survival is definitely guaranteed with a 2/3 seats in parliament this time, since WP can't field more than 1/3. As for the PMEs, not sure how many will survive post CECA and 6.9m influx of "foreign workers" which the Ministers are very good at mis-labeling and distorting the reality.

    4. Walaueh, unfrozen and thawed over and over.

      Gratitude is not servitude. The more they remind me of the authoritarian dictator, the more I am reminded not to vote for more of the same one narrative nation. Enough said.

  11. Can't believe he tried to sell a Lim Swee Say goyok to the people. He upturned a downturn at the Europeans meeting?
    So what is IMF waiting for? #greecenewPM

    Voters can do him this favor so he can apply his 2/3 theory without any concrete way to achieve it.

  12. The take aways

    - HDB unaffordable = Increase income ceiling
    - CPF no enough = Increase work age to 67
    - Babies no enough = Increase bonus for ALL
    - Population no enough = Increase 6.9m or 10m

    The same old ways of governing and giving out grants/subsidies/increas xyz. Did anyone see anything new? Where are the new bold ideas apart from the same new town/old town being torn down and built? Every election year Cost of Living is ALWAYS a subject, and the same methods are rinsed, washed and repeated all over again? And of course, they wont forget to remind us that it was all our aspirations at fault, for needing something as basic as phone and data plan now. What's next? If we have to eat at hawker center for 3 times a day will also be a luxury too? When he tried to justify salary went up more than transport fares, all we plebians can think of is that SMRT CEO that went from $500k to $2.5m !!

    1. That's why the stock market responded with a 3% steep slide after the rally speech.

  13. " Special CPF Housing Grants"

    If not wrong, the official name of this scheme under HDB is "AHG - Additional CPF Housing Grant".

    In the past, 1st time Singaporean buyers are either allowed to buy a new hdb unit directly with no grant or a resale unit with a grant of about $40,000 per family unit with some variations.

    In 2013, PM Lee adopted some suggestions and kick started with this social intervention to help those with household income of $6,500 and below 1st time buyers to enjoy a first cherry bite for new hdb flats with another $20,000 AHG.

    However, the rise in property prices has far outrun and outstripped real starting income growth by miles especially in the past 25 years.

    Helping young families own a small flat to start with technically has significant social benefits as it remove some ( cost ) impediments built up in past years in our economy for starting a small family unit. This policy should help to stamp the decline in TFR or at least slow it down.

    Young couples, on the other hand, should be prudent and keep family unit small. Raising 1 kid from birth till graduation in sinkieland nowadays can easily be equivalent to the sum of a full payment for a low end 99 years mass market 3-bedroom 1,000 sq ft unit, not counting in the cut throat and rigorous education system lying ahead from kindergarten to primary to secondary to JC or post secondary and university education ......

    Besides the usual upkeep, private tuition fees of at least a few hundred to 1,000+ per month could be essential for most if not all kids from primary school to JC. It is by the law of average that out of several subjects especially at secondary and JC levels, there will be at least 2 subjects each student needs handholding help in the form of private tuition due to the student's abilities or the qualities of some teachers or combination of various reasons ......

    Thus, despite this special AHG scheme, young couples should not take it as a green light to boost birthrate and procreate by the half dozen or a dozen. Personally have witnessed some families or kids suffering quite badly along the way due to the high cost and high demand of our society and education system ......

    Some had taken their own lives or attempted to as a result .....

    Attempts to boost sinkieland's TFR have to be holistic in many aspects such as education, childcare, work-life balance, commitment to massive human capital investments, housings, medical, etc. Piece meal or stop gap measures here and there are more like half-hearted efforts and unlikely to put much dent to the declining TFR trend and reversing its course.

  14. PM Lee Hsien Loong: "Teardrops and raindrops fell together."
    Dr Grace Augustine (Avatar): "They're just pissing on us without even giving us the courtesy of calling it rain."

  15. The Audience clapped on cue proving how right the Most Horrible Man in Sin was in his understanding of Sinkies.
    Many must have agreed with him when he called Sinkies DAFT and I suppose most Sinkies do not deny or dispute the FACT.

    I am most amused when Sinkies clapped when told they must work more and harder whence in their sunset, twilight years.
    Against conventional tradition of enjoying the Fruits of Labours and more importantly, the Joys of relaxation and FAMILY BONDING AND TOGETHERNESS, OLDER SINKIES FEEL RIGHT TO GO WITH THE EXHORTATION TO WORK MORE AND HARDER, ROFL.

    WHERE IS THE TRADITION OF亲情,友情和乡情(kinship, Friendship and neighbourliness) etc? Unable to relate with Others is the Greatest self made flaw of Sinkies that results in them feeling boring, useless and meaningless in living.
    Boastfulness, conceit for want of face value make Sinkies typically kiasu and daft.
    So daft that they prefer to work to death than enjoying living with others. Instead they JUST WANT TO COMPETE WITH OTHERS EVEN IF THEY DO NOT NEED TO DO SO.



    1. Like to add another aspect of elderly Sinkies in living their LONELY TWILIGHT YEARS.


      WORSE, IF THEY INSTALL CCTVs to monitor neighbours.


  16. Anyone know the real reason why suddenly Ishak 'Yusok' is so important ?

    Or why that Malay police or army officer has to be promoted ?

    Or why paternity leave suddenly become such a hot issue ?

    Especially all at this crutial moment of the year as if they couldn't give a damn about all these matters during the past years or decades ?

    I guess we probably know the answer if we were to ask the new PRC or Indian immigrant whether they know who TF is Ishak Yusof ? Especially why has he become such a important man when most of us couldn't even remember who he was, not to mentioned to spell it correctly ?

    How can any bugger be so pretentious and fake in their intentions whenever ERECTION arises ?

    1. Don't be so petty lah.

      Our Malay brothers and sisters also contributed, sacrificed and worked very hard in our nation building.

      They fully deserved to be honoured on SG50, especially our beloved first President. Nothing to do with politics.

  17. All the HDB grants for a leasehold property. Ultimately the money goes back to them. Nothing to cheer about.

  18. "New Proximity Housing Grant"

    The whatsapp chat group discussions with various family friends and relatives last night and this morning on this new "New Proximity Housing Grant" more or less have yielded the conclusion that this is a good government that is responsive to changing needs on the ground. The incumbents have heard the ground. In return, the ground would like to reciprocate: " We heard you too, loud and clear. Roger out!" :)))))

    1. Better still have some scheme for 2nd timer for new flats. Cfm a game changer and deliver a knock out.

    2. ON! Waiting for the good news! Champagne on standby......

    3. Listening and hearing are two different things. We hear you, but listen up because you won't get my vote. You only heard but didn't listen to our objections to your PWP and CPF, and everything else from the ground.

  19. Last nights NDR just about confirmed what the government thinks of the citizens, no different from dad..dafts

  20. I cheers for the 67 yo ah gong bouncing from trampoline to cardboard exercise. After all, if 40s are the new 20s, and 60s are the new 40s, just tell us where are the jobs created for the age group of 45-55, 55-65 since the state has pretty much hijacked their CPF pensions? Tell me, what has the all important MTI headed by Teo Ser Luck and overseen by God knows how many PS or PPS to LKY and LHL that they can't even showcase or breakdown the jobs created for its own people. We only see ZERO productivity for the past decades and now they say the way we calculate productivity has to be changed because it's no longer accurate!!!

    Amazing...and now, all they can do is come up with a list of cheap hawkers centers to go makan!! That's what the taxpayers pay them millions for! As if adding insult to wound, the same group thinking of PS or PPS are now coming in by the GRC back door to sell more goyok to the peasants.

    1. Real democracy has led Iraq to descend into constant war, suicide bombings and certain anarchy. The Iraqis probably wish strongman Saddam Hussein and his two sons are back at the helm and hold the country together. But for the next unknown years or decades, Iraq will be as war torn and divided under military warlords as Lebanon since the early 1980s. Some Asian countries and people including the Middle Eastern people are better governed as a society by a benign dictatorship than free for all democracy as in western culture. It took the west hundreds if not thousands of years of wars and bloodshed to reach certain maturity for democratic traditions taking root and viable as a political ism and system to govern their societies. In Asia, Japan and South Korea have reached that stage but both are relatively homogeneous and matured society politically and culturally with very long history and tradition. Sinkieland just celebrated SG50. Is she ready for the type of democracy in South Korea and Japan, much less those of the west? Are Sinkieland's cultural and social fabric's foundations strong enough to withstand vast diversity? This has never been tested. Anecdotally and historically, it is uncharted water and fraught with mines almost everywhere and great uncertainties. Sinkieland may not have a strongman to emerge and knock heads together if it descends into potential substantial chaos in the event of the advent of greater diversity. Nobody can tell for sure it won't happen. It is a quantum leap that sinkies collectively have to weigh very carefully and perhaps do a rigorous CBA ( cost benefit analysis ). A SWOT analysis should be done at the same time to identify our position and assess whether Sinkieland can withstand any turbulence internally and externally given that there are significant unstable factors in the region at this point of time. Should Sinkies and Sinkieland not wait for the storms to pass in the region before embarking on significant internal overhaul or quantum changes? Globally, the world may be slipping into another turmoil financially and potentially as big, if not bigger than the GFC in 2008/ 2009. For stability and long term future prospects, sinkies may wish to moderate their aspirations for huge and quantum political change in the long term in return for incremental and acceptable internal political change in the short term. Sinkieland is not at that stage or with a big enough country size or critical mass to ignore external environments as sinkies go on their endeavors to realign their internal structures. Sinkies collectively have to decide how much change will be tolerable and feasible given the current significant unstable outlook in the region and globally. Meanwhile people like Khaw Dung should refrain from making comments that treat sinkies like IDIOTS. Given the current domestic climate, it might be inevitable sinkies would yearn for significant change to get a breathe of long deprived and much needed fresh air. In the end, fate and destiny may decide Sinkieland's outcome, just like it did in the past 50 years. For better or for worst. A decision that sinkies have to make collectively symbolically and critically during its Silver Jubilee on SG50. A decision that collectively may be the toughest sinkies have to make in its short history. May we see a much stronger and happy Sinkieland in time to come during its Centennial Jubilee on SG100.

  21. Damn evil hearted party. If one were to read how AIM was formed to sabo the opposition wards.

    Why should we, in complete honesty, support such a evil leader with such wicked intentions ?

    Pure heart, my foot.

    1. Not pure heart.
      Ho-Lee heart.
      More pure than just "pure" heart.

  22. What goodies have been given can be taken back.

    If LHL gets another 5 more years, then true blue Singaporeans will be doomed !! I can imagine so many bad scenarios:

    History repeats itself with father to son succession ?
    LHL becomes Senior Minister
    Next generation chosen ones etc etc

    3 to 5 million new Singapore Citizens and new imaginative knots to tie dissent up completely so elections become meaningless.

    PAP will rule for the next 50 years !!
    All hail the new Aristocracy ..

  23. After Khaw Dung vehemently denied latest housing initiatives have anything to do with the imminent GE, many voters may make him eat his words. He really treat sinkies voters like shits and idiots. How to trust and have such people running Sinkieland? Will Khaw Dung ever really care for sinkies other than devising and hatching evil plans in the past to dump the pioneer generation in neighboring countries hospices and old aged dumping grounds to rot till their last breathe. Khaw Dung's face tells people he is an evil guy and cannot be trusted. Somemore can lift up his shirt to show sinkies his heart bypass surgery to mock and taunt sinkies by saying he only have to pay $8 for the entire hospitalization and bypass surgery. Real asshole. It is sinkies misfortune to have him as a minister to insult sinkies intelligence, belittle, humiliate and mock sinkies in many occasions including this very day 24 Aug 2015. Somemore suggesting to dump sinkies pioneer generation in Johor and Batam' s old aged dumping ground...... How dare he intended to ill treat our pioneer generation parents who sacrificed everything to build this little red dot to what it is today! Co drivers should rise up to give Khaw Dung a "tight slap" during coming GE to wake up his KhawDunging idea! Mr Teochew should work with other remaining opposition parties ( less Nudist and Porky parties ) to coordinate sending credible teams to contest in Sembawang, Tampines, Punggol etc. Nudist party may capitulate soon and credible opposition parties should not be caught in a surprise by such a last minute no show on nomination day.

  24. Send the Khaw Dung to Transport ministry to clean up the dung trouble. Since he prides himself on being able to resolve troubled ministries, let him show his magic on MRT and transport woes.

    If he doesn't deliver his promises, he should eat his own words and learn true humility instead of fake sincerity. Yeah.. You aint seen nothing yet ...from us true blue loyal Singaporeans.

  25. Its time for Singaporeans to unite and make them repent the next 5-10yrs for the PWP and denying us our CPF savings at 55yrs of age.

  26. You know, I would have preferred that he cried and asked for our votes, than put up this wayang and rolling out all the pork barrels. Rally around and isten up, because PM has made "A clarion call to keep S'pore special":

    "Government has delivered on all promises to improve lives"
    "We had a vision, we believed in it and, together we realised our dreams"

    What I hear are just motherhood statements that only the sycophants will clap and applaud. Special for who, improve whose lives, what promises, realised whose dreams? Did he ask us about the PWP and the 6.9 million, now 10 million? If you want to do it together, at least listen. If you are serious, you need to slaughter some of your sacred cows. Go and fly kite lah, Goondu.

  27. Knn, PM Lee said he is a housing agent but probably has not passed any test at CEA. Why? Cos he got the name of the hdb scheme for lower income households to own a hdb flat all wrong. Replay of his speech shows he said it is AHG - Additional CPF Housing Grant. It should be SHG - Special CPF Housing Grant.

    The moral of the story is cannot take all their words for it.

    Better counter check before following them.

    Otherwise, one person wrong ends up everybody also wrong if blindly follows his flawed version.

    Once burned, gazillion times shy.

    Lesson learned!

  28. NDR YouTube short video clip:

    Nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. Learn to forgive and forget.

  29. Minister Khaw Boon Wan used ancient example as excuse to cover MND's lapses.

    Should you buy his (cock and bull) story or do a face palm or show him a finger on your hand?

  30. Send old folks ( pioneer generation) to (die) in JB

    Idea by Minister Khaw Boon Wan, 2009

  31. PM Lee used an example of a family with 5 kids in his speech to hint for more procreation by young couples.

    The crux is that young people should do their homework first and talk to reliable friends or relatives who have kids and struggling to cope to understand the entire process from prenatal to birth to toddler, pre school, primary, secondary, JC/ poly and beyond.

    Having one kid nowadays already can be exasperating especially for young couples trying to juggle work and helping their kids cope with all kinds of school work, CCAS, overseas trips, endless projects, etc etc.

    From feedback from many parents of young children in primary schools, many teachers can be quite mean, unforgiving, nasty ...... etc etc.

    Many teachers are also very pretentious in present days context. They can say one thing in front of parents but you will never know what they are having at the back of their minds. In short, dun be green horn and take what they say at face values.

    It can get much worst as a child progress to secondary and JC.

    Going via poly and ITES routes pose another sets of problems.

    For those who make it via the JC route to local universities, that may be the beginning of a long ordeal for the young student ......

    Think carefully and decide wisely.

    Raising a child in present days sinkieland's context can be a hair-tearing experience for some parents and often ends up a source of conflicts between couples. .....

    It is definitely not a bed of roses and kind-hearted officials on hand to provide help when young couples hit huge road blocks.

    Looking for help from government agencies can be a trying ( and plain futile ) experience ( and ends up a waste of precious time and even more despair and exasperation ) unless one is very, very, very lucky and encounter those rare type who are helpful and can really help out.

    In the end, to get around problems, it boils down to the young parents and child/ children themselves to get through their ordeals/ problems, for better or worst. All these are done while parents have jobs to do and worst, hordes of foreigners to deal ( and squeeze and jostle and sometime smell smelly ah neh and blanga armpits in buses, mrt trains .... ) with especially at work. Too many child MCs and you may find getting "back-stabbed by some FTs waiting to take your job" until you are "bleeding like a slaughtered chicken slit at the throat" with little or no chance to make a comeback ( in the same job ).

    One child maybe can cope under present days environment. More than one kid better assess your situation carefully especially work, savings, child's education needs ...... etc etc.

    With a ruthless and elitist, "get out of my uncaring face" lip service garment constantly piling up more costs and burdens on sinkies backs and shoulders, better weigh very, very carefully especially those free trade pacts with AEC ( Asean Economic Community ) and TPP ( Transport Pacific Partnership ) are otw on top of the 6.9m PWP passed in parliament in Feb 2013 and Liu Thai Ker push for 10m population and probably more.

    How many sinkies workers can emerge unscathed between 2016 and 2020 before the next next election in 2020/ 2021?

    Expect an avalanche of ( negative ) news after the coming election over the next few years in terms of what naught terms of labour agreements they have signed on behalf of sinkies. Remember the CECA signed with India by Lau Goa and his Georgie Boy .......

    Those aristocrats fortune can last them many, many generations to come but sinkies are left holding their "babies" .....

    So think carefully before you act.

    At this crucial crossroads, a wrong turn may spell a lifetime of sufferings, agonies, misadventure, untold miseries and pains ...... etc etc

    1. If you want to have children, reduce your cost by voting Opposition.
      Do you know how many PAP Ministers and mayors PM Lee has in his bloated PAP government?

    2. Thank you.

    3. Tell sinkies more about opposition plans and proposals during coming rallies when the impending GE is announced.

    4. Give the incumbents a good "fight", will ya?

      Sinkies deserve a better government to represent them.

    5. Mr Teochew, in the coming rallies, dun be shy.

      Give them all you have got.

      Sinkies stand behind you when you perform your "Co drivers duty".

      Sinkies need to hear the "piak, piak" sound.

      As loud as possible.

  32. There is a spectre of gloom casting over sinkieland.
    The spectre of evil men being elected in the coming GE.

    Unite all sinkies.
    You have nothing to lose except the handcuffs on your wrists, the chains around your neck and the shackles on your legs.

  33. Sinkieland will get unbearably suffocating if she continues along present path.

    Sinkieland and sinkies need a breathe of fresh air.

    Ngiam Tong Dow already spoken previously. The present path of labour intensive economic structure will only lead to more and more future problems for sinkies ( ultimately gloom and doom ).

    The good work of the old guards have all been undone since 1990.

    Whether in education, economic policies, immigration, population etc.

    The incumbents have shot themselves and sinkies in the foot but making sinkies pay for their misjudgement, naivety and follies.

    After the initial novelty wears off, all the hardwares and buildings mean nothing to sinkies daily lives.

    They are like a shot of steroids in the arms in the short term giving a boost but a lifetime of ill effects that will never go away till one's demise.

    The incumbents have failed sinkies!

  34. The first night and second day after the NDR 2015 speech may not be emotionally the best and most appropriate time to reflect on it.

    This morning is the 3rd day after that speech and perhaps a better time to think about the speech and what it stands for?

    For the general principles laid down by the old guards such as harmony, multi racial, language, cultural, religion etc, these are immovables and thus universally accepted beliefs.

    To take the nation forward for the next 50 years, we need a vision to guide us where we want to be.

    Other than repetitive mundane rehash of past firefighting measures such as baby bonus, housing schemes, there was hardly anything else worth remembering to fit an occasion as symbolic as a NDR speech on a nation's Silver Jubilee, our SG50.

    It seems as a nation, we are still going in circles trying to solve many fundamental issues.

    Many long term issues are left untouched except those that can hand out political carrots such as baby bonus and housing.

    On the whole, it is a disappointing speech in terms of the ( lack of ) strategic directions to take the young nation forward in the next 50 years. It is the same boring theme of baby bonus, housing, construction, more hardwares.

    Nothing inspiring and nothing special to remember. So much for repeatedly reiterating in the speech that we need to be special to succeed in the long term. Anything special in the speech? Perhaps being able to preach but unable to practise is being "SPECIAL"???

  35. Personally, I do not believe any of the Incumbent Rulers is interested in anything more than ten years down the road.

    I see All of them wanting to make as much as they can and as fast as possible.
    They give me the Impression that they are always money not enough as DPM Teo Chee Hian had mentioned that they have not got increment, DESPITE THE WORLD RECORD OF BEING THE HIGHEST PAID RULERS.
    Btw, how do they know if they will NOT be sacked by the Voters?
    I believe they are not very sure themselves; after all there were many examples recently that their golden rice bowls could be taken away too.
    George Yeo led the Way and just weeks ago, many others followed him including ex-DPM.
    I doubt any of them cares what happens tomorrow.
    Worse comes to worst, they can retire to live life of plenty or even migrate with their fortunes to live in luxury. Who is to stop them?

    We provably have reached a state/ stage where every Sinkie is for him/her self.
    Nationhood in a highly globalized society like Sin where aliens are welcome to share the Good Living IS NOT ABLE TO INCULCATE LOYALTY OF THE PEOPLE TO THE LAND.





    He didn't say Singapore is for the Pioneer Generation and their descendants.... he said its for everyone. Isn't that so clear that he sold us out?

    What more do we need to make up our minds.