Thursday, August 27, 2015

Paying The Price

New faces on the block
According to official spiel, this general election is supposed to decide on the team which will set the direction for Singapore for the next 50 years. Yet only 9 days - the minimum period under current election laws - is set aside for the electorate to vet the new players. This looks more like speed dating on steroids.

While the alternate voices - a better term than the derisive opposition label - struggle for a seat in parliament to represent our wishes for a better future, the incumbents have a string of hangers on lined up to ride coat-tails into office. A quick survey of the day jobs they are jettisoning in favour of entering politics suggests that monetary reward has to be a prime motivator:
  • former Syariah Court deputy registrar Rahayu Mahzam, 35
  • deputy director at a polytechnic, Darryl David, 44
  • assistant general manager at some child care outfit, Joan Pereira, 47
  • foreign exchange research head at a Malaysia bank, Saktiandi Supaat, 41
  • corporate lawyer - please, not another overcharging Alvin Yeo - Amrin Amin, 36
  • an animal activist, Louis Ng, 37
Even a former Assistant Commissioner of Police can expect a hefty hike in take home pay. As for the executive director of a homegrown investment, trading and management consulting firm, the game changer has to be "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire".

Goh Chok Tong begs to  differ, he is saying the electorate are the ones being seduced. In his equivalent of the horrible person's call for repentence, he admonishes:
"And if the (Marine Parade) people are not careful, they will be seduced... they will pay a price."

Goh has a curious choice in turn of phrase, accusing the alternate parties of "looking for plunder". Another $3 billion has just been announced to seduce the senior citizen's vote, on top of the Pioneer Generation Package goodies. Coming in at a time when industrial output has shrunk for 6 months in a row - with potential to drag the economy into technical recession - one has to ask where the money is coming from. Ask nicely, not the way Chee Soon Juan once did:
"Mr Goh! Mr Goh! Come here Mr Goh! I want to talk with you, come here! Where is our money Mr Goh? You can run, but you cannot hide."


  1. /// For many years, the PAP was the only party in Parliament. Has the PAP gone corrupt in those years? ///

    And who is accusing whom of being arrogant?

    /// Opposition parties come and go like nomads ///

    Shooting himself in the foot and putting said foot in his mouth. What is the cause of these nomads? It is your own Electoral Boundaries Review Committee. By their gerrymandering, many incumbents and candidates found themselves to be nomads. But uniquely Singapore, it is not the nomads who roam about, it is the land that move about. Tin Pei Ling became a nomad, not because she moved, but because her constituency moved from Marine Parade to MacPherson. Who is going to be the nomad to replace Raymond Lim in Fengshan?

    Want to know a true nomad? That asshole doctor who was a son of Punggol, but now not sure where is going to be a son of?

    1. Son of pungol to son of AMK , the ultra rider of coat tails on another supreme son of a mother of all coat tail rider.

      A teochew son of Hougang becoming son of tampines.

      An aljunied son becomes a sembawang son.

      So many tribal nomads in their own tribes looking for the best entry point of plunder! Huat ahhhh

    2. Prostitutes in Geylang calling other people "鸡"?

    3. Dear All
      dont be disrespectful to GCT , he is the Harban Singh of PAP.....but I love him and waiting for him to give me the Swiss standard he promised...

    4. Goh is arrogant to think himself as dispensable by virtue of being a former PM. What exactly has he been doing the last 4 years as an MP other than vainly holding the title ESM (extremely stupid man?)
      Voters should do well to remember that he was the one who started the FT and privatisation of public services that causes all the problems we have today.
      Voters in Marine Parade should do well to send him into permanent retirement if he doesn't know what that means.

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    6. How about son of a Gun?

  2. //Want to know a true nomad? //

    With the rate the population target numbers jumped, leaped, triple-jumped from 2m to 3m, then 4m, then 5m, 5.5m and now 6.9m and one lewd tiger "dropped all pretense" and "roared" for 10m. Some say not unthinkable to work on 20m, 30m ...... So "Want to know a true nomad" in 5, 10, 15 years onwards.....?

    No prize for the correct guess .....

    Sinkies it could be .... A "decimated" people in time to come ...... send scattering all over 3rd world Asia, Africa etc to be nomads grazing and scavenging the world's rubbish dumps like some 3rd world kids for whatever salvageable to eke out a subsistent existence.

    From "More Good Years" to "Swiss Standard of Living " to "Future nomads seduced to run like dogs after some meats thrown at them", sinkies are asked to trust someone who had precided over the introduction of COE, ERP, GST, CPF minimum scheme, leg open big big policy, literally sky-high prices pigeon holes programme ....... Etc etc.

    All kinds of adjectives have been used to deride sinkies from "daft" to "vile" to "xenophobic", "lazy", "not hard driving", "need to be spurred in the hides", and now the latest "nomads" ...... What other adjectives they have for sinkies in the mind .....? "Slaves", "Refugees" ,"Kong Cums" .......?

    1. // What other adjectives they have for sinkies in the mind .....?//

      Mb "女的代代为娼, 男的世世为奴"?

      After slipping in more than 2m FTs since 1990, signing CECA ( with "face palm" labour terms ), trusting them maybe entrusting your own future and children's future to predators in the jungles?

      You will never know when you will be eaten up, sold off ( as "slaves, maids and worst prostitutes " ) or downgraded to Z grade citizens in your own place of birth ....?

      The last 25 years since 1990 is "living and anecdotal" examples what could happen and far worst to come down the road ......

      Empower your own future and your children's future, NOT 3rd world FTs and their children's future!

      Empower the wrong person at your own PERILS!


    So what is the prize given out to the participants then? $1000 of bad fast food from McDonalds, exactly that!
    The fact that they needed to revive has-been host of the 70s-90s spells desperate seduction. Still sticking to playing the same old game to see the rise of the "lucky sevens"!

    Among the good, the bad and the ugly, this one definitely is bad. Then again, maybe that's what LHL means by the collective responsibility, aka group thinking.

    1. An unnamed person once said

      “The whole of Chinese history knows no opposition, only good government and bad government. They accept if the Government is good for them. They are not attuned to Western democracy.//

      How simplistic is this thinking then and now? Why then are all our leaders educated in the west if they are not a believer of the democratic system? They lump an entire multi-racial nation aspirations into a soundbite of an 5000 years imperial system of one-party-governance and turned it into an superior du jour for their own self interest and entrenching power! Do our minority citizens accept that?

      A generation of educated young and middle class people will believe in that spiel? How do we bin this sort of arrogant and outmoded thinking? Smart electorate didn't always have to get angry in order to vote out the excess droids in Parliament who tries to seduce and threaten them with wayang fit for ghost month only. They can calmly go about and quietly help build and support genuine credible parties and voices.

  4. SM Goh is trying to pull another fast one with singapore electorates again. Using his own "personal connections" he was able to get funding support to try out child edu initiatives on the ground. He said he can't promise it will be around if he didn't get the votes. In other words is conditional. Vote me or get nothing? This is the same method that Desmond tried to use in Hougang. A business sponsorship from the Rotary club who "offered" to build flushed toilets if he gets elected. Once again, do Singaporean voters agree and allow this sorts of business lobbyists coming into political play?!! This is a slippery slope and the price to pay is even more severe if we allow this sort of veiled threat and ugly trend to even take precedent. We have allowed them to do that to fix and deny opposition wards residents that didn't vote for the incumbent. And now, the cancer has spread and it continues to run with such arrogance that they have the right to do that.

    To stop such ugly behavior is to vote en-masse or half the seats and they will be forced to behave and play fair to ALL wards they lost so they cannot continue to be selectively meting out punishments at their whims and fancies that is unbecoming. Discerning electorate must exercise their rights to send the right message.

    Say NO to injustice, inequality and undemocratic actions.

    1. Kway Teow Fable8/27/2015 2:27 PM

      There was once this char kuay teow stall that was very good. The flavours were intense, fried with enough wok hey, and very generous with the ingredients. But the old hawker passed away, and the stall was handed to his son. "We fried great kuway teow for 50 years!" he proclaimed. Problem is, he wasn't as good -- some people felt that the standard wasn't there anymore. It was clear he skimped on the ingredients as well. And he raised the price of the char kuay teow, relying on the reputation his father built. People wondered how long more he would stay in business. It is puzzling to me, but people would still queue for the kuay teow. Then the queue starts to dwindle but the advert of its heyday is still hanging on the stall front. Locals stop buying from him so he arranged with a savvy business folks to create a franchise brand and do all sorts of publicity. Soon, the queue would return but mostly from tourists and new locals who didn't know "better".

    2. //He said he can't promise it will be around if he didn't get the votes.//
      This statement proves that his fair weather friends are hanging around because of the perceived political pull. Once he is kicked out, he will discover none of them will even give him the time of day. Reminds me of Teh Cheang Wan's daughter's lament: after her father was investigated by the CPIB, the usually busy telephone was suddenly silent. And "friends" don't answer their calls either.

    3. PAP politicians are very good at ripping from URA master plans and shamelessly use it as their "visions" for their own GRCs hor.

      You think the airport will stop building if PAP is not running govt? The SMRT train lines will stop constructing if Oppositions are voted in? The new town old towns will not be built if they lose the wards? The police and defence will stop spending if they are no longer in charge?

      Are we running seriously a nation or have we been running fiefdoms? Use your brains lah. IF a nation can only run because of a few elites' connections, then we can all go join the peoples power of Berseh 4.0 and return to mothership instead of still looking at languishing around the only PAP 4.0 !!!

  5. // Goh Chok Tong begs to differ, he is saying the electorate are the ones being seduced. In his equivalent of the horrible person's call for repentence, he admonishes:
    "And if the (Marine Parade) people are not careful, they will be seduced... they will pay a price." //

    What "price"?

    The following "prices" sinkies paid/ suffered since 1990?:

    1) Unfulfilled/ broken Promise of Swiss Std of Living by 1999 ( for the masses )

    1. 2) Unfulfilled/ Broken Promise of More Good Years ( for the masses )

    2. 3) Pro-Aliens Policies of Swiss Std of Living for Aliens but not Sinkies?

    3. 4) Pro-Aliens Policies of More Good Years for Aliens but not Sinkies such as CECA, Fully Paid Education for Other Countries Children but NS for Sinkies?

    4. 5) Asset Enhancement Policy that caused property prices and cost of living to skyrocket and kill off birth rate ( TFR was at a 1.83 when Lao Goa took over in1990 but plunged to 1.25 when he handed over by 2004. His high cost of living policies such as COE, ERP, GST, all contributed to the rapid escalation of COL, unbearable working life pressure to keep up with ever skyrocketing living cost, resulting in irreveraible terminal decline in birth rate/ TFR ).

    5. 6) Opening of floodgate of Aliens in 1990 and increased their population by 33% or 1 million just between 1990 to 2000. The damaged was done and shifted sinkieland's economy from GKS era of high value-add low labour-intensive to Low Value-Add High Labour-Intensive service industries that need ever more cheap 3rd world labour to sustain.

    6. 7) Initiated millions $$$ world highest pay for politicians but continuing unstoppable dishing out of policies that harmed sinkies and sinkieland long term interests for short term myopic economics interests such as skyrocketing property prices that permanently blunted sinkieland's exports competitiveness resulting in sinkieland making another policy blunder to correct his earlier flawed policies by going into dirty and immoral vice trades such as gambling and proliferation of the prostitution industry in Geylang and all over sinkieland. Now Internet, heartland areas etc easily have prostitution door to door service and illegal brothels operating out of residential units both in HDB and private housing estates. Just Google and you can browse tons of illegal sex services. ( in the past few years ago, even under aged gals were involved and many men including some from high society were arrested for paid sex with them ). The social fabric is permanently undone and more or less made irreparable! A terminable decline vicious cycle permanently set in motion with policies to correct earlier mistakes becoming bigger problems which need even more drastic measures to correct but leading to ever snowballing problems ......... Solutions to solve current problems in turn become future problems. .... what else to say but a gazillion face palms?

    7. 8) Failure to reverse many Stop at 2 policies from 1990 up to 2004 when he stepped down despite iron-clad and irrefutable evidences pointing to rapidly deteriorating birth rate/ TFR. Clinging to archaic Stop at 2 policies such as mother of 3rd child not entitled to any paid maternity leaves, mother of 4th child cannot use medisave for child delivery but only hard cash, no paid maternity leaves for mother of 4th child, mother of 4th child are charged private rates even if she delivers in public hospital such as KK. ( Such policies were only abolished and reversed in 2004 onwards when PM3 took over but IT WAS TOO LATE! Irreparable damages wete already done to sinkies and sinkieland's long term demographic and population policies. PM3 has no choice but to continue leg open big big policies to sustain the economy. )

    8. ...... the list continues ......

      Many policies to undo Lao Goa's mistakes are TOO LITTLE TOO LATE!


    9. The above are some of the policies under Lao Goa's watch that harmed sinkies and sinkieland's long term interests for short term economics results. The prices sinkies and sinkieland have to bear and live with in the long term until SG100?

    10. It is quite obvious that if the policies were good and beneficial to sinkieland and sinkies, why should there be so many long term problems surfacing now, coming home to roost and going forward, haunt sinkieland and sinkies ?

    11. The Chinese have a saying: "冰冻三尺, 非一日之寒"!

      In simple translation, "for the ice in the open to freeze 3 feet thick, it took much more than one night's cold".

      Sinkieland's current problems of high cost leading to uncompetitive exports industries, MNCs relocating, low fertility rates, aliens influx etc etc all were seeds of flawed long term policies planted during lao goa's watch between 1990 to 2004 and did not come about overnight and suddenly dawned upon sinkies and sinkieland.

    12. Almost all, if not all, of Lao Goa's policies were to greedily and indiscriminately milk and harvest the Old Guard's and Pioneer Generation's plentiful, juicy, sweet, fleshy and low-hanging fruits of painstaking hard work, blood, sweat, tears and back breaking labour.

      In the process leaving behind many teething problems to future generations of sinkies and future leaders after him such as current PM3 and future PM4 and PM5 etc to deal with.

    13. Lao Goa took all the benefits, kicked the can down the road and now sinkies and sinkieland are suffering from the ills of his legacy and policies.

    14. Old man was probably right that lao goa was never his first choice and history likely will confirm it!

    15. If Lao Goa think all these are unfair criticisms, why not get himself and his cohort such as TCB etc to declare their assets publicly.

    16. Tell sinkies how much they have in their assets, what kind of good class bungalows in which part of district 10 they are staying and how many 10s of millions are the properties they are currently staying worth?

    17. Are Lao Goa and his cohort willing to honestly face majority of sinkies and tell them right into their faces the real worth of the luxurious and opulent bungalows and mansions they are currently staying?

    18. Did he not benefit humongously and immensely while many sinkies suffered the ill effects of many high cost of living policies instituted during his watch?

    19. Were not policies such as COE, ERP, GST, high housing prices, CPF minimum sum, leg open big big arms open wide wide to warmly, fully and indiscriminately embrace aliens not rolled out during Lao Goa's watch?

    20. How have his policies benefited the majority of sinkies except piling ever steeper and higher cost of living on sinkies' shoulder?

    21. Robbing sinkies of jobs ( by letting in aliens with fake degrees, degree mills, faked CVs, fake work experience .... etc etc )?

    22. Depriving sinkies children of university places ( by allocating 25% to 3rd world aliens exempted from serving NS )?

    23. Redistributing, over the years, scarce billions of bursaries and scholarships meant for deserving sinkies students to aliens from 3rd world etc etc?


      Why so greedy and short sighted?

  6. Just one simple question to keep the wooden goh bloody mouth shut : Where is the Swiss standard of living that you promised us? If you can't even give us what you promised us, how do we know you are not conning us again? Instead we what get is that each peanut will cost us S$500k each, many thanks to your expensive wife.

    So for God's sake can you please don't tell WP not to talk cock when you are the one talking cock?

    1. As far as Goh is concerned, swiss standard is already delivered based on GDP/capita reached by importing millionaires/billionaires lah.

      Wake up lah. The role of this govt is not to ensure jobs below $1000 does not exist on disneyland anymore. The role of this govt is to ensure even a bedraggled worker earning below $1000 can still get into life-time debts to buy a 2rm flat for eternal slavery lah. Spin that around, and it becomes an "affordable" win win story lah.

  7. Your piece should have been captioned "Who wants to be a millionaire, PAP style?"

    1. Or

      forecasted winners of
      1. 'wheel of fortune, pap style'
      2. Next Big Sweep
      3. $5m Lucky Draw

  8. Haha. ....

    I feel like wanting to apologize for the things I gonns say, however, on second thought; choose ti laugh instead.

    I am a secondary schoik dropout born in 1951 and literally grown up under the control of the Most Horrible Man name Lee Kuan Yew.

    As a young boy, I got to see how young men and girls in my village had to make their escape in the Wee Hours to escape from being detained as communists. Some failed to make it and were jailed. In a way those detained could be said to be luckier than those that managed to escape as the Latter were mostly permanently lost by their families.

    Over the years, Lee Kuan Yew managed to have Sinkies overwhelmingly brainwashed and those who earlier branded and called him(LKY) 走狗'running dog; meaning not independent but beholden to others, ironically became running dogs to Lee Kuan Yew. Those that made the about turn were almost exclusively Chinese educated and many are fiercely loyal dogs of the Horrible Man though he is dead. Many of these dogs became business folks are financially comfortable. Amongst them were, are Union Members who were, are well rewarded for getting workers to embrace the Tripartite co-operations amongst the Rulers, Employers and Employees. No elaboration is needed as almost all Sinkies know NTUC and its' Relationship with PAP.

    For over 50 years, DAFT Sinkies pride themselves for being Sinkies claiming to be the MOST SUCCESSFUL AND FANTASTIC CITIZENS OF A RESOURCE-LESS TINY ROCK TILL THIS VERY HOUR.
    Sinkies are not just proud, they are conceited and boisterous about themselves. Pretty loud in making claims that without PAP and the so-called Founding Father of Din, they could have became....... (fill it up as You deem fit).




    1. To this group of running dogs, they have no principles.
      They betrayed others and themselves, and now their future generations. What goes round, comes around.
      They try to make it up by going on the 'filial piety' 'confucianism' spiel and convince others around them to "Drink water and remember where the source comes from". In actual fact, they are assuaging their own guilt and the more others join along, they more it enforced their beliefs that they didn't make the "wrong moves" in the first place.

      The way to tell these people is this. You have always known which sides of the bread to spread your butter. And if you are smart, you should continue to vote for the opposition while pretending your loyalty to the old master. Because, as a businessmen, when PAP start losing grounds (as they did in 2011), they will spend more, so you benefits either ways. When the Oppo start gaining grounds, you cannot possibly lose..why not spread kaya on both sides of the toast? Either way you win win. Heaven cannot guarantee you a place in heaven, but you will surely ensure an alternative or even better path for your generations. One never knows where the wind blows. So those people who still wants to obstruct or sabo other oppositions in the town council business etc, they really ought to remember this. Your time is running up.


  9. Many Sinkies are afraid of PAP getting kick out as the Ruling Party and they
    worry and warn other Sinkies



    1. That is like a father who tells his children that if they move out of the house when they are of independent age, they will die of hunger, disease and unable to fend for themselves because in his eyes, the children are such weaklings that need his perpetual "protection". It feeds his ego and importance when children are manipulated to be forever in his control and purse-strings. The obsessive controlling father continue to feel he is needed and loved as long the children stay by his side.

      Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the dysfunctional psyche this unhealthy father is. Oh, and don't buy into this lovey dovey spouse rhetoric too.

  10. Us doubling down on a for-profit private organization that brought us wonderful goodies like AIM-gate and PWP, merely because of words from ex-seatwarmer on HRH Lee's throne?

    Hmm, sounds legit!

  11. Lao Goh is already past his expiry date. Don't know why PAP still want to keep all these old jiak liow bees. One horrible man already gone, still 2 more to go.

    If Lao Goh is so good, why didn't he remain as PM for as long as he wants. Then on the other hand, the Clown Prince is so lousy, why he can keep his job as long as he wants ?

    Something is very wrong with PAP dynasty, can breed very greedy leaders the way they go about it. Probably will make Singapore sink together with PAP along with it if we are not careful.

  12. Goh Cock Tong never knows when to let his wooden head catch up to his tongue. His negative politics and empty promises will come home to roost. I say, you can be a rooster one day, the cock of the roost, and a feather duster the next. I wonder who is "looking for plunder" when he and his ilk are the ones collecting their million dollar salaries and milking the system for all it's got....meaning us. Whether the electorate will be seduced by the pork barrels is left to be seen. There is a price to pay for pushing through the PWP, and making this country the most expensive in the world.

    1. After he opened his ( old, foul and bad breathe ) mouth in 2006, majority of the PP and Hougang voters " fainted".

      Support of the alternatives went up instead of down.

      In Marine Parade, in 1992 his team won 76% against Aung Juan.

      After 12 more years as PM till 2004, it was obvious another 21% decided that enough is enough?


      In 2011, his support level dropped to 55%.

      It is obvious many had rejected his leadership and his policies during his watch.

      Why should people reverse their beliefs?

      Obviously life is much worst now than 2011, 2006, 2001 or even 1997.

      LKY and the old guards brought sinkieland to 1st world.

      Lao Goa and his cohort started the backward process and getting sinkieland nearer and nearer to 3rd world.

  13. Look he is a seat warmer who has accumulated assets and related interests that are not necessarily aligned with his constituents. By importing immigrants, the PAP is basically creating inflation. Imagine if half of Malaysia decided to move into Singapore for any reason, be it famine or war. The result will be a surge in demand for goods, housing, services, healthcare, transport, geylang hookers prices etc. This price inflation which will benefit the top disproportionately because they own/control are the assets: apartments, housing, medical chains, malls etc. Retirees, the so called pioneer generation will suffer the most because their income comes solely from their savings will not match price inflation. Over time,every 10% per yr increase in prices means that they are 10% poorer. Every 1mm of immigrants will come in a bid up the prices of the goods and services they need to live. After 5years of compounded price increases, their CPF, savings will be enough to buy them a SG55 commemorative stamp!

    But the pioneer generation have always supported the PAP by habit and unquestioningly because during the growth era of the 70s and 80s they prospered. Going forward, when inflation hits them and its too late, they will be too enfeebled to protest. Its their children I pity. These are the worker bees with no childhood, crammed for exams, paid their dues serving in the Army, got their degrees and couldn't even afford a car. These are the true slaves that never even got a glimpse of freedom, their parents had under the Brits. Those in their late forties, getting ready to retire, will never be able to.

    1. // Look he is a seat warmer who has accumulated assets and related interests that are not necessarily aligned with his constituents.//

      It is quite obvious ......

      Given he has a very high taste Mrs Peanut ( only choosing those costing at least $600k ), ), how big do you think his appetite for money is to satisfy his needs?

  14. /// And if the voters are seduced, they would pay a price for it. ///

    If voters are seduced by the Swiss standards of living or More Good Years, they would indeed pay a price for it - a very high price.