Saturday, August 8, 2015

He's Back!

Our boy is back, comparing the founding father with Osama bin Laden, rebutting criticism of his long hair, dancing hands and colourful language, and generally teaching fellow citizens of Singapore a lesson about criticising your own government.
In a 2015 report Freedom House, the US-based non-governmental organisation, labelled Singapore “partly free”, with the city-state scoring four out of seven for both political rights and civil liberties. One represents the most free.


  1. Singapore is better because of this boy.
    We ought to be thankful for his brutal candidness to lay it out so baldly the hard truths.
    His trip back has made him a better speaker, like pricking the balloon! sharper !
    Majulah singapore.

  2. It will be intriguing to see if all the cookie monsters will ask for his prick to be cut, and if they will throw the book at him again. What do you think? Once beaten twice shy, and election being so near? Or all too busy celebrating the PAP Jubilee?

  3. He was the boy who shouted "The emperor has no clothes."

  4. He is back! I have always admired his spirit, and the way he is never willing to back down despite authorities trying to hound down on him.

  5. Rebel With A Cause

  6. "...I know that expressing an opinion honestly despite controversy and hate, it takes tremendous amounts of metallic brass balls."
    You said it, bro!

  7. Nothing compares to this.


  8. Any more brave and PATRIOTIC young Singaporeans
    like Amos Yee
    in our YOUNGS?


    1. blk 85A toa payoh, you are too old to remember already dude!

  9. His national day piece is even more brilliant.
    I laughed so hard watching it because I swear one day I was going to do a video on the songs and he bit me to it Liao.
    Is so true whenyou study all the NDP songs, every fucking single one of them have the words "dream" in it.
    Ever wonder why that is the favorite word?
    Because the ruler like you to be in dream state forever. When you are in slumber, you won't have to wake up to the reality. Red pill blue pill. That's what most people do.
    Sell you a feel good package, wrap it with big colorful ribbon and you think is a good present, and willingly give up your rights to critically think and ask politicians accountable.

    Kishore is right. People need to be paranoid. They need to be paranoid that the survival of singapore is not merely about the renewal of PAP, one party. Is about the renewal or establishment of several functioning parties that has the ability to take over and govern the country as elected.
    Wake up from your dreams people. You only have 8 h's a day to sleep, the rest of the wakeful 16 hrs is about your future and children's real lives.

  10. Yes our boy is back! Just when every one thought he is a goner.
    The image of the boy clutching his bag when released from lockup must have sent cheers to the worshipers of the horrible man whose voices and images still haunt us every day even though he passed on months ago.
    This waif of a boy is tougher than he looks and bounced back from the knock out punch faster than we thought possible.
    Now that he has been to the other side and seen the worst, what more could be done to contain him?
    May be our leeders want to change tack and try the soft approach and win him over.
    How about offer him a role as a young LKY in one of our local production?

    1. Well, did anyone even try and invite him to a NDP?

      Then again, he would probably decline. Because the message if you distil it, is really about the ridiculousness of propaganda that is permeating and blasting all around all hour. This is a very small island, who can stand this kind of onslaught? No wonder people will put up 5 hrs of queue or fly out to get away from all the noise. It is just a shameless plugging it away and you wonder why their rallies are always kosong, and the credibility of MSM zeros.


  11. Well,

    as promised, the Horrible Man has rise from his grave to haunt us.
    But, there are kids on television saying that they respect and are grateful to him.
    What do these wet behind tge ear kids know?
    Parroting their parents and elders to get few seconds of glorious appearance on media to give pride to their glory seeking folks.
    We did and will have many parents, mostly the mothers, thrusting their kids to be touched or we may call 'bless' by big shots and be famous for it.
    What a vain and funny phenomenon.

    This Society needs more youths to show their blind and senile worshippers of the Regime their angst and worry.
    It wont be good for their future if they wallop hook, line and sinker and get themselves leash for life.

    The Round the Clock Propaganda is indeed getting very obnoxious especially with the Use of a dead man to beg for goid feel.

    If Sinkies are swayed to feel good of the Past, please be reminded that THE WORRY AND FEAR ARE FOR NOW ONWARDS.



  12. There are many old idiots who watched the parade and ended up engulfed in the brainwash pioneer generation propaganda.

    They bought into the message that Singapore = LKY = PAP. Someone quick drone to them that their tax money and their childrens' were burnt in the fireworks and they're not going to get their CPF money back when 55.

    1. If you want to convince these old idiots.
      You have to start with the old idiots that are your own family and relatives.
      60% of them voted PAP in GE 2011.

  13. No need to do anything....chief idiot already surrounded by many hand picked idiots who also choose more idiots to come the overall intelligence if there was in the first place drop even more...which makes chief idiot look more idiotic to the whole wide world..whose fault is it...many of the idiots surrounding chief idiot...haizz


  14. Idiot brought in more idiots

    and more idiots brought in more
    khakis, kahkias and relatives.