Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Quiet Before The Storm

What the mainstream media labelled as derisory horse trading turned out to be a demonstration of maturity in the opposition ranks. One by one, they sacrificed personal agendas for a common objective, the return of Singapore to Singaporeans.

Announcing his party's decision for not contesting in Ang Mo Kio GRC in the coming General Election, SingFirst Secretary-General Tan Jee Say said that they will leave the Reform Party (RP) to take on the People’s Action Party team there.
“Yes, we have decided earlier not to contest in Ang Mo Kio GRC in the spirit of opposition unity. This is not to dilute the opposition votes so as to give RP the best chance to win in Ang Mo Kio, a constituency helmed by the PM himself.”

At another camp, National Solidarity (NSP)'s Secretary-General Hazel Poa relinquished Marine Parade GRC and MacPherson SMC to avoid more multi-cornered fights which are likely to "dilute opposition votes and reduce the chances of a more diverse Parliament."

Meanwhile Workers' Party (WP)'s Sylvia Lim thanked NSP for the sacrifices so that they can focus on their targeted 10 constituencies announced. And NSP thanked Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) for withdrawing from Sembawang GRC “in the interest of opposition unity”.

So why is everybody playing nice? Is it the unintended effect of all those overtly sentimental songs with the home-heart-dream themes highlighted by a little boy? Don't be lulled by the rhetoric of a gentlemanly battle professed by Ng Eng Hen. The horrible person who said Deng Xiaoping was justified in crushing the young bodies of students with heavy tanks is just as likely to pass down the evil lessons of Mao:
“A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.”


  1. PAP will have to look for more money to buy votes in the face of opposition unity. Lol.

    1. Donations from the Arabs, perhaps?

    2. Transfers from GIC and Temasek disguised as Arab donations? Mahathir did say that he could not get even a $million from Middle East.







  3. http://youtu.be/G0MnIbmX3Co

    Look no further than from the horse mouth.
    The young and first time voters are a lost cause for PAP since they want to see real diversity and dual/multi party= PAP lose more seats (not necessary power) . Remember, they won't be voluntary. Even if they get 45 seats out of the 90 and still retain majority as a government, they will not be happy. People will see the real side of this so called benevolent party and what they are capable of then. It behooves Singaporeans to exercise their votes fearlessly and smartly in order for real change to happen. we need to start laying the foundational blocks, gradually and not abruptly. It took WP 30 plus years to establish only 7 seats, it would not be easy for novice party or others to breakthrough so quickly. The need to seed the healthy plants are even more crucial than ever.

    1. Total agreement.

      But I know of many friends who have openly expressed their support for the PAP.
      Look at all the performers at the NDP.. I dare say more than 80% will be with PAP.

      Count the SAF, etc.

      I can only hope that there will be sufficient votes for the opposition to win.. a 0.3% is good enough as demonstrated by Tony.

    2. Savvy voters will know how to take the goodies from one hand, and vote Oppo on the other hand.

  4. "Bedok Central has seen more changes in the past three years than it had in the previous 35", so says East Coast GRC Member of Parliament Lee Yi Shyan.

    Haha. You see, the WP took 45.17 per cent of the votes, which made his team the third-best loser in the GE. Now you know why voting for the Opposition helps you. It is a wake up call to them to look after you than look after themselves. So Vote Wisely.

    1. Complacency has crept into the MIWs, until GE2011. Even then, the arrogance of the natural aristocrat pushed through the PWP despite widespread "derisory" protests, taking us for granted. I hope the people are not seduced by all the hoopla and pork barrels (it's our money), and that they lose their pants this time around.

    2. Maybe by "changes", Minister Lee was referring to the rat problems facing residents in Bedok North, which is part of East Coast GRC. Pests have become such a serious problem in public places in the last 5 years.


  5. It's heartening to see that the opposition parties have avoided any 3-cornered fight in the next GE. As the 2011 presidential election as well as the British 2015 GE has shown, 3-cornered fights would result in the PAP achieving a majority with only 35% or more of the popular votes. If 3-cornered fights are entirely eliminated, the PAP would require at least 50% of the popular votes. It works the other way around too. If the oppositions combined can achieve more than 50% of the popular votes, they can possibly reduce the PAP to a minority govt. In the best case scenario, the PAP could be wiped out. Seeing the trend of the last GE and bi--elections, this is possible with a further swing of 10% or more of the votes in favour of the oppositions. Let's hope for the best!

  6. If you vote for opposition, it is the only way for PAP to behave themselves especially become less greedy or at least treat the older pioneer citizens with some respect which they have taken for granted for too long and didn't gave a damn only until they lost Aljunied to WP.

    So does it take a genius to figure out who to vote if we want more bargaining power not forgetting the fact that they didn't bother to even ask Singaporeans politely whether they agree to have their right of withdrawal of our CPF savings at age 55 withdrawn ?

    Did any of us agree to PAP stealing our basic rights in the first place?

  7. Yes, a more diverse parliament means other than WP, electorate should ideally see handful more seats by SDP, NSP or SPP etc. this outcome will be a very good win for Singaporeans. It means two dominant parties (1 ruling & 1 Oppo) plus small room for the formation of a possibly 3rd coalition party. That would be the ideal outcome I wish for.
    And if PaP continues to play unfair bullying tactics to all the opposition parties in parliament who pose threat to them, the citizens can quickly see through their colors.

    A vibrant population deserves a vibrant parliament don't you think?

  8. When we fight, we fight to win, decisively.

    Not some half baked notion of getting the PAP to behave.
    They will not behave now
    They will not behave in the future

    I assure you they will build more obstacles and if need be, torch the fields too. Then blame it all on you for voting the "wrong" party.

    That is the DNA make up.

  9. So, Tuck Yew has finally Tuck off!
    Two transport ministers and who's the next general who will board the gravy train to nowhere?
    I suppose paying them millions dollars to fail for the last 8 years without Hara Kiri is an easy and dignified way out.

    Like a PAP supporter once said "After 1 term, they will have acquired valuable experience and contacts that makes them highly sought after in the private sector. If you don't pay, the good ones will leave. "

    Well, the peasants have no worries that these retired GOOD MPs will be in good demand very soon.

    1. The public *could* understand the constant minor breakdowns to a certain extent thanks to the cumulative non-maintenance of the rail system with was inflicted before he took the seat, but that "massive oil prices drop = fare hikes" was the first giant straw that broke the camel's back, the next was the NSEW mahjong-wannabe mass breakdown.


  10. Maybe 1 Star General out,

    a 2 Star replacement take over.

    Current SMRT CEO might have
    gain enough on the job experience
    to take over.


  11. Bowing out gracefully.
    Thats the way to do it.

    He will not starve and neither will his family.

    1. Ya lor. So why they say his is a thankless job?
      As minister, tax payers paid him $55-88,000 per month of salary. Shouldn't he be thankful that we pay so much for them to be business as usual?

      A nation of people had came together a day ago to be thankful to the peanuts paid pioneer politicians who were doing a great job. So how is it that for someone who is paid more than UK or US PRime Minister we need to be thankful for a screwed up job by this Current batch of Minister?

      And if you argue that he inherited the problems but has made good increment changes going forward. Then I say good lah, so please put your next star candidate who will reap the success he has laid. Surely we all look forward to it. Tiok Bo?

  12. Guess who will not bow out gracefully?
    Guess who will go on to become Senior Minister?
    Guess who will go on to become Mentor Minister?

    Please vote him out.

    1. Without he and his wife controlling Sg's SWFs, the new government may find that the SWFs don't have money enough to even pay CPF instalment.

  13. Wow. A bloodless revolution. So many retired MPs after 2-3 terms. No more unpopular hot potatoes candidates to risk the loss of SMC or GRCs. LHL doing damage control and pre-emptive removal, so Opposition and voters have nothing to pick on?! GLCs huat ah!!! So many good candidates lining up to transition into private sectors. All queue up to follow George Yeos successful footsteps. No wonder HK CE said so many Singaporeans envy HK for their successful tycoon like Li ka Shing. All queue up to follow George Yeo successful flow.

  14. Time for breadtalk to redeem themselves once again. Since simisai PAP related must also be eternally grateful, we suggest Breadtalk bake 100 buns in rememberance of mr LTY for his works and give it away for free to MRT Commuters.

    Bun name is called 九鼎大吕 to show our appreciation.

  15. Yeah, Bedok and Singapore reminds me of TS Eliot's wastelands.
    "I think we are in Rats Alley, where the dead men lost their bones"